10 Ways To Do More In Less Time

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Join a nearby gym

Having joined up to multiple gyms over the years, I can truly say, hand on heart, that this should be a priority on your list during your weightlifting workouts. It may seem fine taking that 30 minute drive to that fancy gym in the city centre and having a great time while doing so. But this will be quickly spoiled by the following.

  • Evening Rush hour (30 minutes turns into 1 hour)
  • Feeling completely drained from your workout ( 2 out of 3 times a week I would find myself unable to drive home properly after a workout. Lucky for me, my gym was close by).

More importantly, you will not stick to your weightlifting routine. I’d say give it a month or so and you will quit.

Instead go for the less classy but local gym over the jazzed up yet long distance gym.

Speed Up Meetings

I’ve been in loads of meetings in my time and it amazes me how often people can over run on time. If you want to speed things up and save those precious minutes of your day, then try taking all of the chairs out of the room.

Like magic, people will stop talking crap and start making real decisions.

Build Great Abs Fast – Use a medicine ball.

Cap Barbell Medicine Ball, 10 Lbs, Free Shipping!

I have previously shown you ways that you can build rock hard abs and as in little time as 6 weeks. (Hard work and dedication – no short cuts). But I also do approve of using equipment that will help you develop those abs a lot quicker.

In this case you will recruit the medicine ball (The medicine ball weightlifting routine is coming soon).

Be the ruler of your inbox

I have a notorious habit of living in my inbox, whether it’s on my laptop or mobile on the iPhone. But luckily for me, I have no choice but to make better use of my 24-hr time frame that we call ‘a day’. After all, how else am I going to maintain my muscles and keep assisting you at the same time? 😉

Anyhow, you can follow the tips that I follow daily to ensure that most of your day is spent outbox rather than ‘in’

1. Sign off your messages with “No reply needed” to avoid reply messages such as “Great!” and “Wow!”

2. When making a request, finish with “Thanks in advance” to prevent the “Thanks/You’re welcome” loop.

3. When responding to a request, end with a ‘conclusive’ statement like, “I Hope that helped.” Close the deal!

4. Use “FYI” in the subject line to specify that the message is solely informative.

5. Don’t write a statement phrased as a question,


“Mark and Sarah did a great job, didn’t they?”

This will only spur extra conversation, probably lead into another topic of discussion and that same email may circle around your inbox for days. Again, close the deal!

6. When you receive a CC message and must reply, send your response only to the sender instead of to everybody. Use BCC instead of CC as often as possible. Just like no.5, doing so may keep that email alive for days after.

Maximize your morning burst

I’ve been putting this in to practice quite a lot in recent years and I have become a big fan doing so since. The morning time is when you have the most energy in the day and when you will be most productive. So you will want to do your ‘top-quality’ work at this time. Do it before browsing the web and checking emails and be ruthless to anyone who tries to interrupt and get in your way!

Monitor Your Online Time


Because the internet still has a way of making you waste hours online, when you can be doing something much more productive. Download and start using the web browser ‘Firefox’ and when you do, go to pageaddict.com and install the browser plugin that it provides. This will give you a summary of the amount of time that you spend on specific sites. Notice any bad habit browsing trends? Then be quick to cut those websites loose.

Use a M.A.P

But not just any old M.A.P or ‘to-do’ software. This map is physical and interactive,,, and will be drawn out by you.

Draw the letters M, A, and P on a piece of paper. Draw one for the morning and one for the afternoon.

  • M stands for the task you must do before lunch (or the end of the day), no excuses! You will not allow yourself to do anything else until you reach that goal.
  • A is your advanced goal—work on a project that’s due further down the road.
  • P is a premium task, something that isn’t a priority but would be great to be getting on with. A and P are things you do today that will further your success tomorrow.

Get straight to the point

Stand up when you speak on the phone. Doing so will prevent you from sitting back and relaxing, which tends to put you in ‘chill with a buddy’ mode which leads to talking crap.

Put up a ‘Do not disturb’ sign

I think we all have that one colleague that can chitter-chatter forever when they get going, or they just like to have a good old gossip. This is how you deal with them,

Say two nice things

1. Hey, nice to see you
2. Can’t talk right now

Put up the ‘Do not disturb’ sign. Literally!

I’m quite a fan of making my day more productive in any which way I can. And it’s true what people say… 24 hours really isn’t enough. Use the above as a starter to being more productive and you will be a happier bodybuilder because of it.

See you in the comments.

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