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Why? Because I know that you are probably still doing things in your day-to-day lives that is shorting your life expectancy. And I’m not talking about the rule breakers that I have already shared with you either. These are things that you are doing in your daily lives, which can easily be avoided.

The List!

Start Weightlifting

Stop reading articles on stayfitbug.com and start doing them

Eat fruit and veg

You will lower your chances of having a stroke by stacking your guts with at least 5 servings of fruit and veg per day. Compared to those who eat 3 servings or less.

Think Positive

Yea, we all have problems. But chill out dude! Life literally can be too short if you don’t start thinking positive. It has been found that constant worrying can decrease your life span by a massive 16 years. Do yourself a favour. Stop watching the news!

Calm Down

Don’t express your anger! It’s quite ironic for me to say that actually. As a kid I was notorious for having a wild temper, but as I grew up I learned to control it. These days you would think I’m a robot with the way I manage to not show any true anger. And going by recent studies, you would be wise to follow suit. If you are known for wildly expressing your anger, you will more than double your chances of having a stroke than those who don’t.

The special potion

Take 1000-2000mg per day of fish oil.


You probably have low levels of DHA (Omega-3 Fat found in fish oil). Take this to raise it up.

Don’t Piss in The Sea

Whether you are on holiday, a wild adventurous trip or a romantic cruise, regardless of where you are in the world… just don’t do it. Pissing in the sea attracts sharks.

Eat Red Grape fruits

Whether you are a skinny guy or a fat dude, you will want to lower your cholesterol. By eating one of these a day, you can lower your cholesterol by 20 percent.

Wake up and EAT your breakfast!

Ever since the rise of the Internet, I have become notorious for waking up and jumping on the web for hours before doing anything else. That includes eating breakfast too. And although I have a high metabolism and lose weight from doing nothing, which is a habit I will have to stop.


By not eating breakfast within 90 minutes of being awake, you increase your chances of becoming obese by a massive 50 percent. So wake up and eat!

Do your housework

Its common knowledge that many of us guys don’t do housework (me excluded ;)). But you better start making it a priority from today onwards. Get the vacuum out and clean your house everyday for 30 minutes. This will help lower your blood pressure for the long term.

Today I also found out that helping your lady out with the household chores will improve your sex life too.

Get ‘Berry’ Happy

I covered this before in killer foods for fitness, but it will remain beneficial to mankind as long as we serve time on this planet that we call earth. Eat your berries!

  • Blueberries
  • Strawberries
  • Raspberries

Don’t Drown

Earlier I told you not to piss in the water. But if you end up stranded IN the water for whatever reason, then you need to learn to stay alive. Luckily I had a colleague who was in the Navy for a while and had constantly thrown himself into the sea. This was how he would stay a float.

  • Float facedown in the water with your knees tucked against your chest in the fetal position. (This slows the drop in body temperature.)
  • Exhale bubbles slowly
  • Turn your head to one side only
  • Inhale deeply
  • Repeat

Light A Jasmine-scented Candle

Do this before you go to bed and you will

  • Fall asleep a lot quicker
  • Toss and turn less

And wake up feeling MUCH fresher.

I do always ask people that I meet if they get good sleep or not.


Because if you are not, then you are increasing the risk of diabetes and having a stroke.

Get away from Cigarette smoke

Yea… we all know that second hand smoke is bad for you (Lung cancer). But this too increases the risk diabetes. Stay away!

Get a phone Doc in your car

This actually applies to any mobile device (Phone, ipod, PSP, Dsi). Reaching for these devices while driving will increase your chances of swerving and crashing into something by a factor of 8!

Get some air

It might get real cold in winter (depending on where you are in the world). But you may still want to keep a section of your workout routine based outdoors.


It has been found that you can reduce depression by a massive 71 percent by workout out outside. Compared to 45 percent indoors

Eat salad with oil and vinegar

1) Unheated oil reduces the risk of cancer

2) Eating vinegar before a high carb meal will slow down the absorbing rate of carbs in your blood stream.

Help Your Lady Out

If your woman is not happy with her job/ career, then that will have an immediate effect on you (A 2.7 times more likely to develop heart disease to be exact). Show her the ‘mans’ techniques of getting your own way in life, and you can both find yourself living happily ever after.

Drive and Stay Alive… like the Bee Gees

You do this by putting an air freshener in your car. Cinnamon to be exact. Not only does it smell nice, but also the smell of cinnamon will help you stay alert while you drive.

Suck on an altoid. That works too.

Drink Water

5-8 ounce glasses a day to be exact. It reduces the risk of having a fatal heart attack.


Watch some funny videos daily and laugh out loud… even if it is at the expense of someone else’s misfortune. This will help exercise your lungs and increase blood flow to your heart.

If you are sick, don’t go to work

‘The man’ already has you locked tight under his umbrella. If you are sick, just let your body recover. Don’t die over ‘The man’. Loyalty WILL cost you. But if you do want to be a nice guy, then go for it. You will only double the risk of having a heart attack by being one.

There are many other ways to stay alive, but I’m sure many of these will relate to you specifically.

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