7 Annoying Bodybuilding Gym Things You’re Scared To Talk About

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Ok, it’s time to dive into the silent part of your brain today and put some words into your mouth. Words that actually come from your own thoughts. Thoughts that you quietly keep stored in the back of your mind each and every time you enter the gym. But today… it’s time to awaken and unleash those things you think about, but don’t ever say out loud when you go to the gym. The fit bug puts words into your mouth.
7 bodybuilding annoying things you’re scared to talk about…

(Don’t worry hot fitness info seeking fitbuggers. I have a cool nutrition post coming up if this rant stuff isn’t your kind of thing to read :))

#1 Machine hoggers

I have a love/hate relationship with machine hoggers.


1) It’s great when people team up and motivate each other to push their max weight reps etc. That’s when you’ll tend to get the best bang for your buck when you train. Because muscle builds the quickest when you put it under tremendous stress and intensity.


2) Some people just waste time. True machine hoggers. Lifting is all about smashing the exercise within a relatively short period of time, then getting the hell out of there and move on. Machine hoggers will SIT on that machine.

Your non talking fear solution

What to do about them?

1) Be nice. With most good gyms, you’ll find that the majority of people who attend are there for one mutual goal. To get into the best shape that they can. Muscle building or weight loss wise. If it seems like they’re hogging, or if you really want to perform a particular exercise, just ASK… nicely…

  • How many reps/sets they have left
  • If you can join in (You could probably benefit by spotting each other). The outcome is almost always a positive one.

2) Extreme cases – Every now and again you may just get that rare c**t, t**t (or whatever rude name under the sun you like to call people in the gym) that just hogs the machine for the sake of just hogging or lounging around. If this ever happens, there won’t be no need to be rude and say something like…

”Dude, your hogging the damn machine. P*** off and move on”.

Just make them feel small by saying something like…

”Dude, I thought you’d be done by now. I thought you was a hot performer with these exercises?”.

Something along those lines will help them move along swiftly. Surely. But again, only in extreme cases should you need to go this far. But when it happens, you know what to do.

#2 That genetically blessed mesomorph

You all know the type. That one guy that just seems to have it all. Upper body/lower body all perfect. Stand out bi’s, tri’s calves (Those hardgainer HARD muscles to build).  B*****d!

And then he decides to workout next to you, knowingly and silently showing off how puny and pathtic you look in comparison. B*****d!

Your non talking fear solution

Some guys that do this are just pumped up hot headed fools. Showing off is fine. But at the expense of making a beginner feel small is NOT. If you come across someone like this, don’t break your non talking fear. Keep your thoughts to yourself. That’s the solution in this scenario. Giving people like that attention is pure ego fuel. Don’t give them any.

#3 Badly dressed gym goers

Now, I’m not known for one to hold their tongue. However, I’m also not known as one to judge what people wish to do. But when you wear tight high shorts/pants, how can you not hold your tongue.

Seriously. How can you be a fat guy and then decide to show your fat a** to the world in such an open fashion. And in a gym too, where your a** is in positive action for the entire world to see in all it’s glory. Errgh. I would have Youtubed this for you, but my eyes just couldn’t take it. Ahhh.

Your non talking fear solution

Ok, people will dress how they like to dress. You really won’t have a say in what people wish to do/ not do. If gossiping is your thing, go do that. But a nice thing you could do is just let that person know that their gym dress code is not cool. IF, you’re on talking terms with them or their fitness associates of course.

#4 Screamers

No I’m not talking about the movie scream 4. But with the way some of these guys scream while lifting weights, they might as well put on a scream mask to add to their arsenal as the bodybuilding attention getting whore.

Screaming while maxing out your reps/sets has been proven to be effective in the game of increasing performance. But like in a game of Tennis, some people take it too far.

Your non talking fear solution

For the most part, this is actually kind of embarrassing for the extreme screamer. And the only time it’s a real issue is if you’re dealing with a repeat offender. In such cases, you can usually politely tell that individual that his screams are excessive and somewhat hilarious. If he’s someone that cares what other people think of him, he’ll quiet down for sure. But if it’s some 250lb hot headed human beast that most are probably scared of, then it’s probably a good idea to let the gym staff know that the bodybuilding tennis player is really getting to you. And to quiet down. Just to save yourself from being verbally bashed by the hot headed monster.

#5 Guys that walk around stiff, when they’re fully capable of walking completely relaxed and normal

Dude, I understand that you want to get bigger, I understand that you want people to notice that you have muscles. But please, please… just put your arms down by your sides. Your lats aren’t that big and wide. We all like R.Kelly, but I believe you can’t fly, by flapping your arms in the air by your sides the way you do. Us humans haven’t evolved to that level yet. So for this present day, walk normal.

Your non talking fear solution

If you want to really be funny, you could just outright ask these guys why they walk the way they do, should you ever converse with them. However that conversation turns out, I bet you they’ll take it to heart and start walking normally shortly after.

#6 The hot gym instructor people love to watch but are scared to approach

Look, stop ogling the damn girl and do something about it. This is not school dammit. I won’t turn this into a dating post. But I’m quite sure that everyone is aware of the scenario where the guys in the gym constantly talk about a certain gym instructor or fellow lady gym goer and do absolutely nothing about it. Man up and just ‘talk’ to them. You know you want to.

However, gym instructors are on their job and it maybe inappropriate to approach them in such a way.

Your non talking fear solution

Just talk. That alone will at least let you know where you stand with them.

#7 That RIDICULOUSLY skinny guy that has decided he wants to build muscle.

And while at the same time, decides to wear extremely ‘short’ shorts AND a tight vest to show his bones in all their glory (Again, I’m not one to judge. But this is what you’re thinking and you know it).

Any how, you know the moment you saw him, the first thing you silently said to yourself was…

”Damn, that guy has a long road ahead of him. I bet he quits in a few months”.

Such a horrible human being you are. Be a good samaritan. Do the right thing and send him over to stayfitbug already.

But yes, that super skinny guy will always stand out. And for that moment, you will laugh out loud (To yourself at least).

Your non talking fear solution

No solution here. You can think or say what the hell you want. I just know what is mentioned above is what you’re probably thinking when you stumble across mega-ectomorphs who don’t want to be ectomorphs no more.

To conclude

There are probably other things you think about but don’t ever say out loud in your life at the gym. But let me know what those are in the comments.

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