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You know… A lot of what you see here on the newsletter, is in sync with the stuff that appears
on my FB profile below (Not the page… Unless you’re in the bot/human chats there).

And on the profile… Everything is just ‘real’. That’s us, talking things out. On the posts and in

the chats.

And it’s not just FitBuzzers either. Especially since we’ve evolved into the ‘S-curve experience’.

Which is more about fixing your life, outside of ‘fitness’… Over the long term @ the > weekends

We’re going to look at a message that came through from a new FitBuzzer several hours ago.

And > discuss it @ Anny.

Let’s get into it…

”My main goal is to lose core fat and build lean muscle all over with out losing my curves”

What she describes there, is the epic butt/tiny waist ‘soft lean’ physique that we’ve been focusing
on since around 2012. Which has evolved into this…
S-curve epic butt/tiny waist with natural boobs to match
Which looks > like this and > this.

And as you can see… She’s finding it quite a challenge. Which I said it would be, in Monday’s

newsletter > last week. Especially without help.

”I have noticed my tops fit much more loosely and my belly is slightly smaller”

What she describes there, is the order of fat loss and ‘noticeable results’ stage, which I also talked
about last week in that newsletter above.

So that’s all real.

The struggle and getting specific

She mentioned carb cycling. Which is a method/tactic.

That could have been many others. Like intermittent fasting, or carb tapering. We usually stumble

upon them at some point in your 6-18 month journey.

But to answer her question and a future answer for you… Is that you’ll only do those for 4-6 weeks

at a time.

6-8 weeks in some cases. But any time longer than that, might start a ‘negative’ results phase,

in regards to becoming ‘soft lean’ with an epic butt/tiny waist.

Which leads to hissy fits. That can’t happen. So we don’t break that rule.


That’s the real solution to her problem. I could give her tips upon tips. But that will take us into the

land of nowhere.

The better solution… Is to learn as much about her current day-to-day life as possible.

And then to start using the S-curve formula to fix her problem.

Note: She’s going through a grind stage, if you didn’t notice.

We need to give ourselves a period of 3-4 months to really start solving the grind stage problems.


#1 If you’re currently active and seeing no changes at all @ everything (Mind and body). Then jump

on a results phase.

#2 If you sound like Anny above… Where you’ve done ‘some’ of the right stuff, experienced

noticeable results, but not real results. Then jump on a lifestyle phase (Possibly a results phase
for 1 month).

#3 If you’re past all of that. Then we don’t even need to talk much. Just eye up stage 4. That’ll be

you… ‘Set’ for the next 8-12 months.
All of the stages can be found on > More buzz.

Remember… Everyone is going through some kind of mental block, at all stages, before becoming
90-100% S-curvish and keeping it.

And that’s what we address and fix, over the long term.

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