10 Tips For Creating A Great Bodybuilding Mind

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Strong Mind = A Strong Body

I have mentioned that to you before, but today I’m going to give you 10 key pointers of how you can actually go about creating a strong mind for your weightlifting workouts

Don’t compare yourself to others

This is something that I have been really hands-on with this year. That is ‘not’ comparing your self to others! Humans seem to do this by nature and it is the wrong mind frame to have. You can see it everywhere. People comparing themselves to celebrities, those in the media and even their peers, although comparing your self to your peers can be a good thing (healthy competition at times). This would also prove beneficial when you have a gym partner too.

But by religiously comparing yourself to another person, you will never be able to focus on what YOU want, and more importantly… the best ways of going about what YOU need do in order to achieve what YOU want.

So do yourself a favour and stop watching or comparing yourselves to others when you workout. You don’t know what that individual had to do to achieve their results, and the chances are it will be completely different to what you have to do to get yours.

Discover your strengths and weaknesses through experience.

This is very important. Quite simply, you need to find out what exercises and body parts that you can build with ease, with your eyes closed and by hardly trying. Once you have identified those, focus on your weak body parts or exercises that you struggle with.

It doesn’t just have to be weight training strengths and weaknesses either. Look at your career and social life too. There may be some strengths and weaknesses there that you can apply to your weightlifting workouts.

Find an inspiration

This could be from anywhere. I tend to get inspiration from those within my network, those who may have achieved greater or different things than I have and give me something to strive for. But don’t get this confused with comparing with others. This is simply seeing that great things can be achieved once the mind is good and the focus is right. Take a step back and look at the things going on in your day-to-day life. Find YOUR inspiration!

Set a specific goal.

I talk about goals endlessly on this site.


Because if you set a goal then you know you have a set time limit to complete it. Lets see how determined you are once you take that date away. Do you want a 6 Pac? Then give yourself 3 months to achieve it. Trust me, you will do what is necessary once you do.

Create a plan that you can stick with

You have to set a realistic plan that you know you can stick with for a set time period. That will also allow you to track your progress, give you pointers and what you need to tweak.

Get educated on your body and your emotions

Learn how your body and mind work. Only then will you be in full control and can then easily handle situations such as

  • Having days when you feel low.
  • Overcoming those small injuries.
  • How to overcome small set backs and power on forward with the future.

Stay positive! Be consistent regardless of the struggle.

This coincides with what I just mentioned about having setbacks. They say that life is a beautiful struggle, and I too believe that. No struggle, no progress!

When shit starts to happen, just power walk through it. It probably won’t be an easy ride for the most part, but trust me; you will come through cleaner on the other side.

Dream big. Hope for something larger than yourself.

This is the basic rule for growth. You simply cannot grow without having this mind set. Just know that you will have to take baby steps in building your perfect body.

Rome wasn’t built in a day.

People succeed more by making small changes over time.

And many other mantras that I’m sure you’ve heard to back this rule up.

Track your progress

Earlier I told you to set a realistic plan, and as I mentioned, the outcome of that plan will allow you to track your progress, learn and tweak for better future results.

Control your mind!

When things heat up in your life, stay cool and don’t act all crazy. Some of you will handle this better than others. Just remember that you can always adapt regardless of what happens in any situation.

I once crashed my car, had the driver do a runner on me, while I was very dependant on having that car to carry out many things I had going on in my personal and business life. Time was of the essence. But I kept my cool and did not let that stop me in achieving my goals.

We’ve all been through a f**ked up situation or two, and there will probably be more to come. Just know that you need to stay in control, and more importantly, don’t let whatever happens get in the way of your weightlifting workouts.

Be a mentally strong bodybuilder.

How do you develop your mind for the better?

Got comments or questions? Go and see Mr comments section down below!

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