50 years old is the new 30! (Yup)

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Buzzers… TGIF…

It’s been a busy first 2 weeks of the year behind the scenes here. So there isn’t much of the S-curve experience fun stuff going on… At present.

It’s been more about getting YOU into the S-curve experience. By starting on getting you S-curvish.

Today’s subject line

So… If I look at most of those who are on stage 3 in 2017. Everyone there was aged between 28-40.

And if I look back at some hall of famers.

– Amy

– Anita

At that time. They were 36-40 but looked 10-15 years younger than that.

This FitBuzzers…. Is the message I was pushing forward to all of you in 2017.

The fact that time is passing you by. And for each passing moment, you miss the opportunity to reverse the ageing process.

And forget about the whole ‘Oh… Only ‘Hollywood’ people look young as they age’.

Naah… Good old living S-curvishly will keep you looking young the same way.


We are not masters of preventing the ageing of your face. But we are @ keeping your body looking young an youthful. Even at 60 years old.

You just have to start the S-curve formula as soon as.

Because chances are… You’re following a ‘broken’ process right now. That could be ageing you. Or could be holding your body back.

Like last year. S-curve member Aanu was constantly eating fruit at night. She thought it was normal.

She didn’t know that spiking your insulin levls before bed time, could aid an increase in unwanted levels of fat.

There’s loads of little things like that, that you’re probably doing. That are affecting you. And you

don’t even realise it.

The down side of being ‘grown’. Is that most think they know it all. And are usually harder to teach.

Compared to someone in their teens or early 20s.

Don’t be that person. Be a ‘student forever’.

Be like me (Gosh… I never say that)

Why (@ saying that today?)
Because I need to be a student. To consistently meet your needs as an individual. Which is why I always say ‘reply to talk’.

These newsletter topics are always based on those same ‘reply to talk’ conversations.

Drifting… Back on topic

If you are over 18 years old, are broken, or simply want to improve for the better. Then start.

Because 50 doesn’t look what 50 years old used to look like. At least not in our world here.

The best example I can show you is this pic…

> One lady is 37 with 2 kids. The other is 20 years old.

You can make your own conclusions.

Forever young!

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