10 Ways to Stay Fit During the Christmas Holidays

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The activities that you take part in during the Christmas Holiday season will definitely give your body a challenge to fight off the fat that you will inevitably put on. There will be,

  • Staff parties
  • Sleepovers
  • Family get together
  • Reunions

And other events.

Which ever of these it is that you take part in, I know for sure that you will be breaking your weightlifting dieting rules in a BIG way. But rest assured, the fitbug is going to share with you 10 top tips of how you can maintain and ease the damage that you may cause to those lovely muscles that you have built.

Workout in the morning

In general, this is the time of day when your body will be strongest, so it is always a good thing to get your workouts done early in the day. But the main reason that you will want to do this over the holiday season is because of lack of time. Life is already hectic and over Christmas it will be even more, so make sure to get your weightlifting workouts done first thing.

Plan your workouts a week ahead

There have been many Christmas holidays over the years and whether I was at work or university, I always seemed to miss when the gym would close for the holidays. Because of this you will need to check your gym opening times over the holidays and plan ahead. Try to keep your workout days ‘up to’ the day before the gym closes. That way you can limit the time that you will be away from the gym.

Your normal workout days will probably clash with one of those parties too and ‘unexpectedly’. So that is another reason to plan a week ahead.

Breaking the rules aka cheat days and cheat meals

A cheat day = A designated day where you eat what the hell you want without following your scheduled diet.

A cheat meal = simply eat what you want during your normal scheduled diet, such as a super fat dessert.

The main reason to deliberately break the rules and have cheat days is to refill your body full of those nutrients it may normally miss from not eating certain foods. You may sometimes find that you feel a bit sluggish, feel very weak or fatigue very quickly during your workouts. This may be because of your ever so clean and tidy diet. So that’s why you may want to fit some cheat days into your schedule.

Plan your cheat days carefully

You are going to cheat a lot of the festive season, no if’s, no buts about it! To decrease your chances of getting overly fat, try to plan these days carefully. Try and leave 5 to 6 day gaps between each cheat day.

Eat your cheat meals like this

When you eat your cheat meals, eat the protein part of that meal first. That is what will fill you up. Leave the carbs till the end of the meal and don’t stuff yourself silly in one meal. Go for 3 cheat meals a day (one every 90 minutes). After that, get back on track with your regular diet.

Workout like a barbarian before you cheat


Because your body will be hungry to restore those carbs and proteins that it lost from your workout. Having a cheat meal when your body is in this state will ensure that your body will absorb all of those nutrients that you feed it.

Take Chromium Picolinate (200mg) and Alpha Lipoic Acid (300mg)

Take these before you have your cheat meals. Doing so will help your bodies cells accept insulin and absorb carbs better. For the best effects, do this just before a workout.

Eat Essential Fats

You will find these in fish oil and flax oil. The reason you should eat these fats is because they contain the enzymes which are responsible for storing fat. Taking these oils right before your first cheat meal will help reduce the damage.

Take digest enzymes

Take these before you stuff your face with your cheat meals. This will ensure that your body absorbs all of those nutrients that you feed it and it will make you feel less ‘full’ too.

Take a walk after every big feast

Now I know you won’t be in the mood for any type of workout after you have stuffed your face at one of these events, but if you are in a situation where you can take a breather for a few hours… go for a walk. This will decrease the chances of your body storing fat. If you are cheating while doing some hardcore partying and socialising (which will be most of you) then leave the walk till the next morning and do it on an empty stomach.

Have fun

This is the only time of year where you get to truly unwind and release yourself, so don’t take all of this too seriously. Yes that might be a contradiction to what I’m telling you here. But so what! I love life, it should be lived to the max and I encourage you to be like that too.

Now get cheating!

See you in the comments.

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