3 important things that happen when starting a ‘high end’ fitness program

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Buzzers… Thursday…

Yesterday… I talked about 121 coaching… Being the thing that makes everything work @ getting results (fitness program).

But you also know that you need to jump into 121 chats, to simply have a normal conversation.

That’s not coaching. That’s us… Connecting. We can and will… Switch on and off between coaching mode and just talking/connecting, mode.

We’ll usually both mutually agree when it’s time to wax on (Coaching/Results mode) and wax off (Chill out… Talk and connect mode).

The S-curve formula 

It’s just 1 big system, that has been continually improved upon over time…

It’s why you only see new variations of it being launched. And not anything else outside of that.

We’re currently 7 years into it’s existence.

What we find?

Becoming a member let’s you know who your true friends (And family) are…

It’s not really about becoming a member either. It’s more about YOU starting something, to change your situation for the better.

If anyone around you doesn’t support it. You’ll know that they were covertly wanting to keep you down.

And if there’s pure silence on their part, once you start succeeding. You’ll know for sure then too.

And if they try to re-enter your new world (Fixed mindset, lifestyle and body shenanigans). With the same tone that they had when you was ‘broken’. You’ll know for sure then as well.

I’ve seen this first hand… A LOT of times now. Being the person that controls all things ‘121 coaching’.

And I see how emotional it can be for some members.

The fact that the people they considered to be no.1 in their lives… Were secretly against them, in some kind of way.


I’ve never seen a member, not come out of it ‘victorious’.

For that first year or so… They are ‘winning’ @ life. Which is why we do what we do @ Tis the S-curve experience.

If failure does happen. It’s far into the future.

That’s when they return as active members. And do some variation of stage 4 via More buzz.

To conclude

All of the above.. Paints the picture of what happens during the active moments of S-curve membership.

And it’s almost always, a memorable experience, for everyone involved. The good and the bad (The bad is the above).

– Family members and friends (The true close ones at least)
– ‘Me’
– Newsletter readers
– Social media followers

@ memorable.

And every year, everything is being improved upon.

What’s trending in S-curve world today?

– Becoming S-curvish > for the dress

– > Probiotics

– > S-curve bodyweight circuit shenanigans

– > Just fix my #boutine… Since it’s the easiest way to try out ‘becoming S-curvish’ for the first time @ $50 to get the ball rolling.

And even if you do stop after the first week. Your member page will still be LIVE.

It’s my job to put you in the zone to be ready to start and continue on. So that… I will be doing to you.


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