7 Fatigue Fighters that Beat Exhaustion

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Daniel Offer writes. Offer exercises in the evenings at his local gym and in the surrounding villages when not working on his Facebook emoticons application Emoinstaller. In short, Emoinstaller provides additional Facebook smileys for your Facebook account.

Have you ever felt exhausted? Many people do almost every day. The demands of life can be overwhelming as we race from jobs, to family, to scant hours of sleep and then start the marathon all over again.

It can seem impossible to shake that feeling of fatigue, that sense of never having enough energy. But you can. There are simple, proven steps that can help you fight fatigue and win the war to get more energy.

Follow these powerful tips for winning back your vigor:

1. Find peace

Your fatigue may be caused by an embattled inner spirit. It’s tough to feel strong when your soul feels defeated or worn out. Look for ways to sooth your soul. For you, it may be yoga, meditation, soft music, or simple quiet contemplation outside. It differs for everybody. But the important thing is that you take time to nourish your inner being.

2. Lighten up

Drab, dark surroundings can contribute to your fatigue problems. This can especially be a problem during the winter months when days are shorter and many parts of the country are overcast more often. Try adding brighter colors to your home or workplace. Simply turning on more lights can help too.

3. Proper breathing

Many people don’t realize that the real underlying cause of their fatigue is improper breathing. This is particularly true for people who are in high-stress situations. But regardless of one’s specific stress level, proper breathing is often overlooked. Yes, it might seem odd to actually think about how you’re breathing, but it’s true. People who unconsciously take quick, shallow breaths are often more fatigued because they’re ultimately not getting the proper amount of oxygen. So do yourself a favor and take a moment for a couple nice deep breaths through your mouth over the course of the day.

4. Stop smoking

In much the same way that improper breathing causes fatigue by limiting the amount of oxygen the body gets, smoking has a similar effect. It’s not obvious though, because nicotine is a stimulant, which temporarily hides the fatiguing tendency of smoking’s effect on oxygen levels.

5. Drop the pounds

Lugging extra weight around your midsection can tire you out. It’s as simple as that. But so can trying to lose a lot of weight really quickly. Crash diets can leave you more exhausted than ever, which can kill your motivation and set you up for failure. So pace yourself. Set a goal to lose a reasonable amount of weight and get healthy over time.

6. Exercise

All forms of exercise are powerful tools in fighting fatigue. Studies have found that daily exercise allows people to more effectively deal with physical and emotional stress, which are some of the leading causes of fatigue. Try getting in the habit of doing some kind of physical activity that you can continue on a regular basis, at least three times per week for a half hour or more. But avoid exercising in the evening, which can cause sleep problems.

7. The right amount of stress

Finally, consider the possibility that you may need more stress in your life. Although stress is generally considered a bad thing, the simple fact of the matter is that most of the things that excite and motivate people also come with a certain degree of stress. It’s a tricky balance. You need to seek the right amount of stimulation without overdoing it and letting it turn into a negative.

Sources: The Doctors Book of Home Remedies, by Sid Kirchheimer and the editors of Prevention Magazine Health Books. Rodale Press, 1993

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