5 Essential Bodybuilding Tips You’ve Missed

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It’s been a while since i fed you straight to the point bodybuilding tips. So now it’s time to end the drought and feed you with some bodybuilding tips that you probably know about to some degree, but may have overlooked.

The Reps

Vary your repetition range. What you do here is adjust the weights during your workouts over a period of time so that you stimulate every type of muscle growth. Try this for a month, performing three full-body sessions a week:


Do five repetitions per set in your first workout, 10 reps per set in your second workout, and 15 per set in your third workout.

The Sets

If you’re doing eight or more reps, change it. Keep it to three sets or less. If you’re pushing out less than three reps a time, you should raise that number to at least six sets.

The Exercises

Instead of focusing on the number of different exercises you do per muscle group, go for a total number of repetitions between 25 and 50. This could mean five sets of five repetitions of one exercise (25 repetitions) or one set of 15 repetitions of two or three exercises (30 to 45 repetitions.). Doing this will allow you to sustain the level of effort that you will be putting in to your workouts.

Don’t Let Your Knees Go Past Your Toes

This is the main concern when performing squats or lunges. Allowing your knees to move too far forward during your exercises puts more force on your knee ligaments.

Focus more on your upper body and less on knee position when doing these exercises. By trying to keep your torso as upright as possible as you perform squats (and lunges), you’ll reduce the stress on your hips and back.

How to stay upright

Before squatting, squeeze your shoulder blades together and hold them that way

As you squat, try to keep your forearms perpendicular to the floor.

Lift Weights and Suck Your Belly In

I like to call this one a neat little trick rather than a body building tip. Here’s what you do:

You don’t actually suck your belly in. All you do is tense your abs as if you were about to be punched in the gut. This activates all three layers of your abdominal wall, improving both stability and performance.

That’s all you are getting for today :). But stay tuned for the next update of bodybuilding tips.

See you in the comments.

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