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If you’re an active and healthy individual, who would benefit from a rewarding career helping others reach their goal and making some great friends along the way, then maybe it’s time you investigated many gym instructor jobs?

With unemployment rising, it’s the new and exciting career opportunities that are flourishing. As the demand for private and public gym instructors and trainers increases, this is one career path where you will not find yourself running in circles looking for work. According to www.totaljobs.com the average salary for a self-employed private fitness instructor is £42,500 that’s more than double the average salary of a shopping assistant, at £21,000.

Before you can start applying you need to have the suitable qualifications. These qualification courses can often be completed online and on a flexible basis, so you can still work in your current job as you study.

If you’re not aware of what the career entails, here’s a detailed job description. Working hours are flexible but they can also take up what is usually considered ‘social time’ slots. Most people work a typical 9-5 job and therefore prefer to exercise during the evening and weekends. Newly trained instructors can expect to earn around £13,000, after a year of training and hard work this could be raised to £20,000. After that it all relies on you, the more clients you work with and how regularly you work with them could be the difference between an average wage and one that allows you to consider eventually being your own boss, opening up your own health club or gym.

Your tasks each day will include dieting advice, encouraging your clients to train at their full potential and informing them of how the equipment should be properly used. Instructors should also be able to spot when someone is using the equipment incorrectly or dangerously and step in before an accident occurs. The instructor should always keep the gym or work space safe, clean and easy to navigate as well be able to access an individual’s needs and create a suitable diet plan for them to commit too.

Now ask yourself, do you have good communication skills and can you be motivating without being harsh? Does a career where you work with a diverse range of clients daily with different backgrounds and capabilities appeal to you? Are you patient and are you passionate about health and fitness, to the extent that you wish to share your passion with the world and help others become their ideal self? If you answered yes to the majority of these questions then it’s time you started your studies and begin your career as a gym instructor today!

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