10 Reasons Men Need To Stop The Crash Diets

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Americans seem to be obsessed with the way they look. No matter which magazine you pick up while you are waiting in line at the grocery store, there will be some article teaching you how to do your hair a certain way, or how to dress a particular way. When you add it all up, however, it comes down to the magazines telling you how to look a particular way.

Moreover, it is not just magazines. It seems like all of the industries and companies have or have had an outward appearance agenda, trying to make all of the people in America look “perfect.”

One of the biggest image issues that people have is whether or not they are thin or skinny enough, and how much excess fat they carry on their bodies. Companies ostracize people who carry more extra weight than others, and preach that attractive people have little to no fat.

Most often we hear about women having eating disorders and going on these crash diets, or diets that dramatically change your eating habits in the hopes of losing weight extremely quickly. However, in reality, a large majority of the cases that go unnoticed are men.

Men are less likely to let on that they are struggling with something like their weight, but it is a common problem for men. Tremendous pressure is put on men to be strong, powerful, and to lack body fat.

Crash dieting is extremely dangerous, but it has become an avenue for men to lose weight quickly when they feel that they do not look as good as they should. Although it is something many men do without anyone noticing, there are many reasons why men need to stop with the crash diets.

1.    Grumpy

When you completely deprive your body of the nutrients and good tastes it is used to, it is hard to be in a good mood. Food is a natural emotional crutch for humans, and when we eat, it helps our body produce endorphins that keep us happy and in a good mood.

In addition, when the body does not have food to process, your blood sugar drops, and this is a common cause of terrible headaches and stomach pains throughout the day that will only make you unhappy.

2.    Only Temporary

Another problem with crash diets that few people realize is that crash diets are only temporary. Even if they do help you lose weight, the weight will only stay off so long as you do not eat.

Starving your body causes your body to assume that it will always be starved. As soon as your body gets food, it will store it as fat in order to prepare for being starved again.

3.    Heart Troubles

When your body is starved, it begins looking for nutrients from anywhere it can get them. One of those places is your heart. Your body will begin to eat at your heart for the nutrients it needs.

If crash dieting continues or is a habit, the dieter is far more likely to fall victim to heart attacks. Starvation puts a lot of pressure and stress on the heart muscles to keep your body working.

4.    Mostly Water

Crash diets almost always exclude carbohydrates, but carbohydrates are a big part of your body’s normal functions. For every gram of carbohydrate your body consumes, four grams of water are retained.

Therefore, cutting carbohydrates will make you look thinner, but that will only be because your body flushes all the water out of your system, leaving you dehydrated.

5.    Zero Energy

The only way your body can produce lasting, useable energy is by consuming and processing food. When you starve your body, it leaves you with no energy left.

A lack of energy can be felt as fatigue of the mind and general body, and it can also be felt in isolated limbs and muscles. Without food, you may notice that you cannot lift as much as usual or run for as long as you usually can.

6.    Yo-Yo

While you may think you are losing weight when you are crash dieting, you are really just experiencing in the yo-yo effect.

When your metabolism is working at normal speed, it burns the fat from the foods that you eat that is not turned into useable energy. However, when your metabolism realizes that your body is being starved, it slows down. This means that you are not burning fat at your average rate.

The mistake most crash dieters make is thinking that their body is not burning fat as usual. If you suspect that you have some metabolic problem, you should see your doctor immediately. Otherwise, your body can burn fat just fine with the help of your metabolism. The only thing you are doing by starving your body is halting your metabolism, causing you to gain weight in the long run.

7.    Long-term Depression

One of the most common groups of individuals reported having long-term depression is the same group that tends to have problems with eating disorders.

Not only are you usually in a bad mood when you cannot eat, but this bad attitude does nothing to help your image of yourself. There may be times when you marvel in the mirror at how skinny you look, but in the long run, crash diets will not help your self-image, and the problems you have will just come back, causing you to experience chronic depression because of how unhappy you are with the way your body looks.

8.    No More Muscles

When there are no nutrients for your body to feed off of, the first place your body goes looking for nutrients is in your storage. Some of the main storages your body maintains are your muscles.

When you do not eat and give your body the proper nutrition it needs, it eats away at your muscles, both because it needs the nutrients and also because it does not have the strength to keep them maintained. While you start out wanting to look lean and toned, you end up losing muscle mass.

9.    End Up Looking To Skinny

Even if you do end up losing weight, you’ll also lose all your muscle, and you’ll end up looking malnourished. Your bones will be sharp and pointing out of your skin, and that is no more attractive or healthy than being overweight.

10. There Are Better Ideas

Although healthier diets and workout routines may not work as quickly or be as easy as you may think crash diets can, they are far healthier, and far more efficient.

If you want to lose weight, do research and talk to your doctor about a healthy way to do so instead of hurting your body more in the long run by starving yourself.




Kate Stefanaski works as a nutritonist for a small private gym based out of Orlando. She helps people concerned with their health eat right and generally ensure they have everything they need to achieve their fitness goals. Others are just seeking to boost their energy levels, and where diet and exercise fails, sometimes low testosterone is to blame, and to resolve that problem she refers people to Rejuve Health. You can learn more about Kate on Google+.

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