60 year old butt looks 30? + Hips DO lie

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You already know that we’re on track @ long term @fitbuzz goals. And one of the big goals… Is to

keep S-curve members looking 10-15 years younger than their biological age.

Examples =

> Anita and Amy from the hall of fame

Both of whom are under 50 but over 40 years old. But in terms of your body. Our goal is to push that

to looking 20 years younger.

Heck…. That might even be the new slogan.

”Keep your 30 year old S-curvish body at 60 years old”

Who knows… That change could happen sooner than later (Across all social media profiles). Ha.

Either way… That’s the direction that we’re heading in. And it’s all going to be documented via the

S-curve member stories that we > officially started this year (Unofficially started back in 2012).

So that feature within this S-curve experience, is going to be super important… Regardless of whatever that evolves into.

So ya… It’s no BS. As we have current day proof @ link above.

If you don’t want to look 30 years old at 60. It’s OK. You can fudge off. Or just sit back, watch the youth maintain, while YOU… Become old and crusty :P.

We’ll have some age reversal S-curve blueprint tips, in regards to that… Soon-ish.

Another topic that came up (Just 1 hour ago)…

Hips DO lie…

Take a look at > this pic…

That got shown in two 121 Messenger chat conversations in the past 6 hours.

First conversation = She wants it
Second convo = She REALLY wants it

Let’s talk about the 2nd convo…

We have the hall of fame over on > More buzz. That’s what the S-curve physique is all about. But of

course… There is a lot of other stuff going on out there.

We don’t care for that much in our world here. We do what we do here. And it works, for everyone who

is involved.

But members will see that ‘other’ stuff. Especially before they become members. And of course… We

have @fitbuzz peers who represent what becoming S-curvish is all about in some way.


You will see stuff out there. But the one thing I will say, that I’ve always said. Is…

**To always go with a source that you trust** (In any situation)

That’s it.

Trust is why…

– We have 121 chats
– We have my own profile… LIVE
– We have stages 1-4
– We have the hall of fame
– We > did this last year

And hips?

That picture above… Was a 1-3 year progress.

It’ll be closer to 1 year, if you stay active on a results phase, more than you do on a lifestyle phase.

That’s it.

There’s no hoping or wishing. That’s for losers. What I just said IS the formula. And you’ve been watching it play out LIVE… Over these past few years.


Hips… @ that pic? Not needed ‘genetically’ to give you that look. Which is indeed the ‘soft lean’ S-curvish physique that we build here.

You just need to start… And continue through the 6-18 month/1-5 year formula that we’re continuously ‘advancing’.

As usual… Facebook is where the ‘live’ magic is happening (Link below). But you
can always reply to chat.
Oh… And don’t forget to watch the videos inside > yesterdays newsletter!!!
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