8 Super Foods To Boost Your Libido

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In case you are unable to continue your sex drive and your sexual urges continuously decreasing, then you should take a review on the foods that you are eating. The food you eat can have big effect on your libido. There are plenty of foods that are available which are helpful for people who want to increase their libido. The following are the foods that are useful to boost libido in both men and women:

1. Celery 

This is considered a very important food to enhance your sex urge. Eating celery leads to release of a hormone known as ‘androsterone’. It is a hormone released by male perspiration but it is odorless and affects women just like a champagne bottle or a bunch of roses would affect her. Save on the money and consume some celery. Some people can’t stand the texture of celery; if you’re on of those people, simply blend them into a smoothie and add some other stuff to add some flavor to it.

2. Maca

A less popular food because it is only recently introduced in the western countries. It was known as ‘Naturea Viagra’. Yes the name is shocking but so is its effect. In males it improves sexual performance, sperm count, increase your testosterone and erection dysfunctions. In females it increases fertility and sexual drive.

3. Pumpkin seeds

These help to produce testosterone in women and helps sustain sex drive in women. These highly rich in nutrients for your sexual desires and sexual satisfaction.

4. Bananas

Bananas possess an enzyme called bromelain. It boosts the libido in males. It also increases the energy of the body and also in production of sex hormone.

5. Figs 

It has been observed in various studies that figs increase sexual stamina and libido because they have amino acids. Amino acid is one of the important supplements which increase the libido in men and women.

6. Asparagus

Asparagus increases sexual urges in both men as well as women. It contains huge amount of Vitamin E that stimulates the production of testosterone which is a critical sex hormone that plays an important role in a man’s sex life. The higher your testosterone level, the higher your libido.

7. Salmon

Blood circulation has an important role to increase sexual drive in both men as well as women. A continuous blood flow is intimately connected to an increase in sex drive.

8. Sweet Basil

Sweet basil herb is very popular in many countries all around the world as it increases sexual drive naturally in both men as well as women by fostering a feeling of completely relaxation in the muscles and the body. It is also very useful in increasing women fertility because the body has a better chance of reproducing when women are completely relaxed. Although, flavor of sweet basil is very strong, but it’s a great supplement to increase the libido. Due to its strong flavor, you need not to eat them daily; a couple of times per week should be just fine.

James Berliquist is a food and nutrition blogger. He likes to go into scientific aspects of health and fitness industry.

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