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Honestly… Right now. It’s THE best time to get involved with everything within the S-curve Experience.


💊 The supplements

✈ Travel-curvish 2.0

✅ And the new partner page – As that allows you to live this lifestyle… The way that it’s presented to you, daily.



From the convos that go on daily, within S-curve world…


Again… It’s the most popular part of the S-curve Experience. Along side TC2.0… Right now.

In fact. They’re connected.

Read and watch this epic post…



Eating S-curvishly @mariolarc


That post had to be epic. As it was a topic that kept coming up. For a looong time.

So we had to dig deep and explain in full.

We’ve done the same on this page… In regards to food and supps…


But let’s talk some more. Via recent convos and experiences.

1⃣ NOT eating healthy….

Aka… Not eating A-C rated (80% of your total meals). And to then… Including D-F rated foods (Usually TGIF cheat snack moments).

Again… This is one of the 1st things that needs to be taught, to new people who enter our world, or decide to become more involved, by becoming official members.


But we’ll say it again… And again and again…

Whatever you’re doing with food right now. It WILL continue.

Like eating dark chocolate, drinking wine, coffee or whatever. 🍫🍷☕

What will change… Is…

✅ The time of day that you eat these foods.

✅ The periods during your results process… When you’ll eat these foods.


Today… You’ll see 4 different supplement types (on the page above). With 2 options to choose from with each… Outside of eating S-curvishly and the protocol supplements (Whey/Casein).

What we’re teaching you… Is to NOT focus on the supplement itself.

But instead… The ingredients list and the outcome (Do the same thing when buying foods). You learn what a good ingredients list looks like… By following the posts on the supplements page.

And then… You buy small and test. If you like what you see. By all means. Buy large and use whatever you buy, 100%. Along with your S-curve member page shenanigans.

But again… You are being taught to get into a set of habits, procedures, rules.

Up to a point, where you don’t even realise you’re doing these things naturally.


There’s always things to talk about in this arena. And in other parts of the S-curve Experience.

Which is why you’re given the opportunity to become a member. So that you have a solid support person in your corner.

Reply to ask about things as usual…

Tuesday ready…

‘Coming up for air’ @deboramirtes

14th March newsletter

It’s Thursday… Which means it’s TBT. aka Throwback Thursday.

Which mostly happens… As we start to close out, what is for many… A busy week of ‘life’.

Life… Which ‘happens’.

Fires go up. With you, trying to put them out.

And a lot of time…. You getting burned.

Dramas, divorces, relationship issues with people.

All of which… ‘might’ be why you have ended up reading these messages/newsletters (If not… Then for the ‘fun’ 😀).

And we are of course… Happy to be a solution for you to turn to. @ been doing this since 2009 (Anniversary is in July this year).

Solution… Which brings us to today’s topic.

So… You all witnessed the social media meltdown on Wednesday right.

Well… What you saw there. Is also why we became an S-curve Experience.

We started off as one simple ebook, around 2009-10.

And over time. We ended up solving more problems for the growing audience.

Fast forward to today…

✅ Help with ‘Business’ (Within S-curve world) and connecting on a deeper level.

Not just connecting via status updates on social media platforms.

Because we are an ‘Experience’. Which means…

✳ ‘In person’ meet ups/events.

✳ Meeting 1-5 people daily.

✳You… Being able to reach out to us via our websites. Because you know ‘us’.

And have experienced things together with us… It means that social media isn’t totally in control of ‘us’.

And if you became/become a part of the partner program. Then in business… That’s one extra thing that you’re more in control of too. Since it focuses on you and your people.

So yes… The big goal here, is to continue to expand the ‘Experience’.

– To ‘heighten’.

– More engaging.

– More LIVE.

– More calls, video, face to face.

And of course. To document it all. And if it’s not via us. And our shenanigans here. You will be doing that, with your people. Recording and sharing that with us.


A reminder if what’s hot right now….


@ Prepare…




Probably because it’s our most honest shopping/store page to-date.



When you both fed the monster S-curvishly @domiwaffles

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