22 of The Funniest Fitness & Bodybuilding Videos (Via Break.com)

October 13, 2010 by  
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It seems like I haven’t yet recovered after the events of 10/10/10. Because I still have fun on my brain. Which has lead me to compile this list of funny (in some cases hilarious) list of fitness and bodybuilding videos. I won’t say much else other than watch and enjoy. Just leave your thoughts in the comments.

#1 Farting in the Gym

#2 Saran Wrap Teacher Race Faceplant

#3 Little Kids Face vs Large Exercise Ball

#4 Crazy Fitness Chick

#5 Kitten Can’t Lift Dumbbell

#6 Hilarious Shake Weight Exercise for Women

#7 Dude Deadlifts 329 Pounds Then Passes Out

#8 Acrobat’s Handstand Faceplant

#9 Treadmill Handstand Attempt

#10 Treadmill Sick of Annoying Girl

#11 Don’t C-Walk Onto a Treadmill

#12 Cute Chick Fails At Pullups

#13 Best Workout Ever

#14 Medicine Ball To Face

#15 Dog Squats

#16 365 Days Of Exercise

#17 Exercise Machine Falls on MMA Fighter

#18 The Trainer

#19 Skinny Kid Fails Squatting 600lbs

#20 Hot Chick Boobs Workout Prank

#21 Sucking It In

#22 Kid Loses Fight To Speed Bag

Kid Loses Fight To Speed Bag – Watch more Funny Videos

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