2018… Fudged it up already…

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Buzzers… Happy new year…

I celebrated mine earlier than most of you. Currently being in Singapore and all.

Time stamped by my FB status and the pic where I copied today’s subject line from (Go look and scroll).

But of course… The opposite of that subject line is what happens here in S-curve world. And let me show you how I want to kick things off for the year of 2018!

Yesterday… I talked about videos and podcasts

Whatever we put out, will always be specific to what we do on here. Regardless of the platform it’s put out on.

– Youtube (Videos that teach you and prepare you for the vids on stages 1-4).

– Buzzcoin (Blockchain shenanigans for stages 1-4?).

– Podcast (For unique S-curve member stories… Or just members that wanna get on the mic and share

their experiences).

In regards to that last point… I want to kick start the year by jumping on as many chats and calls as possible.


Well… Pre-recorded stuff is great. But today… Everything is LIVE. We even made the member page content LIVE. Which you now get on stage 1. Almost for free on Buzzcoin. And 100% free for any friend that you bring along (Until Jan 30th).

Past members having been making a return recently, because of all the stuff that we created together in those years when they was most active.

It’s like being in the trenches together as a student at university. You don’t forget those relationships in a hurry.

So… I want you to ‘feel’ the S-curve experience through my own energy levels. As much as possible.

If you’re up for it. And want to get a little crazy with me. I want to kick start the year on this day…By chatting to as much of ‘everyone’ as possible.

Got problems that need solving?

Send your messages below and let’s get it on (I think that’s the name of a song?)

– FB Messenger profile and page
– Replying to this newsletter

And whatever we talk about, will be discussed on here tomorrow.

And as usual. To put you through some part of the S-curve experience sooner… Rather than later (@ increasing trust levels quicker). Because waiting around for any other reason to start, is total BS.

No more words on this day… Tomorrow’s newsletter is half prepared already. So chat then, if not before then.


#1 Message first, reply second.
#2 > More buzz is where everything exists.
#3 Check out > Buzzcoin (As there is a lot of potential for interesting things to happen there, within
the coming months/years).

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