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Throughout 2018. The following page got created.



It’s all to do with business, within S-curve world. Since there was a demand for it… Amongst the most engaged fans, followers and S-curve members.

Read the page to get the full lowdown.

But one stand out area on that page.. Is to do with keeping an eye on the crypto/blockchain industry.

We mentioned it a few months back. But the progression and growth of that industry, may take some time.

None of us know how it will all evolve. But it will affect us for sure.

Especially since we do a lot of our business, digitally.

However… That’s a great opportunity to get in early.

We embraced it within S-curve world. Due to the way that industry will affect the different things we offer here.


✳ Making payments for products.

✳ The travel industry and how that may affect how we do things within Travel-curvish 2.0.

One example = Trading on the move and making cashless ATM withdrawals (A wonderful feeling).

✳ Earning an extra income via day trading or investing… Whilst on the move. And/or if you live in a country where there aren’t that many great opportunities to do so.

‘Working’ looks like… @yaganmoore


And remember… Becoming a $10 S-curve member. Means you’ll also start getting LIVE update help, in regards to trading effectively, over time.

Which is something we practiced intensely, back in 2018.

There’s more to see on that page.



But this message is a reminder to you, of it’s existence.

And as usual.. Just reply to talk about anything you see within the S-curve Experience



And because we know you like some S-curve Experience… ⬇⬇⬇

Travel-curvish 2.0 = Zakynthos, Greece @priscillatrindadeofficial


The S-curve ‘shelf’ @ miss__heather_jo


21st February newsletter


‘Life’… Start enjoying it now!

If not already.

And if not already. We’re telling you to do so.


Ladies say:

Hey, I want to look like the S-curve ladies here. What do I need to do to make that happen?

Fellas say:

Hey, how can I date girls that look like this?

And now… We answer.


Great. You are now motivated to take action. Which is always the goal @ us to you.

But what you really want. Is to look and feel like the best version of yourself.

And of course… S-curvish +’ soft lean’.

You can see how that’s turned out…

S-curve member results 2010-2019

For ladies of the past, here.


But what you’ll need to do. Is become 60-100% S-curvish

What’s required?

– An ongoing monthly membership (Pay as you go works best within, the S-curve Experience)

Whey, casein, Leanbean, in addition to any supplement that has a great ingredient set up, to help push your results over the edge and quickly.

The above supplements have been proven to work well. So we stick to using them.

@ This page…




You can’t….

Just kidding 😁

You know… This can only truly be answered. After having a 121 conversation with YOU.

Because just like in nutrition and working out. Everyone comes into a solution… With different experience levels.

So guys… If you want help in this area. Start the $10 page. Which is located above and in the FB page shop.

And in regards to who you’ll be talking with.

It’ll be Shaun Sinclair. Who of course, started all of this S-curve Experience 💩😬. But remains as a key person, when it comes to 121 coaching chats.

S-curve workout selfie @priscillatrindadeofficial

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