7 Key Pointers To Barbecue Abs (The 8 Pac Builder!)

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It’s still summer people, and that means there’s still room for plenty of barbecues. However, barbecues will be present with super unhealthy food, snacks and munchies, and could lead to a waist line like this guy, if consumed over the whole summer period.

And that will kill the (What I have now found out) overall goal of carving out those lower abs (Which is something I’m currently working on too).

How many of you are hardgainers?

How many of you are easygainers?

It’s a 50/50 split (I’ve been doing some research on your a**es ;))

And no, this post isn’t targeted at easygainers. You high metabolism hardgainers need to watch those calories too.


Yes, you can probably eat whatever you like and not gain an ounce of weight. But I can bet money that you too suffer from having that annoying layer of fat below your two bottom pacs.


Because of your insulin intake.

  1. It tells your body what mode it will be in (Burning fat mode/ building muscle mode)
  2. Controls the rate at which you age (Stay young and read this – 10 Top Foods To Keep You Young)

Anyhow, today is all about learning how to enjoy the summer barbecue the ‘healthy’ way. Or at least in a way that will be beneficial to your weightlifting and 6 pac building efforts.

We begin…

The Goal = Less unnecessary fat intake

#1  No White Bread

White bread will cause a spike in your insulin levels which will make your body store fat.

The solution

  • Eat
  • Whole wheat
  • Rye
  • Sourdough buns

If on offer of course.

#2 Cut The Crappy Foods

Even more ways to stay on the good side of insulin.

  • Crisps
  • Ice cream
  • Flavoured beers
  • High-fructose corn syrup sodas
  • Energy drinks (Looks down at Lucozade)

In fact, Lucozade was the first thing I had to abandon from my diet back as an athlete, because it will build you up. But then break you back down.

Either way, these are all things you should try to avoid.

#3  Munch On Good Meat

Now, It really is not cool to be the health conscious bore at any party. But just remember, no one is going to care if the meat you guzzle down will start putting layers of fat around your gut. That will be the last thing on anyone’s mind.

But you need to be eating grilled meat without the excess fat. Now don’t go poking and picking at the food and start feeding the excess to the pets.

That will just look wrong. But doing simple things like removing the skin from a piece of chicken won’t make you a party pooper. It’s all about choosing the lean cuts. After all, you’re the one that wants the 8 pac.


  • No hot dogs
  • No sausages

That processed stuff is no good!

#4  Eat Grilled Vegetables


Well, they are less boring than generic veggies, are healthy, yummy and have that grilled taste to them.

#5  Eat Before You Party

This is actually rule no.1 for any party that you attend. Because drinking alcohol on an empty stomach really can f*** you up. No kidding there!! (You could always align your stomach by drinking milk before hand).

Any how, this is barbecue time. The head line is the same, but the rules are different. The reason you need to eat is because you will inevitably want to stuff your face if you arrive on an empty stomach. The food might be tasty, but almost anything tastes good when you are hungry and you’ll probably eat even more from being in beastly feast mode. So make sure you snack up before the party gets started.

#  6 Don’t Drink Fat

What I mean here is that you need to stay away from crappy beverages. Here’s a few pointers:

  • Fizzy drinks = Drink diet coke ( I know you’re not fat, but you don’t need to be drinking unwanted calories)
  • Beer = Go for the light stuff (Drinking water is best, but again, being a party pooper is un-cool)

Last But Not Least


You can’t change your circumstance over night (Mr or Misses fat guts :)), but you can change your direction (That’s with anything)!

It’s very easy for me to sit here and point these tips your away. But it will be of no use to you if not applied to a long term plan. Meaning that these pointers need to become automatic behavior on your part. Also known as conditioning… which will take time. Obviously summer only lasts three months. But take these pointers, adapt them to each season and I can bet money that you will have radiator abs by next summer!

See you in the comments.

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