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And it’s all about fixing you… @ how you look and feel, 90% of the time.

Aka part 3 of 4 of the S-curve Xperience @ improved daily lifestyle.

Yes… Every single post that you see on here… Which represents all 4 parts of the S-curve Experience. Is indeed ‘real’.

WE live it, every single day. So we know it is. And have done for the past 4 years.

🙇 But let’s get real.

👊 90% of what goes on in your life. During any one week. Is indeed… ‘Life’.

⬆️⬇️ There are ups and downs
🔥 Fires that go up… That you constantly have to put out
😪 Sickness/Injury
👪 Family life issues

💩↗️✅ And so… It’s our job to improve how life looks and feels… During all of that shit.

🌅✅ And for many… It’s about preventing that early morning hissy fit.

❌👉💀👈 Because once that happens. Everything gets fudged up. And no one will want to be around you.

One way we fix that… Is by nailing night time and morning S-curve meals, consistently.

It’s food + supplements.

And with some meals. It’s about using supplements as a nutrient booster, to the food meals.

Like adding whey/casein to oats.

Which also helps, if you don’t like the taste of the powders.

Once we do that… You’ll look your best. As you wake up.

Fed the monster S-curvishly @casidabis

Which is a time of day… Where you usually look your worst. Due to your 6-8 hours fasting period called sleep.

And remember… It’s OK to look and reach 60% S-curvish and maintain that level.

Because all of what we do here… Is to cater to you. The busy adult.

– Short Split Routines
– Travel-curvish 2.0 trips
– 1-2 hour ‘come up for air’ moments
– 121 coaching chat sessions as an S-curve member, usually for 4-8-12 weeks at a time…

All of the above… Helps us do that for you.

🎉🍸 So here’s to fixing your fudging daily life (Fudge is our word for F**K).

Living it, in your best body.

1⃣ http://www.stayfitbug.com

‘Soft lean’ bikini-curvish moments @megkylie

Feeding the monster S-curvishly @annanystrom

24th March newsletter

Team-curvish moment

It’s Sunday. So let’s just talk things out, before we head into the new week…


And if any of you follow on any of my FB profiles. You’ll see that a new ‘S-curve Experience shenanigans’ album was created yesterday.

Which is basically all the S-curve Experience stuff… Seen through my eyes @ 1st hand.

And we kick started it. With a ‘come up for air’ morning session (Becoming S-curvish).

Followed by A night out in our favorite roof top bar set ups. Which is explained in that same album (LINK UNDER PIC ABOVE).

You all already know that we’re ‘out’ daily. Meeting 1-5 new people near daily.

But one thing that was learned this weekend. Is that we NEEDED to become an ‘Experience’.

The workout, fitness, results…

That truly is just a ‘part’ of the formula… That is the SE/Lifestyle.

Especially going by the type of things that was talked about with everyone that I met and of course, got to follow us on Instagram @fitbuzz.


(Aka the new business card).

It’s a ‘part’… Because most of what we do here… Is making all parts of your life awesome.

Or at least the areas that WE can help with.

Of course… YOU… The newsletter reader. Starts to understand this.

Talk it… Live it..

Along with the people who get to see and spend time with ME regularly. But the goal for us, for the foreseeable future. Is to simply spread the message.

We know all of the sh*t that we do on here, is having a positive effective on the people involved. We just need to keep reaching the people that need to be reached.

Which is one reason why the S-curve partner program organically grew into what that is.

Which is to get YOUR people involved. With what you do on here. And to experience that on Travel-curvish 2.0 trips. I for sure will be doing more of it, in the coming weeks. Which will of course be posted on my own FB profiles.

But the big goal… Is to watch YOU Become S-curvish. ‘Trip it up’… And do the same.

Chatter done.

Reply to ask questions as always.


Is the home for EVERYTHING we do.


Is the store/shop

‘Coming up for air’ for an S-curve workout @victoria_ifbb

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