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So… The weekend movie shenanigans continue on for myself. And of course… I’m getting ready for all
of next months movies too, like Wonder Woman. Along side many other entertaining things to kick start
the official summer months.

In regards to that…

Many of you will be eyeing up > travel-curvish destinations right now. Which means, that we’re entering

a > results phase time of year.

So today… I’m going to show you which body parts to focus on, to prevent you from throwing a post holiday

hissy fit, when you start looking through the pictures that you take from the trip.

You know… Deleting, what would usually be very nice pictures for the archives.

Let’s get into it @ exercises that’ll cause less injuries

Hamstrings… Entire back of your legs

Because we need to eliminate as much ‘cheese effect’ as possible. This area will strike out, in the best of

poses in your pics.

> Wide stance squats
> Good mornings
> Super rep leg curls
> 3 step calf raises

> Sumo deadlift

All with light to medium weights.

Lower/mid back and lats

Because the fat will sit there and show. Especially in seated positions.

> The 4 step standing rows variation from the tweak weeks program (It’s been listed several times via these

newsletters too).
> All side to side kettlebell/dumbbell swing variations
> Push up position side to side jumps
> Super rep pull ups

Collar bone area

> Decline and incline bench press variations. Remember… The goal, is also to reduce the amount of

shrinkage that happens with ya boobs.

So it’ll be a good idea to eye up module 5 from the tweak weeks program. As this focuses on that issue


Lower belly

The hardest variations of the bicycles exercise.

> Air bicycles + Leg raise bicycles + 3 second hold at each 5th rep + Ankle weights

Yes… That’s one of the peak exercises that you’ll do at the top level of exercise progression via bronze/gold

long term shenanigans.

But again… It’s all about the 121 FB messenger coaching sessions, to guide you through, if you’re not at that

level yet.


In terms of nutrition… We’ll have to focus on the 121 FB messenger coaching chats. Because ‘food’ will affect

everyone in different ways.

Everything listed above, will ‘trigger’ the fix.

I’ve watched people (women) go through their post holiday pics more than enough times now. All of the

things listed above will ensure that you’ll want to keep all of the pictures that you take.
S-curve members… I’ll see you in the chats. And for all… Tomorrow’s newsletter @ actionable blueprint tips.
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