8 Reasons to Have A Bodybuilding Girlfriend

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This has been on my mind for weeks, but it’s not until today I decided to put pen to paper to talk about it.

I have had quite a few women talk to me (vice versa), look me up about this site and fitness in general, and the vibe that I get is that most women don’t want to build muscle. Or they do, it’s just that they don’t want to get ripped like most men do. Which is understandable. However, women bodybuilding is becoming more popular by the day, and for what type of body I personally like?

Take a look at these 2 ladies that have a presence on the web.

Fighter diet (Pauline Nordin)

Bodyrock.tv (Susana)

Susana‘s is a body type that most women in the gym will achieve, and Paulines is a bit more muscular, but still a great body to have. What I like is something that is in-between both of these body types.

Your lady might already look good, but is she gym fit and lady ripped?

What ever the answer to that question is, here are 8 reasons to get her into bodybuilding.

Increased physical strength

She could give you a run for your money when it comes to the bedroom. Better be careful, she might just switch the dominance role on silent. Ever seen that movie CB4? The scene where Chris Rock loses the sex battle and goes from the one who was doing the f*****g to the one being f****ed. Who knows, that might even be something new and exciting for you and your partner.

Super Duper Curves

She will develop fine curves that she never knew she had. Once that happens, it will spark a few things. Take note.

  • You might become more interested in creating diversity in her wardrobe (even more interested than she is!)
  • Encourage you to take up even more sexual positions in bed, as you will want to view and appreciate her newly chiseled physique from every possible angle while in action.
  • You’ll probably want to do it more because of that.
  • You might want to show her off more in public with that new set of clothes you bought her.
  • She will notice and appreciate it.
  • She will talk about it with her friends.

She will feel all new and fresh and you might find yourself as the ‘go to guy’ from her female friends. If that happens just know where to draw the attention line. Female attention will make you do crazy things… like cheat ;). Keep that under control and you will inject fresh long lasting stability into your relationship.

Increased health

This will happen with any kind of working out, nevertheless, good health will always lead to good things such as,

  • More energy
  • More motivated
  • Feel good factor
  • Improves self esteem

Increase metabolism much quicker

This will happen in weeks rather than months if your lady starts with some beginner weightlifting routines. Which means all of the benefits you see mentioned on this page will happen much quicker too 🙂

Upgraded Lady

Strength training will lead to an increase in self-confidence and self-awareness (hopefully leading to a less moody woman). But that will also be good for her career too as women are already scooping up much of the jobs in sectors such as residential care, computer and data processing, health services, business services, child care

Supplements for Ladies

Men have testosterone (builds muscle) and women have estrogen (stores fat). And there are numerous ‘proven to work’ supplements out there that can help reduce excess fat from her body. This is information that she may not have been previously aware of. Some of these supplements can also improve her performance as a body builder and help her recover strength quickly from training and ‘other’ strength heavy activities.

She Will Stress Out Less

That’s all that needs to be said. She will stress out a lot less!!!!

Eliminating Crappy Foods Will Feel Like Second Nature

This happens naturally because in order to get the type of bodybuilding results that we are talking about here, one will need to cut out a lot of junk food from their diet. If your lady starts to do this then you are in a win/win situation. She will feel better and look better. You are what you eat after all.

Muscle cannot turn to fat! Dispel that myth for her

Muscle cannot be ‘converted’ into fat, as both muscle and fat both require 2 different types of tissues. Fat is formed from unburned calories and a decrease in physical body activity.

All are good reasons to get your woman to start bodybuilding, but when it comes down to the end goal, it has to be something SHE wants to do. She has to help herself before getting help from anyone else. Popular reasons are,

  • To get healthier
  • Gain muscle definition
  • To feel and look great


Which means you will have a good year every year and can prepare for events such as get together, weddings and holidays without a second thought for body preparation.

While saving some hair on your head at the same time 🙂 (Less stress)

Now show this to your lady and get to work already!

Does your lady workout?
Has she thought about bodybuilding before?

See you in the comments.

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Born tough to Become S-curvish

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