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The way that you’re getting pushed there, is what a results phase looks like. And it’s how results  > like this was achieved, in such a short space of time.

In short… We get s*** done! The plan that we set out… We get it done. We don’t skip ANYTHING!

That’s the results phase mindset. It’s the winning mindset. Super focused.

That… Is NOT the S-curve experience.

It’s just the results phase. And it’ll only last 1-3 months max, at any given time. So yes… It’s new to you. But just hold tight. The big shifts that you’re experiencing will soon feel like the norm.

It’s happened with every S-curve member before you. And you’ll feel it and have it happen to you to.


Actionable blueprint tips

#1 Your most undesirable body part…

Start every workout with an isolation exercise that targets that.

A little effective list for you…

– Triceps >  Single overhead tricep extension

– Upper butt > High tension side lunges

– Calves > 3 step calf raises

– Lower belly > Super rep hanging half leg raises

– In-between set rest periods at 1 minute
– 3 sets
– Reps and weight will vary… So reply for them

#2 Getting close to 90-100% S-curvish?

Go nutrient dense with the S-curve formula supplements.


– A whey protein variation which contains rare ingredients

We already do that with one of the new S-curve food lists. But the ‘magic’ at that point… Is all about the ingredients.

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