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It’s a Saturday. So as usual… We slow things down a little. On here and offline… Literally @ get off tech devices and ‘come up for air’ @ 25 TC2.0 trips in the first half of next year :P.

So let’s just talk things out…


I talked about having the right person in your corner, when trying something new.

You’ve now seen how important I think it is. From those real life examples given. So that I can truly feel what you feel, is needed. Right here in S-curve world.

And like I said… If someone takes my place. That will be a requirement of them too.

More in ‘your corner’

What the S-curve experience has become, is all good and great. I’ll be doing every part of it next year for sure. As I have been doing for the past few years.

But to improve it even more…

Select a few individuals to have in your corner @ your other interests in life. It doesn’t matter what those interests are either.

And for those you chose?

– Therapist?
– Husband?

– Best friend?

And if it makes sense… Let each of those individuals know ,that each ‘person in your corner’ exists in your life today.

It’s all in the team spirit. Which increases your odds for success, in all areas, rather than having no one in your corner at all.

And if you currently have no one in your corner, as we enter the new year. Then of course… Starting on stages 1-3 > 121 chats, is what many do at this time of the year. Like S-curve member Aanu did this year (See results pages via > More buzz).

The best thing about that, is the positivity that enters your life. I’ve seen it first hand. And it really is a good thing to see, when the important people in ones life, truly step up and show appreciation for your boosted physical and mental results. Usually within 7-21 days.

That… May be the starting point for choosing the right people to have in your corner in the coming



There are so many important things within the S-curve formula that play a part in your overall success.

So once again… This is another… #1 reason to became an official member.

And like Monica or Angie this week… You might just become a part of the S-curve world furniture. As they’ve been here… And are still here, after 3-5 years @ entering our world for the first time.

Message first. Reply second. 


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