5 Reasons Why You Need to Build a Strong Bodybuilding Network

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What’s a bodybuilding network?

Well, a short while back, I wrote a popular article called ’15 things Bodybuilders and Entrepreneurs Have in Common’… It turned out to be quite controversial (Wasn’t intended… maybe I’m one big controversy), but one thing I didn’t talk about was the importance of having a strong network. A network of people that you choose to associate with, who just happen to be just as good or even better than you are at what ever game you are trying to succeed in.

Why do you want to build a strong network?


# 1 Because you are only as good as the company that you keep!

So if you decide to associate with fat lazy bastards in your spare time, then their habits will likely rub off on you and you too will become a fat lazy bastard. If your current friends ARE fat lazy bastards, then ditch them and find some real muscle heads to ‘knock heads’ with. Doing so will have a serious positive impact on your bodybuilding lifestyle and achievements.

Troubles finding serious people?

Then feel free to join my network over on Bodyspace.


At least one person there will inspire you, other than myself of course ūüôā

# 2 We Naturally Compare With Others Close To Us

I’m not quite sure why this is, but us humans tend to have a habit of comparing ourselves with others, when in fact, we should only be comparing with ourselves. We are all individually unique in our own way.

Nevertheless, comparing is what we do. If you are going to compare yourself with anyone, then it might as well be against other great people. At least that way you can improve and develop the traits and mind set to be great throughout your body building life. Comparing yourself to crap will make you… well… crapper!

# 3 Find A Motivational Partner With Ease

Once you have a great network at your disposal, finding motivation and inspiration from others will be a breeze. No more searching around for someone to go to the gym with, or to seek sound advice from. Just jump on Google talk, Skype or what ever it is you use to communicate and shout! Its your trusted network. People will listen.

# 4 Rapid Learning

Mistakes will be made in almost anything that you pursue in this life. That includes bodybuilding too. Lack of knowledge is a key reason why you haven’t got the body that you wish you had. But the fact is, you can only learn so much by yourself. Your best bet is to learn from others. Learn how they,

  • Avoided injury
  • Overcame hurdles (Mental and Physical)
  • Busted through plateaus
  • Made the bodybuilding lifestyle work for them.

I mentioned earlier that we are all unique in our own special way, so the information you take away from your network should be used and incorporated into your own bodybuilding lifestyle plans. Only you can make something well work for you. No one else.

# 5 Be Introduced To Even More Powerful Peers

This is that whole 6 degrees of separation thing. It just takes ONE great connection in your network to be able to be introduced to the people that you would like to meet. And once you become connected with these folks, you too will be perceived as great by their peers. It’s a case of being guilty by association.

However, perception of greatness isn’t what’s important here. It’s all about the doors this can open up for you, inside and outside of bodybuilding. We are all human beings and we mostly do and want the same things.

  • Good Health
  • Good fun
  • Build families
  • Find happiness

Amongst that sea of needs and wants is a network (6 degrees of separation). A network where each and every person has the power to give someone one of the above, and the ability to receive one of the above too. There WILL be something that you can give to someone in that network. No doubt about that! But it’s all about what you can give. You have to give to receive. The more you give, the more you get back. That’s just the way the world works.

Once you do begin to receive, your lifestyle inside of bodybuilding will change for the better. But even more important than that is how your lifestyle will change outside of bodybuilding. None of us are bodybuilding robots. We don’t turn off our personal on-goings the moment we enter the bodybuilding zone. Life and bodybuilding merges as one, just like everything else, such as the relationships with colleagues you work with in your profession.

Once your bodybuilding life does merge with your personal life, you’ll find that good health, good fun, good family and happiness just happens. When it does, just remember who told you to go out there’ and build a strong network.

See you in the comments.

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BUGS BEST OF: February 2010

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It’s been a while since I’ve done a bugs best of. The time where I rap up the most popular posts for the month. Well… like this classic song from Moloko I’m bringing it back, sing it back to me….

BUGS BEST OF: February 2010

Shock Body Exercise Variations

Shock Bodybuilding Preparation

The Most Important Bodybuilding Supplement… EVER!

The Only Exercise That Will Truly Test Your Strength

Why You Should Get Your Girl To Be A ‚ÄėSexy‚Äô Bodybuilder

15 Things Successful Bodybuilders And Successful Entrepreneurs Have In Common

Until next month… Bugs out!

