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Buzzers… Tongue day… (Yup… Those tees again)
Let’s take a break for a moment and remind ourselves of what’s going on here via the newsletter.
(Was looking back through some old headlines yesterday with Fitbuzzers… Funny… Funny. Ha).
So… Let’s ‘come up for air’ for a moment

If you’ve been here since 2012… You would have seen how everything has evolved. And… How we

go about evolving things.

Which is of course… Based on the daily problems that you face and report back, when active on the

S-curve program.

This year so far… We’ve added…

– End of day meal reports

– Meal mindset prep
– Hissy fit management
> Tweak weeks program (Finally… Because now, we no longer have to add random tweaks to your
tailored videos on your live update member pages)

As of today… The main S-curve program is a long term 6-18 month/1-5 year program, that is far from

static… And is…

– LIVE and interactive
– Always evolving
– Designed to make you NEVER fall off ever again
– Designed… So that you can continue on with your ‘life’ shenanigans (You don’t have to ‘quit’ anything)
– Designed to take advantage of the less active summer months and Thanksgiving/Christmas binge


That last point is the most important of all. Because people everywhere are just quitters.


And it’s not always your fault either. So the goal from day one… Is to throw everything, that is the

S-curve formula, right at you. So that quitting never happens.


If you currently do not look 90-100% S-curvish… Have been a ‘serial quitter’ in the past… And intend on
starting the official long term program.

Just… Become a student again!

That’s it. Because once you do… You’re going to > end up here. And your > S-curve member story

will continue on, in the same way as those on that page.
Blueprint tips on this new Tuesday

40 grams of fat for an epic butt/teeny tiny waist – A conversation with new potential S-curve

members yesterday…

They believed that 40 grams of fat a day, is hard to hit @ keeping it that low. And it is… If you don’t

follow the S-curve meal structure. At which point, you’ll hit 100-120 grams daily.

100 grams daily… Is what’s keeping you less-curvish. Especially if you already have a high BF%.

40 grams daily looks like this…

– Breakfast

> Egg yolk (From one egg)
> Or seeds

– Lunch

> Fish oil/olive oil
> Avocados
– Some fat before bed

That’s what most days will look like.

Cheat snacking will happen every other day. Which may spike it to 60 grams. But that’s ok. Because

You’ll curb cravings, be happier and will still look great @ ‘soft lean’ goals.

So there… 40-50 grams daily is easy to stick to.

Oh… And make sure that your pre/post workout = liquid fruit and not solid.

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