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That was posted 2 days ago.

And it’s true.

You probably realise that it’s true too. Which might be why you’ve ended up here.

Something was wrong @ life. And you were looking for a solution.

It’s could be more

✅ Fun
✅ Entertainment
✅ Results
✅ Wanting to ‘Belong’ to something


You probably subscribe to new things all the time.

We do behind the scenes.

For the most part. It’s getting into more S-curve Experience shenanigans. Like surfing 🏄.

As we can also share those 1st hand experiences with you. Like we always have done.

Anyway… It’s that moment when…

Subconsciously… Something in your life started to suck. And you wanted things to look better the next day.

To have better moments of living… TODAY.

And every little thing that WE do…

▶ A post
💪 Results post
📲 A new message

Is done so… So that every next day, feels great.

It’s not about motivation. It’s about feeling great and living your best life,

But in terms of results…

Since it’s the 1st thing that kicks of the S-curve Experience.

Don’t ever wait to START!

It’s our job to make sure that you don’t ‘wait’. Which is one reason why you see these messages.

But we’ve been doing this since 2009.

And we’ve seen how heart breaking it is… When people wait waaay too long, to start fixing a problem.

With us… Trust isn’t so much a factor too much any more. As we have a lot of back history.

But for the many new faces that enter our world daily. We needed a way to make it an easy process to ‘start’.

Which is why we have > this page.

For those of you reading this message. It’s more about having a 121 chat, in reply to these messages.

Creating tailored Paypal payment links. And getting to work.

S-curveXP = ⬇⬇⬇

Jetski moments @vitoriagomes


Maldives moments @c.linretravels



OOTD/OOTN-curvish moments @iamraewilson


January 24th newsletter

So… You all know about this page right…



Of coooouuurse you doooo… 😺

Well… It’s time to make it even more interesting.

INTRODUCING: Earn S-curve XP (aka points)

The more…

✅ Member page updates
✅ More TC2.0 trips you take
✅ Videos you watch on your page
✅ Visits you make to links your page

When you earn enough points… You’ll start to receive things like

✴ Free 4-6 week $50-$300 plans

✴ Discounts on accommodation bookings when using Booking.com

✴ Future prizes for those who rank the highest… Based on how much S-curve XP is floating around the Member eco-system.

S-curve XP

S-curve XP

The goal of course… Is to keep you engaged and active… @ all parts of the S-curve Experience.

Because we already know… That’s what will help you win @



So of course… To start. You just need to do the $10 member page/fan thing.

➡ https://www.facebook.com/commerce/products/1742634619196190/ 📲

Your S-curve XP stuff… Automatically kicks into gear… Once you have your first update (Which we create, when you reply to these messages).

Remember… Each update on your page, won’t necessarily be workout or nutrition related.

It’ll be info… Related to whatever you need help with.


👫 Relationship/Dating help (Mostly @ some of the guys here)

📲📑 Notes from 121 chats

👥 ‘Therapy’ chatter

Everything is totally flexible now.

So as of today… The LIVE update member page. Is YOUR home (And something to own) to turn to… Within this S-curve Experience…

Outside of the two main websites…

1⃣ http://www.stayfitbug.com
2⃣ https://www.scurveandbuttfitness.com 

Now let’s make YOUR life… Look like a variation of the following…

Burning man

TC2.0 = Cycling @burningman @tav_lo

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