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So… You already know that everything evolves.

Nothing stays the same.

Like… You might have a friend that you haven’t seen for years.

YOUR memory of them, stays stuck… @ how they was, the last time you saw them.

But then you return. And you may find… That sh*t has indeed changed.

It’s happened to us in S-curve world. Especially as we do business… In the ever changing world of the internet.

Like… This feature didn’t even exist, until recently (Picture above).

In fact…

Today… You won’t even get S-curve formula tips anymore. Since we know that, that doesn’t really help you.

And… That no one really takes action on free random ‘advice’.

And so… We evolved the process. So that it’s easy to start… Solving any problems that YOU have, ‘specifically’.

Where you take immediate action. And actually achieve + succeed.

To then start living up parts 2-4 of the S-curve Experience.

Now yes… We have the official blueprint tips series (Click end images) and many other content pieces on http://www.stayfitbug.com.

But the core focus for you… Is to dig into the daily/LIVE social media posts.

That gives you S-curve Experience tips…

Jan 31st newsletter

RESULTS (@ Body, mind, lifestyle)…

So… We know that a lot of you are here for that.

And in terms of the S-curve formula timeline. Right now… Is a hot time to start going for results… As the summer months are quickly approaching.


Yes… That won’t matter, if you’re already S-curvish. And here to enjoy parts 2-4 of the S-curve Experience (Image above).

But if you are currently less-curvish…

Today… It’s time to highlight one of the parts of the S-curve formula… That takes you to 60% S-curvish and beyond.

Which is often the missing link… @ why you may have been failing to-date.


ENTER: Effective Exercise strength and progression (Module)


Nutrition shenanigans of course… Last, long after your workout (1st 3 months) activities.

But you need to get this right. To see results and/or fast.

And if you don’t… Failure and frustration commences.

Some examples =


  • Push ups on knees
  • Push ups on feet and hands
  • Push ups with feet on the ground and hands raised on a bench
  • Push ups with hands on the ground and feet on the bench
  • Tricep push ups


  • Glute bridge with back on the floor
  • Back raised on a bench and feet planted on the floor
  • Single leg
  • Single leg with dumbbell on waist
  • Single leg with foot raised, barbell rested on waist

These are simple examples… So that you can easily see the progression.

But all of the strength progression… Leads to results (Usually 4 months to success)

Most folks won’t reach that goal effectively. Simply because there’s no one in their corner, cheering them on.


Which makes it easy to cheat. Not do the reps, sets and tasks consistently. Because there is no teacher looking over your shoulder.


Which is why 121 coaching chats is the thing that makes you win.

It always has been.

But you only release that, when you officially start. And not before you start


Which is why for the masses… We made it easy to get involved @ the $10 start.

For those of you reading this… OUR relationship is a little closer.

So we would have most likely talked about tailored Paypal payment links.

Either way… Strength and Exercise progression is a ‘thing’. And a fleshed out module, within the S-curve formula.

So expect to experience it… Regardless of how long you are active as a member.

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