5 Things To Request From Your Gym For Inspiration

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Today I am continuing with the bodybuilding environment theme, in which we find ways to keep your workouts inspiring and engaging. All in aid of making your bodybuilding life a lot more ‘Fun’. Especially for those days where you feel like sh*t!

If you want to have a fun and memorable time working out, then you might as well fix the place where you will be spending most of your time…

At the gym that you attend!

You probably won’t stand a chance in requesting big changes if you attend a top class and flashy gym (Unless you have a large following behind you). But if you attend a smaller and more local type of gym, you can get the word out to the owner to make changes around the gym. Changes that will be beneficial to all that attend.

If you do manage to persuade the head honcho, then these are some of the things that you should request.


Because the local gym that I have been attending for the past 4 years has implemented these things. And they work like a charm!

#1 Posters

Not just any old posters. Posters of successful bodybuilders! (Men AND Women!)

And here’s a preview…

There really is something special about working out and having these posters to look at. They really do work on the inspiration side of things. I tend to just stare at them in-between sets and let my mind just wonder off.

The next time you go to the gym, show these posters to the gyms head honcho. He won’t turn you away!

I’ll probably send out an email to all subscribers soon, with a stack load of posters which you can use as desktop wallpapers or print off as A3 sized sheets as a poster. So be sure to sign up if you haven’t done so already, by clicking on that orange and white ebook… THERE >>>

#2 Bodybuilding Mantras

These aren’t really bodybuilding mantras per se. But some of the classic mantras from past successors work well for a bodybuilder. These are very similar to the effects that posters give in the gym. However, reading some of these mantras while you workout really does give you that ‘eye of the tiger’ drive, especially when you begin to fatigue. Fatigue can sometimes be laziness in disguise. Reading the same ‘good’ mantras over and over again will reveal which one you are suffering from… fatigue… or laziness.

Check out the bodybuilding mantras post HERE for those that missed it.

#3 Music

Yesterday I talked about surveys. Today I’m going to share some survey results.

What music do you prefer to listen to when you workout answered question?

Response Percentage

  • Rock 56.3%
  • Hip hop 31.3%
  • Pop 25.0%
  • Dance 50.0%
  • House 12.5%
  • Electronic¬†0.0%
  • Techno¬†0.0%

These are the results of the stayfitbuggers that took the survey upon visiting this site. These results show that you are all very similar to myself, in terms of what I like my eardrums to feel when I workout. Rock or Hip Hop. Either Will do!

Most gyms will usually stick the radio on. Nothing wrong with that. But the radio does play some trash music at times, and you’ll probably hear the same songs over and over, especially if you attend the gym 3-4 times a week.

Get at the head honcho again. You probably won’t need a DJ on this occasion, but a decent custom made playlist can do wonders for a bodybuilding gym community.

That could actually be a good though Shaun… DJ’s in a gym? Hmmmm…..

#4 Before and After Photos of Successful Gym Goers

This is what I call ‘making those earlier bodybuilding posters personal!’


Well… most of the guys and girls in those posters are usually bodybuilding pros. They’ve probably made a career out of bodybuilding and worked 24/7 to get their bodies to look the way they do.


But not great for your average joe.

Starring at those posters are great, and present a fine display of what can be achieved with the human body. But you’ll be mostly rubbing those folks ego, because you’ll never build a body like theirs.



Put up posters of those who came before you, in that same gym, who worked their asses off and built supreme bodies. That will be solid proof of what can really be achieved by the everyday working man or woman. You can develop a true solid connection as many of those folks will still visit on occasion. At that point you can get talking to them and find out some of the things that worked for them. They could probably work for you too, but just remember that you’ll need to find your own bodybuilding map.

#5 Find Hot Female Gym Members (Or males – For you lady readers :-))

Meeting highly attractive members of the opposite sex at the gym can be a ‘yay’ or ‘nay’, depending on who you are. I personally like to just stay focused on my workout. Having an attractive lady around will just knock my focus. But that’s just me.

For the rest of you, working out in the presence of a ‘hotty’ might be the ONLY thing that keeps you coming back week after week. Nothing wrong with that! After all, it’s about making this bodybuilding game as fun as we can. ‘Fun’ is the only thing that will keep us engaged for the long term.

Since that is the case, get that head honcho to start advertising his gym services to the sexy elite beings of this human race. Tell him to get more females first.


Because the guys will go where the girls are at. Simple.

You can tell him that it will be good for business. Because it will be.

There probably are other things that may aspire you in your prime bodybuilding location, but these are the things that have worked well in the gyms that I have attended. Some of the gyms you attend might already be doing some f the above, if so, good! But if not, you better get knocking on the head honchos door, because inspiration is a must in this game.

See you in the comments.

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