8 Tips for Camping in Summer and Hot Weather 

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Most campers can agree that summer is the best season to go camping. The flowers are blooming, the sky is clear, and there’s no snow impeding outdoor walks and hikes. But there’s one problem: the weather can get a bit too hot. 

#1 Choose a Well Shaded Location for the Tent

Campers know that location matters on any trip. During the summer, the exact site of your tent matters too. It’s tempting to set up a tent in an open area with plenty of space and a great view of the night sky. However, open areas also expose your tent to direct sunlight during daytime. 

The synthetic fabrics modern tents are made from quickly absorb the UV rays of the sun. So if you stay inside the tent when the sun is high in the sky, you might feel as if you are inside a slowly warming oven. Don’t expect the heat to dissipate during the nighttime. The absorbed energy would stay well into the night, making it hot and uncomfortable. 

Therefore, set up your tent in a shady area, such as under a tree to avoid this particular problem. The shade is great when you want to stay in your tent during daytime. Plus, it would give you more privacy too. 

#2 Get an Air Conditioner for Your Tent

In case you are camping in a generally open area without much shade, resort to modern technology to avoid excess heat. Consider buying a portable AC for tent that will keep you cool, even when the sun is at its zenith. There are plenty of options available with features like space efficiency and fan mode. 

There are both battery and solar operated air conditioners you can consider. Some may come with rechargeable batteries. You can choose one depending on your preferences and the requirements of the campsite. If you are camping out in a particularly hot location like a desert, it’s highly recommended to take a gadget like this with you as the risk of hyperthermia is high.  

#3 Try Sleeping in a Hammock

Summer camping offers many perks but one of the downsides is a stuffy tent at night. If your tent is hot no matter what you do, then the best option is to sleep outside. Try a hammock instead of the ground. Not only is it a new way to try sleeping, but it would also protect you from creepy-crawlies on the ground. 

Hammocks can be surprisingly comfortable. In some cultures (especially in Southeast Asia), sleeping in a hammock is a summertime must. Hammocks let you feel the breeze at night, and you can even fall asleep gazing at the night sky (without clouds in the summer, it can be quite breathtaking). 

#4 Choose a Tent with Lots of Mesh

Experienced campers pay a lot of attention to what tents are made of before going on a camping trip. They prefer to choose durable and waterproof fabrics. These qualities keep campers dry and protected during rainy and snowy seasons. However, for the summer, the best type of fabric might just be mesh. 

Mesh fabrics offer multiple benefits. It can keep the bugs out, which is very important during the hot months. The perforated nature of the fabric also means it allows more air in, keeping the heat out. Mesh fabrics are more “breathable,” and thus suitable for the hot weather. 

#5 Keep Your Tent Well Ventilated 

Whether you use a mesh tent or an air conditioner, the interior of your tent should be well ventilated during the daytime. It’s the only way to prevent the inside from getting stuffy and hot. Leave the tent flap open whenever you can. Buy a tent with “windows” that you can keep open so the air flows freely in and out. 

#6 Don’t Let Your Tent Sit in the Heat During Daytime

As mentioned above, your tent would get overheated if it’s left under direct sunlight during daytime. So it’s best to disassemble it when the sun is out. It might be slightly inconvenient to keep reassembling the tent, but you will stay cool. 

Assembling may not be a problem if you have an easy set-up tent. However, it’s worth it to bear this minor inconvenience if the heat is extreme. Do everything you can to lower the risk of hyperthermia in at-risk areas. 

#7 Consider Using a Sunshade

A sunshade is similar to a beach umbrella for your tent. However, most are made from special fabrics that reflect the UV rays of the sun away from your tent. If you don’t want to disassemble the tent during the daytime, a sunshade might help protect it from getting overheated. 

A sunshade is highly recommended for those who prefer to stay in a tent during the midday sun. Don’t conflate a sunshade with a rain fly. The latter can cling to your tent to protect it from the onslaught of rain. Sunshades are set up slightly above the tent. They prevent hot air from getting trapped inside. 

#8 Keep Your Drinks Cool

There’s nothing like a chilly drink on a hot day to make you happy. You will probably consume a lot of water and beverages on your camping trip, especially after those long hiking sessions. No sweaty camper wants to chug down warm water. Therefore, take steps to keep your drinks cool. 

Keep your drinks in a cooler or a portable camping fridge during the trip, if electricity or fuel is available. Otherwise, you can try using ice to chill warm drinks. 

Last but not least, don’t forget to drink plenty of water and stay hydrated. If you are bringing pets with you, make sure to bring the appropriate items to give them water. Dehydration is a real risk during summer camping. 

With all this in mind, you should be able to stay cool during your hot weather camping trip. Use the suggestions provided to stop the heat from ruining your camping trip. 

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