5 Sweet Substitutes That Aren’t Too Terrible For You

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We all get those sweet cravings for chocolate or cookies. It hits some of us harder than others. (Guilty). The first step in trying to cut out treats from your diet isn’t quitting cold turkey. Otherwise, you will be ready to bite everyone’s head off. Rather, you need to start substituting certain foods for different treats. Here are 5 substitutes that are quite delicious that also won’t blow your diet!

1. Put down the cookie, pick up a watermelon.

Cookies have tons of empty calories. You are basically just eating a handful of sugar. Do you want diabetes? I didn’t think so. Put down the chocolate chip cookie and pick up a piece of watermelon. I know, I know. You’re over there thinking, “Watermelon? Seriously?” But trust me, it is way healthier for you and you can eat as much as you want without all the empty calories! Watermelons also tricks your brain into thinking you are eating something sweet when really it’s actually healthy for you.

2. Forget the ice cream, pick up a glass of chocolate milk.

This is particularly handy for those of you who work out. Chocolate milk is one of the best things you can drink after you exercise because it helps your muscles recover faster. It is an excellent source of dairy and protein. Just be sure you know to only have one glass. Practice self control, people.

3. Don’t eat the brownie, grab a piece of dark chocolate.

Dark chocolate actually has tons of antioxidants. You’re probably thinking, “Awesome! I can eat all this dark chocolate and not get fat!” Well, this isn’t really the case. Dark chocolate has a more bitter taste than milk chocolate so you probably won’t want more than the actual serving size anyway. The serving size is about an inch of a square of the chocolate bar. Too much can make you really hyper and even a little constipated. No thank you!

4. Quit licking the cookie dough off the spoon, grab some cereal.

If you are an avid cookie dough eater, like me, then it’s time to reevaluate some things in your life. There are raw eggs in there. Gross. Put the spoon down and grab a bowl and some cereal. Honey nut cheerios are a good source of fiber but also have enough of a light sugar coating to satisfy your sweet tooth. If you need a bit more of a sweet kick, try some mini frosted wheaties or something that has whole grain with a light sugar coating. I’m getting hungry just thinking about it!

5. Don’t pick up the bag of M&M’s, opt for some strawberries.

A bag of chocolate is just asking to get fat. Stop filling up the candy bowl in your office with M&Ms. Out of sight, out of mind. Instead, grab a handful of strawberries. There are tons of health benefits when it comes to strawberries. They have vitamins, antioxidants, and they are incredibly delicious as an afternoon snack or as a way to curb your sweet treat craving!

About the author: Carly is a blogger for Smith Monitoring, a provider of alarm systems Houston has. She is always trying to not eat too much ice cream, but usually she fails miserably.

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