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What is gymspiration?

It’s just a word I made up a few months back, which basically means gym environments that can inspire you.

So what I have done is compile a series of gym related photos, and below I’ll describe exactly why they have made this post.

1) Back to the 80’s

Now… there are two types of indoor gym

1) Flashy fashion parade types

2) No B.S get down to business types

And it’s not hard to guess which one the above photo represents! (Which I just happen to be a fan of)

Most gyms are like fashion parades or like night clubs. Where people dress up to show of, or are there to pick up dates. Nothing wrong with that I guess. But the way I see it, the gym is a place you go to get work done and get down to business to achieve results.

A place where goals are met and exceeded!

The picture above represents what most gyms used to look like, hence the 1980’s tag. Yes, they do still exist, as I attend one of these types of gyms ‘today’. But they are rare.

If you want some ‘gymspiration’ and if you are serious about changing your body for the better. Then find a gym like the one you see above. Once you do, the gym members in that kind of gym will really show you the meaning of training insane!

2)  So Fresh, So Clean

Now, this is almost like the first type of gym I described above, but not entirely.

Why did this photo make it to gymspiration?

Because this is the type of gym you go to when you are treating your workout day as a day out. A treat as such.

  1. Expensive big breakfast in the cafeteria
  2. A good relaxation, digest and time to yourself session
  3. An intense but luxurious workout (Good people, good air con, top quality gym equipment
  4. Spa, Sauna, Jacuzzi
  5. What happens next is up to you

You obviously won’t be growing any monster sized muscles in this type of gym. But the lifestyle isn’t just about hardcore pumping is it. It’s about the experience. So do yourself a favour and hit up one of these types of gyms every once in a while.

3) Let’s Take it Outside

Venice Beach – Muscle Beach – California

It’s not hard t see why this had made it to gymspiration. Pumping iron… in the sunshine!

It really doesn’t get much better than that. No ceilings or walls. Just pure free air to do what you want without worrying whose walking by when you are maxing out your reps.

Oh yea… you might get to see a famous face or two… too 🙂

4)  Let’s Take It Outside.. And Show Off

If you already have the Unique Bodyweight Exercise ebook, then you will know all about this exercise. You obviously don’t need to master this exercise. But if you have mastered all of the other bodyweight exercises, then why not?

Being able to perform this exercise will prove to be a real feat of strength. And this image is just pure gymspiration, until the day you can do as you see.

5)  Graveyard Gym

I’m not sure where this gym ground is, but one thing I do know is…

That this is about as hardcore as hardcore can get!

If you ever find a gym ground like this, then there really is no other reason for you to be there other than to strictly lift. Until that day comes, keep this photo at the back of your minds!

6) Training Insane Without Weights

The theme throughout most of the photos so far has been ‘gritty gyms’.


Because those are the gyms where the most work gets done. Even when non-weightlifting activity is concerned, like in the image above. It is just a great display of people getting down to work… making it happen. It captures the moment well, which is why this image made it to gymspirastion.

7)  Machines and Freeweights Both Win

Most of you will probably be attending a gym such as this. A gym where there is a good mix of free weights and machine weights. Both have there pros and cons. This image captures exactly what that type of gym should look like.

8 ) The Rack

Now, a gymspiration post wouldn’t be complete with a great photo of the almighty weighs rack. The rack has it’s own place in the fitness vocabulary and it is the place where progress happens right in front of your eyes. Question is… are you anteing up your way down the eye of the rack in this picture? I hope so, because like the 2nd line of the logo states.

Take your muscles to the next level!

9) Women Should Not Be Afraid Of The Weight

In the recent video interviews here, I ask a few of my guests if it’s a challenge to build muscle while maintaining femininity.  So far the response has been positive, and it doesn’t seem to be too much of an issue. Genetics play a big part in that from what we know so far. Either way, like Miryah Jade Scott says, and like the lady in this photo is doing…

Don’t be afraid to lift the weight!

10) Dip Yourself To Muscularity

This photo of Ava Cowan highlights the core methods of how I initially built my muscles. Even before becoming a pro athelete. Taking your strengtg to the next level with weight assisted bodyweight exercises is just pure gold, which will also increase your perfornce in certain free weight exercises too.

The great thing about this photo is that it has been sexed up, because it’s being performed by a lady. And it has pure gymspiration written all over it.

11) Father and Son

If you workout and if you have kids, then you need to be keeping this photo nearby. Fitness is a lifestyle and there is nothing better than getting your kids involved in the lifestyle from a young age. After all, muscles begin deteriorating at only 18 years of age! So keeping those muscles alive and active while in the youthful years can only be a good thing.

Either way, this photo captures the moment oh… so well. Gymspiration!

Hopefully this post has encouraged you to get back into your local or global gym (For the travelers out there). And if so, good! Because this is what the gym is all about. This is the lifestyle that we love. And strike down all who oppose it… and make them die a miserable and unfit death!


See you in the comments.

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