4 Amazing Reasons To Use CBD Oil For Post Workout Recovery

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CBD oil is a byproduct of the hemp or cannabis plants. Contrary to what anyone might expect, pure CBD oil does not get you high. The CBD substance that is the main active ingredient in the oil is different than the THC also found in female cannabis plants — the molecule that is responsible for the psychedelic effect of smoking the plant.


CBD is a molecule that is gaining popularity in the medical industries because of its healing properties on many levels of the human body. It is a true miracle molecule that, besides all other perks, can help one recover properly after a workout.

4 Reasons to Use CBD After Workout

Post workout recovery is a main cornerstone of any muscle-building or physical performance goal. Anyone who is serious about the two knows the pain and inflammation that occurs after strenuous physical activity and how that affects subsequent performance. The faster and better the recovery, the more satisfying the results will be. CBD oil can aid you with recovery in the following ways.


Relieves Pain and Inflammation

CBD oil is a natural analgesic that helps relieve your pain after training. The inflammation which causes the pain is effectively managed with both CBD and THC from the cannabis plant. The Cannabinoids in these two substances have strong anti-inflammatory effects. The anti-inflammatory agents inside induce apoptosis and T-regulatory cells, inhibit the proliferation of cells, and suppress cytokine production.

Promotes Sleep and Rest

Rest and sleep are the main avenues through which the body restores itself after a workout and builds itself anew. Accumulated stress form the hard workout may intervene with normal sleep at times. Cannabinoids are notorious for their sedative and anti-stress effects. Used for treating insomnia, CBD oil can help you get a deep and restful sleep for full recovery and muscle growth.

Increases Appetite

Nausea is often a problem after strenuous physical activity. CBD oil is one of the best treatments for nausea and vomiting. With nausea gone, you can easily continue on with your dietary regimen which likely requires a higher calorie intake. Another benefit for food intake is the natural stimulation of appetite by the CBD oil. Cannabis increases the two hunger-regulating hormones in the body — ghrelin and leptin. The good news is that by increasing those it does not alter insulin levels.

Protects Affected Organs

Heavy workout places a great load on more than just your muscles. The heart, lungs, and brain are put under stress when you are overloading yourself. Sports concussions can also happen during a sports activity. The anti-inflammatory properties of CBD oil help the different organs recover after a workout and also protects them from potential damage as a result of the strain placed on them.


You can purchase CBD from numerous places now, but it is important to buy from a quality producer. CBD can be taken in any form including through a vaporizer, injections, pills, drops, and even gummy bears. It is a completely safe and natural substance that you can confidently add to your workout routine.

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