6 Reasons to Hire a Personal Trainer

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Many of us have purchased gym memberships with great intentions only to cancel them or simply stop going after only a short period of time. That does not mean that our original goals – lose weight, build muscle tone up etc. are no longer something that we want to achieve. It can sometimes just seem like these goals are such a long distance away, and that’s why we sometimes give up on our gym plans all too easy.

Evidence of others achieving huge results through working with a personal trainer is something that can often be quite apparent. Is this something that should be considered? Well, here are 6 great reasons to hire a personal trainer:

  1. You don’t know where to start

Often we sign up to a gym membership and off we go, jumping from machine to machine, not really knowing what we are doing. A personal trainer however, will create a fitness plan created especially with your body, health and goals in mind. They will set achievable goals and exercises which may be challenging to begin with but will help you achieve the results that you desire.

  1. Motivation

One of the main reasons we tend to cancel or quit our gym memberships is simply because our motivation levels drop! Working with a personal trainer provides you with a person to keep you motivated, encourage you when you are finding it tough, and push you when you are slacking. Motivation is key to achieving the results you really want.

  1. One to One Attention

With a personal trainer, you have one to one attention. Their sole focus is on you and helping you to achieve your goals during your sessions. One to one sessions are very focused and can be tailored exactly to your needs. You needn’t have to feel like you are holding up a whole class. With one to one attention, your trainer can help you if you are a little slower or not quite grasping the exercises. Fitness levels do not hinder a personal training session but you may feel like they do with a class.

  1. Specific Event

If you are training for a specific event such as a marathon, a new football season or a cycle, working with a personal trainer can be really beneficial. They can tailor an intense programe to ensure that you are fit and ready for a specific game or event. They can advise on exercises which are most beneficial to gaining not only top level fitness but competitive advantage in your sport. When you are serious about an event or match, you must get serious about your fitness regime and the best way to do so is through intense, motivated training with a personal trainer.

  1. Targeting Specific Areas Of The Body

So you have been lifting weights but you still cannot seem to achieve muscle definition in your arms? Countless sit ups but still no rock hard abs? A personal trainer can help to achieve results when targeting specific areas of the body. They will advise you on what you are doing wrong and put you on course with exercises, reps and the advancements that you should be making to achieve results in that area for YOUR body type.

  1. Special Needs

If you suffer from conditions such as asthma, diabetes, osteoporosis or even a physical disability, exercise can be a challenge. Working with a personal trainer can ensure that you can exercise safely and follow an appropriate training program which suits your special requirements. If you have any form of condition, following a “one fits all” type program in the gym by yourself can be dangerous.

Ken Nolan is a freelance blogger who writes on lifestyle issues.  Ken is from Dublin and he participates in many marathons and triathlons throughout Ireland.

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