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January 15th newsletter



That’s the absolute best thing to do, when you have the urge to reply to these messages. Voice convos just give you a lot more clarity. And builds SUPER trust between us.

Especially in regards to parts 1 of 4 of the S-curve Experience @ > Becoming S-curvish.


Let’s have some fun. Because we literally have fun with everything you see here in S-curve world… Every single day!

BTW ‘NOTE’: Read the 9 day TC2.0 story, over on @fitbuzz Instagram.

We know some of you do too… Going by the replies and comments. Which is why we created the super fan button, over on the FB page.

Because we know what it’s like to be a ‘super fan’ of things.

Like… During our daily lifestyle shenanigans. We’re obsessed with Marvel Comics movies.

And when they’re good, like the Avengers movie was in 2018. We’ll happily pay again… To the watch the movie ‘in the cinema’, again.

And again on a digital HD release with bonuses.


Some of our fave things… Within each part of the S-curve Experience.


– ‘Coming up for air’ workouts. With either the Sony SRS

bluetooth speaker… Or the Sony bluetooth headphones. Both of which you’ll see, on our new Amazon page (Also linked under the image above).

On a roof top, beach, or wherever. It’s always an environment/event to look forward to.

Which is something that many DON’T (Look forward to)… If it’s a gym workout.


– The ‘Hungry’ tee/mug…

Hangry much?

It’s YOUR favorite mostly. But ya… Saying it, never gets old.

– Just simply… Noticing how your entire wardrobe starts to fit you perfectly. As you head towards 60% S-curvish and beyond.

Winning feels damn good!


⬆ Roof top bars/restaurants. Especially in warm climates.


– Tulum… (See last image on previous message).

– Eating whatever the fudge we want on TC2.0 trips… @ pics below.

This can happen at any point @ parts 2-4 of the S-curve experience. Once you’re 60% S-curvish. But it’s the most fun… When embraced during a TC2.0 trip.

That’s our faves!

That’s what we want for everyone here to experience.

You can read/watch what this looks like, in detail… > HERE.

January 17th newsletter

Do NOTHING! And Become S-curvish (You too guys)!!

Now… A few days back. It was said, that we went out every single day in September 2018. To meet 1-5 new people… Almost daily.

In fact… The same thing is happening right now.

It was also stated… That all the people we did meet… 100%, wanted to look/feel S-curvish. Or live an S-curvish lifestyle (What you see on here daily).

But a majority of ‘those people’, will usually fail to start effectively.


Because they have an image in their head, that Becoming S-curvish, is hard to achieve.

It’s pretty damn easy though. And doesn’t even require much effort. Unless you’re really skinny or fat.

Best of all… The results come pretty fast @ 14-21 day noticeable results period.

And BEST of all… It’s been done with 100’s of S-curve members. From all around the world @ we are all more alike, than we are different!

A lot of them are still active on here too. And them… Just like us (Behind the scenes)… Uses the S-curve formula daily, to keep everything in check.

Look at this simple sh*t  @ the following… That’s been getting done daily for the past 3-4 years!


– 1 breakfast, 1 lunch, 2 dinners.

– 15-20 minute home work (Or S-curve Short Splits Routine).


That’s it.

And their’s (And our) results… Remain the same.

You become a member because…

1⃣ You need 1-3 months, in order to figure out a formula for YOU.

2⃣ The above happens (More)… At 60% S-curvish and beyond.

3⃣ Speed up results (Because getting it slow, sucks!)

4⃣ A simple member page that automates everything that you naturally THINK to do.

Like… Look at this S-curve members response to a simple solution that was given to her, 2 days ago…


The above scenario… Is a message for those of you… Who are similar to the people we meet daily.

Your life is probably occupied with a lot of sh*t 💩. And when sh*t sounds hard… You brush it off. Which makes sense.

Because no one likes sh*t when it get’s hard… (Unless… 😁💑).

So ya… You become a member, so that you have something teaching you ‘the way’… @ S-curve world shenanigans.

And for those who do start. But fail to follow through to success.

You fail to follow through… Due to lack of long term activity (Self motivation… Being a doer).

Which basically means, 121 coaching for at least 3 months, is needed. Right here in Messenger. If… That sounds like you.

If you’re here to enjoy everything else.



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