3 ways to kill Travel-curvish 2.0 envy/jealousy (You MUST start no.2 ‘today’)

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People of S-curve world…
So… You’re watching our social media posts…
And you’re seeing a constant barrage of videos like this…
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1 of 2 things are happening when you do…
1. You feel motivated… So you continue to follow daily (That’s what I do on certain channels, that stroke my interests).
2. You feel jealously and envy… Because you don’t have the time or money to live S-curvishly… In the way that these people are doing.
Today’s post… Is aimed at those of you who fall into category no.2.
I know you exist. Because I can see the stuff that you post on your Facebook timelines.
Usually not too long after following the @fitbuzz Facebook/Instagram stories :D.
So let’s dig into some ways on how we can kill the envy, the hate, the jealously that YOU’RE feeling. By earning YOU more money… Within the S-curve Xperience!

#1 Via Binance within the cryptocurrency world

Binance sign up
Articles like this are becoming the norm…
Also… Look at the trajectory of the growth of the cryptocurrency industry…
Binance cryptocurrency

Not just with that chart… But with the growth of cryptocurrency exchanges like Binance. Who we have had a lot of success with in the past few years.
(There are several others… But I’ll only talk on the things that we’ve had first hand experience with).
Just like in 2017 and 2019… We will likely keep on seeing spikes in growth, as the industry continues to evolve.
Growth… That YOU can indeed feel the effects of… Financially.
In short…
– Start trading
– Start investing
Read this post: For business, improved daily lifestyle and ‘fashion’ people (In S-curve world)
In this market.
Jumping into Binance through us… Means that you’re not alone either.
Meaning… There is less risk. As you’ll have a  collective knowledge base to hand.
It’s also pretty easy to jump in and get involved too.
Remember… It’s all about increasing your earnings over time.
There’ll be ups. There’ll be downs. But in general, you will profit and earn.
And quite handsomely too, if you get involved whilst the market is still young.
Not as young as 10 years ago. But things will likely grow. Just like most things have, in regards to technology, over the past 10 years.
You see > this link
Signing up on the Binance.com website, by clicking on it… Allows us to share our own trading/investing profits with YOU.
So yes… That’s the 1st way to help kill that envy/jealousy that you’re feeling… By getting some extra money, that we’ll teach you to manage wisely.

#2 The S-curve Partner Program (Business/Individuals)

It’s all about making sales and money… Using our resources in order to push website traffic to your store/shop/links.
S-curve Xperience living = To have more time for friends, family and self.
Having ‘no free time’, was THE no.1 complaint that I heard in 2019. In regards to all the people that I met, during my public work scenarios…
Public work space
Yea… People walk up to you a lot more, compared to when you sit at a private spot like…
Outdoor private workspace
Anyway… If you haven’t yet figured out a way to give yourself more time and/or money. The S-curve Partner Program (Business) will help.
We’ve received more requests in the past 2 months to join it, than all of 2019!
I predicted this might happen (Over the Christmas holidays). And here we are.
If you own anything that’s of value to the world… Within our world.
And if you qualify…
Jump in!
Your product/service might be a > right fit.
And if it is… More sales and money will come your way.
And when using the right systems (Like Post Affiliate Pro). That can lead to more freedom.

#3 Become an S-curve member… Succeed… 

Then get the people who question you about your results, started as S-curve members. Earning $$$ from doing so, in the process.
Just to be clear here…
Earning money from introducing them… Is a by-product of success (As an S-curve member).
The goal isn’t to straight out make money.
THAT vibe doesn’t exist… And doesn’t really work.
Remember what I said in this post, about feelings/emotions/value…
It’s time to confront your demons (Like… REALLY!) 
Yea… That.
Once you earn… Let’s say, 35% of what they pay as an S-curve member for each active month…
It’s all about all of us… Letting them know that you are earning.
You see… The big picture goal… Is to share our experiences, collectively. And at times… To all meet up in person.
That obviously can’t happen all the time. Which is why I created this Facebook group
Facebook group fitness lifestyle
So that past/current and future members can discuss elements of the S-curve formula…
Explaining the elements of the S-curve formula
And elements of the S-curve Xperience…
TIS THE S-CURVE EXPERIENCE (An ‘epic’ explanation)
Which is where most of us are likely to spend our money.
The people you introduce, probably know you well, are close to you, or similar to you.
THAT… Is S-curve Partner program vibes. > The right fit, the right fit.
So it’s all about creating a ‘family like’ Xperience.
Money is just a vehicle to take us to places we want to go.
And with friends/family… It’ll be to the same place a lot of the time.
If you need to get started as an S-curve member.. 
Evolving the payment plan of the S-curve member program
If you’re already in shape… But have followed/Are following, or are a successful member from the past. Just get your people to send a DM to ME on Facebook.
At which point… I’ll take them through the process of success, that has now been established since around 2016.

To conclude

Feeling jealousy and envy is a natural human emotion to feel.
It’s usually triggered, by feeling that you’ve missed/are missing out on something that you have previously/currently set as a goal for yourself.
But it’s like this…
As long as you are still breathing… As long as you are in the same healthy state… You still have time to achieve it.
And it 100% SUCKS to have YOU as a part of the S-curve Xperience… Feeling that way.
So if you don’t have a formula to start fixing the issue on your own. Let us jump in and help you.



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