The Most Innovative And Dangerous Bodybuilding Exercise… Ever

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When I wrote ‘this post‘, I stated that running up hills is one of the best high intensity training techniques that you can do for your cardio workouts, which is true. But I’ve found something better. This technique really will separate the men from the boys in more ways than one. It is something that I used to do back my college days, and I can vouch for it’s effectiveness. I call it…


Now, I know you have all used an escalator before, and I know you have all tried to run up the ‘down’ escalator at least once in your life, so you know how much of a challenge that can be. But this is a whole different ball game. You will use these escalators to perform high intensity training at least once a week.

Now let me be your introductory guide for this unique exercise

#1 Finding An Escalator

The first thing you will need to do is find an escalator in an isolated location. You will want to avoid injuring members of the public. That could lead to all kinds of complications. The best place that I know of is underground railway stations. They always open very early and close very late, so there will be plenty of time to choose your run time. Another idea would be to choose the station at the end of the line. Those will always be empty.

#2 Reps And Sets

Before you begin to understand how many reps and sets you will do, you will first have to nail the process for progression.

– Start small by running down the escalator by 5-6 steps
– Turn around and run back to the top

Then all you do is increase the number of steps you run down as you begin to progress. After that it’s entirely up to you how you wish to break up your sets.

#3 You Could Get Into Trouble

This will happen, more likely then not. That’s where we will find out if you are a man, or just a boy. Will you take that risk? Will you reap the rewards of this exercise? That’s down to you. But if you really are a man, then no one will get in your way. Developing and using some charm, charisma and schickt will get you a long way.

#4 It Will Be Fun And Liberating

If your workouts (or life in general) are lacking some excitement in them, then you can guarantee that this will put the fun back into it. Performing this exercise in these locations will make you feel like a big bad kid again and liberated is how you will feel. If you are lucky you may even find yourself on youtube.com. However, if you become an internet superstar from the whole escalator ordeal, just make sure you link back to stayfitbug.com and give me credit for it. ūüėČ

Nevertheless, if you do grow some balls and attempt this exercise, you can be sure that it will test you to the max. And again, in more ways then one.

See you in the comments.

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How Bodybuilding Will Help You Get Over Your ‘X’ Partner

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If you are past your teen years, it is very likely that you have suffered a heart break or two. If so, then you will know how sh*t you will feel afterwards, especially if you were the one that got dumped. That will often lead you to feel empty inside, lead you to over eat, not take care of your self and curl up into a corner and cry.

However, things aren’t so bad in the world of fitness and bodybuilding. Whether you are just starting out or a seasoned pro in the gym, here are some ways that body building will help you get over that b***t of a girlfriend/ boyfriend.

Countries like the USA are built on confidence and confidence is a trait of most successful people. If you are succeeding in the gym, then confidence will likely be one of your traits too.

Yes, you will naturally feel down about the relationship break up, but being a confident bodybuilder will help you get over that pretty quickly because fitness and confidence together will naturally make you feel good about yourself. If you are feeling good about yourself most of the time, then you won’t be spending much time worrying about why ‘Mr/Miss damaged goods’ broke up with you. But what you will start to think is,

‘Is that person stupid…? Breaking up with ME!!’

And soon enough they may just start calling you back. Too late for that, you’ve moved on.

Be Social

As I mentioned back in ‘Finding love at the gym‘, the gym is one of the top places where you’ll find love. If not that, then you definitely find yourself many date potentials. The more¬†you see and interact with those individuals, the sooner you’ll forget about that a*hole of a boyfriend/ girlfriend and wonder why you was with them in the first place.

This is cliché, but when one door closes, it leaves room for another to open, so speed up that process and be social.

Get Your Mind Active

As a¬†stayfitbug.com reader, you’ll know by now how much I push to be dedicated and disciplined to get your body to be where you need it to be. One key part of being disciplined in bodybuilding is to learn how to control your diet. So that means cutting back on certain foods and not submitting to temptation, which will require you to keep your mind active on something other than the prior.

This mind set of cutting something out of your life is what you will need to do with your ‚ÄėNow X Partner‚Äô. Yes… you will already be on the right track from being confident and social, but to add to that, get rid of reminders of them.

Get rid of their:-

  • Clothes
  • Phone Numbers
  • Smell in your house

Everything! You’ve now moved on


I have talked about the personal trait of being goal driven before, and I always will, as you often need to be reminded of what your goals are. As a bodybuilder, a goal driven mind set is what you’ll need to have to succeed, and when you do begin to focus on this mind set, you will not want to waste time on things you cannot change. Shit will happen, and when it does, you learn to let go of the past and move on.

This is the mindset that will help you forget about your X partner all so easily.

If you haven’t had your heart broken yet, I can guarantee that it will happen sometime in your future. But instead of becoming a victim of the inevitable (Curling up into a corner and crying) you will spend more time in the gym following the guidance listed above.

