4 Ways to Keep On Track with Your Exercise Plan

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There are no excuses to not stay fit, the same way there are no excuses to not brushing your teeth. Begin with that mantra and follow up with these following notes:

1. Make exercise a constant in your life. Make it a habit. If you need a little convenience at first to keep from getting intimidated, then make it a little more convenient just to get yourself started.

  • Start with an hour of exercise, every other day. An hour’s workout can be cut up in parts of three 20-minute intervals – after you wake up, during your break time at work, and before you sleep. That makes for about an hour, every other day.
  • You can also make it a 30-minute workout every day, if devoting 60 minutes per day won’t be possible for you. You can exercise 30 minutes every day, divided into two 15-minute intervals or three 10-minute intervals.
  • Work on the routine consistently until it becomes a habit – like brushing your teeth.

2. Don’t think. Don’t rationalize. Ask yourself right this minute: Do you come up with reasons why or why not brushing your teeth is healthy or not doable today? No, right? It’s pointless. You just do it because it’s what you do.

  • The moment you start thinking of reasons why or why you can’t exercise today, stop and head to your exercise area to begin your routine. Reasons don’t matter, in this case, whether it be good or bad. Head straight to that treadmill, get started on your squats and lunges, grab that skipping rope and start skipping, get to that yoga mat and start stretching. Don’t think, just do it.

3. Failure at any endeavor begins with excuses. Just as has been advised in #2, don’t think. Don’t rationalize. Just keep doing. It’s not in the Nike ads for nothing.

  • If you still, however, come up with, let’s say, “legitimate” reasons to not work out, then be proactive about hitting two birds with one stone. Improvise.
  • If you’re worried about missing an important phone call, you can use a wireless earpiece while working out. This earpiece can connect to any Bluetooth-enabled phone, allowing you to communicate even while on the treadmill or doing resistance training. If you want to know more about wireless earpieces, click here.
  • Worried about signal? Add a cellphone repeater to your room or gym or car so you can rest assured that with this gadget in hand to boost your mobile phone signal, you can never blame your workout time for choppy, inaudible or missed calls. Cellphone repeater variants may be found in a site like http://www.myamplifiers.com/.

4. Keep a body journal. It may either be inspiring or depressing, but a daily weigh-in can be helpful to get you more acquainted with your body and its weight fluctuations. If this might be too much for you, try a weekly weigh-in. Measure your BMI and fat percentage to help you keep track of your body’s progress.


Staying fit should be fun, but if you’re struggling with procrastination and other issues, then perhaps you should start with “staying fit is a habit,” just like brushing your teeth. Always think that it’s like that because nobody argues about whether or not brushing teeth is fun. They just establish it as something that needs to be done and will be done without much debate – day after day, meal after meal.

If you can establish the same, almost non-thinking enculturation of this exercising habit to your lifestyle, then you’re on the right track to your keeping-fit goals.


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