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On Sunday. We stated that we’ll do a part 2 @ covering the important parts of the S-curve formula, that you’ll see, when you Become an S-curve member (Active for 1-3 months at a time, is the usual for most folks here).

And today… We’ll focus entirely on Eating S-curvishly and Supplements.

Because it needs and deserves it’s own newsletter.

So let’s get into it.


It’s been a long road @ perfecting this formula.

It’s a combination of:

🔬Proven science
💪 Real life results, from using that science
🙌 Applying it to the lifestyle that is… the S-curve Experience

And as of November 2018…

We finally created a comprehensive guide. On how you should use and approach, that ‘combination’.

All explained on one page.

>> https://www.scurveandbuttfitness.com/product/a-guide-to-using-supplements-within-s-curve-world/

Bookmark that page. Because it answers ALL the questions… That many of you have been asking about, in regards to supplements.

Let’s walk through the key elements of that page…


It’s short and to the point. As we don’t do ‘confusion’ around ‘ere. Hence.


We have 3 types of supplements that are used in S-curve world.

✳ High end
✳ Ingredient focused
✳ Protocol

You can read about the protocol supplements. On the 2nd article listed on there.

But the core explanation, is what you’ll find on the 1st article listed there.

The big take aways from all of what you’ll learn there…

🍕 The main thing that everyone needs to know. Is that you don’t ever have to quit, anything you like eating @ currently.

💊 However… There is a formula to follow. If you like to do that and remain/Become S-curvish. Which is the stuff above.

Other than the protocol supplements. In regards to all the others you see.

You simply buy a small order first and try. Using the formula that’s laid out for you.




When sh*t starts working well for you… You buy more.

Just like Becoming an S-curve member… You enjoyed ya 1st few weeks?

Then sign up for more and win… More. And in Thursday’s newsletter… We’re going to dig into some of the topics, that are covered on member pages ‘today’.


S-curvish gamer girl shenanigans @yaganmoore

14th February newsletter

The following is for those of you who are here for results…

In these areas…

– Mindset

– Motivation

– Therapy (Someone to talk to about sh*t)

– Nutrition/Supplementation (Within S-curve world)

If you’re not here for that… And are here for the rest of the S-curve Experience.

Then follow all the stuff you see, on this page…



You’ll also see the member page sign up/purchase page on that site too.

And as you’ll see… There’s less of a focus on physical results. Via progress pics, in 2019.

And more on mindset fixing and results… That you achieve through ‘therapy’ aka 121 coaching chats.


Because it’s all about fixing the issue(s), that got you looking for physical results, in the first place.

Such as, living a lifestyle where you’re consistently embracing ‘wrong’ habits (Nothing is ‘bad’ per se).

🍓🍫 Like eating fruit or chocolate at night (Look at this chat screenshot from this past Monday @ image below this text box). ⬇

And for a lot of people… It’s about being brutally honest, blunt and harsh, within the 121 coaching chats.

Tough love is what’s needed to fix you.

Without it… You just remain broken. So expect to hear that… When you reply to chat.

Eat-curvishly… Or get your ass kicked in the chats!



That is… The S-curve workout shenanigans. Because they do indeed, trigger results. And one of the most important (Yet boring) parts of the S-curve formula process. Is…


It goes on forever. But the bulk of it. Will last for 4 months. Almost no one does this effectively on their own. Not even in our own workouts.

You need a consistent partner or a coach. Because without that… There’s nothing to be accountable to. And so… You cheat @ doing half hearted reps, sets, enthusiasm.

We talked about this briefly, here in these chats, the other week.

Back in 2016… We recorded an entire 4 months of it… Every single fudging day!

You can see it here…


The videos unfortunately got lost. But the documentation is still there.

It was recorded in this place…

Just like that.

And everyone who tuned in… Saw her push up numbers go from 0 to 15 in 1 set.

Which is a major achievement for a woman. Since upper body strength is typically the weakest area for most women.

Your module… Will look like some variation of that.

And as long as you’re active @ paying S-curve member. You’re going to succeed @ #facts. And once you do… The ‘boringness’ can come to an end. So that you can get into the fun parts of the S-curve Experience. Which look like…



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