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Buzzers… Wednesday…

So… Black Panther @ cinema shenanigans, happened. It was much anticipated after the most recent Captain America film in 2016.

And it is quite the show.

Marvel rarely mess these up. But they created a great experience @ satisfied.

They have 4 or more movies this year. All of which you’ll see in the trailers I’m sure.

How this relates to S-curve world…

Remember when I talked about not falling into the > mediocre trap?


It’s easy to be mediocre when no ones watching.

But if you have important people in your life. They will be watching. Especially with kids and siblings.

They will watch you being mediocre at fitness and life. And it may just rub off on them. Since they have no choice but to be around you.

– Create a great movie
– Create a great body
– Create a better mindset
– Be a around better people

Life becomes really awesome when you purposely set out to do this.

It’s a an epic topic to cover. One that can’t be completely fixed with just 121 coaching + Member page + Newsletter messages.

But all of those together, can and will help.

The Avengers movie is up next in April (My Bday month @ Taurus). So maybe I’ll get more insights after watching that, to share with you here.

Always to be awesome FTW.

Let’s blueprint tip (Kinda)

The big mental battle

The truth is… It always feels like you’re fighting against failure. And that winning, is not the norm. So you’ll often be in a negative mind state, rather than a positive one.

– One way to combat that… Is to have awesome people in your corner. For some people it’s just normal to be in a winning mindset all the time.

Hang around them… And you’ll be the same.

– The other thing you can do… Which is what I do (Since I’m leading from the top). Is to simply ‘don’t stop’. To climb the mountain and never look down. Ever.

You can shift your gears in different directions, as you move up. But to never go backwards. Not mentally or physically. Set the goal and don’t ever stop thinking about it until you get there.

I practiced this a lot whilst improving the non fitness parts of the S-curve formula over the past two years. So I know it works.

I use every part of the S-curve formula myself. So it’s easy for me to confidently throw it in your face. It’s just a super wonderful thing to watch others succeed with it.

I know what the outcome will be for you, long before you can even envision it. But the reason a lot of people don’t start. Is because there’s no one in their corner.

It’s usually just a biz or person, just trying to get to your money. Without caring about your goals.

Like > this lady

She once had a hissy fit. And ran off to try a local fitness place in town. She came back having not signed up.

When I asked why… She said it was overally expensive with crappy payment options.

But money wasn’t the issue.

– I know they tried to ‘sell her’ on the spot.

– They didn’t even ask her about her goals or her past.

– They didn’t give a s**t.

So she decided to come running back because…

– She had a 2 year relationship with me and the trust was there.

– She was getting the newsletter daily, during that time.

– > Her friend that SHE introduced, was still active on her plan.

– We have very flexible payment options in place.

Like today…

– Experiment > one and > two
– Stages 1-4 on More buzz below

Like I tell everyone I meet. I’m more concerned about building super duper relationships. Always have been. As everything important that happens @ life. Is because of strong relationships.

You’re probably still reading, watching and consuming on here, because of that fact.

Anyway… No conclusion. Just some words to put thoughts into your head. Now let’s get acting.


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