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A bit of Q & A… A bit of ‘topics to discuss’.

So let’s get into it…


Who detoxes and stuff.

I thought you guys would be doing that @ fitness shenanigans?

*Words from a ‘soft core’ fitness person.


Well… Fitness is like music (That person was a musician). There’s many different variations of it.

You just follow what feels right for YOU @ the options available to you.

Just learn to trust that ‘option’ first. In terms of fitness.

But to answer his question @ us @ S-curve Experience shenanigans…

Part 4 of 4 of the S-curve experience @domiwaffles

We get to 60-100% S-curvish @ results.

And then we eat whatever the fudge we want.

Embracing THAT to the max on TC2.0 trips. Which looks like… ⬆

And these days… For us. And for me…

Everything that I do in my own life. Is an S-curve Experience shenanigan.

It’s stuff that I’d be doing anyway… If it wasn’t business related.

In fact… ‘Business’ isn’t even the focus at all in our world. It’s the experience… First!

Which is why it’s always been our no.1 goal, to ensure that you’re having a great time. With everything you see and consume on here. @

1⃣ https://www.scurveandbuttfitness.com

2⃣ http://www.stayfitbug.com


Buying stuff through those websites enhances the S-curve Experience ‘greatly’.

Heck… I even buy a lot of sh*t within the SE.


If you’re into it. For boosting food nutrients or physical performance/appearance. The new ‘Hunter’ pages are up, from our partners.

➡ http://www.stayfitbug.com/the-fitness-bug/hunter-test-hunter-focus-hunter-burn-supplements

All stuff that they spent months working on.

It was mentioned on here a few weeks back. And I know some of you did the ‘buy and try’.

Which is what you’re supposed to do @ food and supps. I’m mentioning it again. Because that supplements page will always evolve.

And… YOU need to stay informed.

Because that’s how you stay on top @ being awesome in all parts of the S-curve Experience… Aka your life.


You see that S-curve formula.

Everything in there exists and works… Because all of it… Is sh*t that we tried, tested and failed at, 1st hand. Along with our ‘early days’ S-curve members.

That’s how we’re able to guarantee everything.

Then some people who enter our world. Wake up one day. And kick themselves that they did get deeper into this sh*t sooner.

So ya… Take your time to trust things. But at some point… Jump in. Because ‘opportunity’ will pass you by.

Opportunities… That lead to new ones. Which is why we’re out everyday. Meeting new people.

Something new is learned, every single time!


🌍 Like… We’ve always had a global audience, customer base, peers and associates base.

📱💻🙏 But as time has gone on… People have started to use the internet as a protocol form of communication and content consumption.

❌🇺🇸🇬🇧 And in A LOT of these places in the world… Folks don’t speak English (@ Many of YOU too).

🎭👬👭👫 Yet… They want to communicate with the content…

That is being created, by the those from English speaking countries (@ ME and S-curve world people behind the scenes).

📲 So if English isn’t your 1st language. Or even none spoken at all. Use Google translate on your smart phone.

📞📠 It’s a super great way for us to communicate. Via text OR voice!

Shaun done!

1⃣ Reply to message

2⃣ https://www.scurveandbuttfitness.com

To buy stuff

3⃣ http://www.stayfitbug.com For EVERYTHING that goes on in S-curve world



28th March newsletter

You know… You can do a lot of stuff on your own and win @ ‘results’ @ part 1 of 4 of the S-curve Experience (Becoming S-curvish).

But that’s not the issue.


The issue… Is that there are parts of your life that are broken.

And it’s those broken elements. That cause you to fail again… And again… And again.

That’s why we became an S-curve Experience.

Like… There was a stage when we was creating the monthly program. Where we knew we had to offer something for people to return to (Used to be called ‘stage 4’ of 4).

But… Just bouts of monthly membership payments. Not every month.

A bit like a dentist check up.

Introducing that… Then led to:

✈ Travel-curvish 2.0.
🔁 Improved daily lifestyle shenanigans.

So you see… Everything that you see here. Arrived organically.

Introducing things… After spending a sh*t load of time with you… Personally.
Which we still do… Daily!


Yup. It’s like this…

✳ You’re already a fan here.

✳ Want to earn an extra income. But via multiple avenues (Within S-curve world) now. Not just through new S-curve member arrivals.

✳ Can speak both English and your native language. In whatever country from.

Hunter burn

Hunter burn

If it’s a YES, to all of the above. Then being a partner is easy. And easy 2nd or even 1st work for you.

The 1st thing to do though. Is to have a member page of your own.

It’s the only true way to be an authentic member partner. Which you can get in the shop here…







So… You already know what do in the arena, of trying new food and supps.

From this page:






Which is essentially our life’s work, over the past 8-9 years. Stacked into one page.


The new Hunter page gets talked about right now. Because of the ‘yearly upgrade’ @ product life cycles.

A bit like when Apple releases a new iPhone. It’ll have subtle, or even major changes. Yet still important. In the long term evolution of things.

This happened with supplements of the past too. Such as Xtend.

Which you’ll notice on the protocol supplements page.

Either way. If you’re used to Testofuel or Leanbean. Both of which have been great for many S-curve world folk.

Then you’ll do the Hunter red, yellow, or even blue. As a buy and try. Simply because of that yearly upgrade factor.

Chatter over. Reply to talk.


It's an Insta mini blog post @selenaolivera

It’s an Insta mini blog post @selenaolivera 👀📲



‘Coming up for air’ @julia_duerr97

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