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The S-curve Xperience… Live it to the max!
People of S-curve world…


For us… This ‘New normal’ world is kinda the same normal, that was.
As highlighted in this post…
Which was my life 100%, from 2012-2020…
– Working from anywhere
– Roof top bars
– Coffee shops and hangouts
But the entire world can clearly see the lifestyle now.
There are no more silly questions like…
‘What do you do’?
That I would get… When working in public places.
The internet is the gateway for everything now.
Activities that happen offline. Now pass through the online gateway as mandatory.
So on this day… We’ll walk through what a typical day looks like again…
But with some changes…
1. Highlighting some new things, because of the COVID-19. Like 2-4 week ‘Air time’ trips.
2. Highlighting the use of the products/services that you can see on our shop site…
Let’s dig in…

Starting the day (Monday morning)

The first thing that gets put in the daily planner… Is the time of day that the S-curve workout will happen.
Because workouts are happening in/around our home environment now.
And they indeed NEED to happen.
Read this post from yesterdays private Facebook group

A plan… That will have you choosing from one of the meal time options, that you can see in this post…
It’s first in the daily plan… Because our work/home environment is one of the same (At least for now… Until you embrace the post above).
Work and workout activities require 2 different mindsets. So we must know before hand, when the workout will commence. To be ready for the shift in mindset.
The second thing to plan… Are the meals
For me… I’ve always had my day set up as…
– Breakfast
– Lunch
– 2 x dinner (7.00pm – 10.00pm)
It wasn’t something to have to think about before.
But we must do now. Because again… Our home/work environment is one of the same.
Which means it’s easy to get carried away with work. And totally screw up you nutrition planning.
Of course… We must mention our new S-curve Partner Program business – Top Chef Meals.
Because using them, in this new world. Can TRULY solve that problem, of screwing up nutrition planning.
Just dig into the following post to learn how/why…

A nutrition addition to consider

Raw Generation smoothies
Raw Generation smoothies
A newish partner… (More like re-awoken partner).
Their focus is on all things related to juices and cleanses.
I KNOW a lot of S-curvish ladies that embrace this. Especially those who embrace the TC2.0 trips… When life was the ‘old normal’… Travelling freely with no worries.
And I’ve lived with people who embrace this stuff too.
But as a person who guides you through this S-curve world…
My fave thing to add from their inventory = The smoothies.
Because I like to ‘buy and try’ different kinds of smoothies.
Buying and trying… Which should be fresh in your mind, from the > previous newsletter.
So dig around and ‘buy and try’ your own stuff :D.
As highlighted in this post in the private Facebook group…
It’s all about nutrient variety. And the never ending fun that you will have with food… As you embrace nutrition within the S-curve meal structure.

Embracing ‘Air time’…

Read/watch this post…
The meaning of ‘Coming up for air’ in S-curve world
That explains the concept of ‘Air time’, within the S-curve Xperience.
Today… It hasn’t changed much.
As you can see in this video…
I personally still ‘Come up for air.
The key differences right now….
– Only for 1 hour… Compared to 3-4 hours that I used to do, in the ‘old normal’ world.
– There’s less places to travel to locally/semi-locally.
It is indeed a lockdown vibe. And it feels that way too.
Yet… The core purpose of ‘Air time’, is still being achieved.
– Mind space away from people.
– The ability to create awesome ideas.
Even more so right now… As there’s a lot less people outside.

HOW people are able to live an S-curve Xperience lifestyle

The newest S-curve Partner Program (Individuals) we’re helping to grow
What do they all have in common?
– All relatively popular
– Living a variation of an S-curve Xperience lifestyle
– Earning an income on their own
Through us…
– They will continue to grow there popularity by at 10-15% over time.
– Possibly earning through us… Via the S-curve Partner Program.
THAT… Is how everyone in our world…. Is able to live, earn, travel whenever we want.
I was living that lifestyle for years.
A time period where the masses slooowly started to figure out what I did for a living.
Especially when sitting in public like this…
Macbook Air
I would show them proof of income.
But I would never show them actual income accounts. And you shouldn’t either, as you start to become a successful S-curve Partner Program (Individual/Business).
All of the above… Is why you get involved in the Xperience.
We teach you how to live it, for free.
To get better at that… Will cost money.
The ‘Xperience’ is free… Going deeper costs money…
And once you’re in… Your life will start to look like A day of life in this ‘New normal’ world.

2-4 week ‘Air time’ trips… S-curve Xperience living in the ever-evolving ‘New normal’

This new element of our ‘new normal’ lives got it’s own post recently. Which you can see here…

Introducing: 2-4 week S-curve Xperience ‘Air time’ trips 
But I’ll talk on it again, before we end this day of life in the ‘New normal’
Right now… The countries around the world are slowly re-opening parts of their cities.
Like… The area you see me walking around in above, has a large mall.
It just re-opened.
But things are far from normal…
– The streets are dead silent
– Only select shops are open
– The ones that are… Are mostly sending out home deliveries to customers
The world is on edge. And people don’t know how to confidently go about their days.
‘Travel’ is an area that will likely take some time to pick up speed again.
Which is why we decided to officially continue a trend, that some of our partners/peers started, as the global quarantine kicked into gear.
That is… Travelling (By car) to a nice ‘Airbnb’ location.
Not for 2-4 days… Like we was doing with Travel-curvish 2.0.
But for 2-4 weeks.
In spots like these…
Which we’re able to do… Because we are earning an income remotely.
Travelling less… ? OK.
But at least we still get to travel.

To conclude

This ‘New normal’ life is going to keep on evolving.
So an update to all of the above, will surface some time in June.

The latest


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17. – Raw Generation

18. – Sub Zero Masks

19. – Free Breaths

20. – Lean bean

1. Check them all out.
2. If you like stuff you see… Buy the stuff you see.
3. If you buy the stuff you see… Use that stuff to make your life more awesome within the S-curve Xperience.
Just email us via [email protected] if you think you/your business will be a right fit in S-curve world!
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