When you do move on and become a better new and improved person, just know that you will be getting phone calls from the ‚ÄėX‚Äô. What happens at that moment is up to you.

What did you do when you broke up with your X partner?

Did you curl up into a ball and cry?

Did you spend more time at the gym?

Did it affect your workouts?

Let me know in the comments.

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Shock Body Exercise Variations (Part 3)

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Well, I did promise you all a part 3, and both of the techniques I am about to describe will shock your body for sure. However, you are going to have to wait until part 4 until I show you the real body shockers. All good things come to those who wait. Muahahahaaaa ūüėČ

And now for the body shockers.

Drop Sets

What is a drop set?

The formula

1. Start with (X amount) of weight

2. Perform as many reps as you can (Till failure)

3. Strip off some of the weight, then perform another set (Till failure)

4. Continue until your muscle dies… literally

‘Damn Shaun, that looks painful’

Well, that’s the whole point. It’s supposed to be painful… and it is!

I do have to warn you though, if you don’t have the mental or physical strength to perform the above, then this exercise WILL send you crying home to mommy. If you are up for the challenge, then make sure you find yourself a spotter before even trying to attempt this.

Here are some exercises which I have performed using drop sets.

  • Bench Press
  • Squats
  • Leg Extensions
  • Leg Curls
  • Bicep Curls
  • Tricep Extensions
  • Dips

Forced Reps

This is basically the principal that I have been preaching to everyone who asks the question,

‘How can I build muscle faster’

We all know there is no quick magic solution and for the most part your routines will consist of a lot of trial and error. But if you use the following technique, a few months from now you will find yourself in the ‘awesome gains’ territory.

What you need

  • A spotter
  • Supreme dedication

How to force rep

Exercise for examples sake: bench press

  • You can lift 100kg at 6 reps to failure
  • Get your spotter ready and push that to 8-10 reps to failure.
  • If you are able to manage that, then it’s time to increase the weight a little. Lets say 110kg
  • You’ll probably manage to lift 6-8 reps at this weight (Still using your spotter)
  • Now if you manage to keep this up, you may soon find that you are able to lift up to 125kg at 6 reps.

At this point you would have achieved the goal of the forced rep. Which is to increase your strength AND to be able to lift heavier weights quicker… WITHOUT a spotter. But more importantly you will no longer be asking the question,

‘How can I build muscle faster’

Because you will already be on your way to doing so.

See you in the comments.

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Build Muscle With White Powder

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In the winter months you will probably workout less… unless you are a barbarian of course. Some of you are dedicated and you will probably stick it out during these months. But the real test is if you will still go to the gym when it snows.

Are you going to be a coward and run inside like a little girl?

Or are you going to stick it out like a barbarian ice warrior?

If your answer is the later, then read on. ¬†I’ll share with you some innovative ways that you can build muscle when it snows while having fun at the same time. ūüôā

Grab a Shovel

When you wake up in the morning and see that the white cold powder has covered your entire local world, you will probably have to grab a shovel.  In general this is mundane and boring. But today it is not.

When you grab that shovel you will now change your mind set, put your barbarian hat on and speak out loud.

‘It is now time to workout out’

Get a friend or family member to join you too. ¬†There’s¬†nothing like the feeling you get from completing a task to satisfaction from great team work.

This will help you build great functional strength for your wrists, forearms and most other parts of your body. But don’t get too excited though. Make sure you shovel and lift properly; otherwise you might just cause an injury.

If you are trying loose fat then this is great for burning calories too. ¬†Shovelling snow can help you burn up to a massive 300-500 calories within an hour, as long as you go at it like a barbarian. ūüôā

During all of this, feel free to break the rules a little. ¬†Take a break and have a…

Snow fight

Some people might say that snow fights are for kids. Well I say that you should never grow up, be a kid at heart and start building and throwing those snow balls.  Build some huge balls and build some snow men too. Those balls will eventually get heavy and you will start to feel the exhaustion after a while.

This will prove to be a great strength workout for both you and your family. Although it will tire you out, you will definitely feel the fun factor.

To end a good session get back indoors, relax your feet and sip on some hot chocolate, which also acts as a great antioxidant.

Skiing and Snowboarding

I am a HUGE fan of snowboarding and have always followed winter X games since my pre-teens. Although both snowboarding and skiing can be great fun for yourself and/or family, the sport can also provide a great whole body workout.

As you speed down the hill, your core will be worked from trying to balance your body as you shift from side to side.

Your arms and legs will be worked when you increase your speed.

So if you are spending any time away from the gym and decide to go on one of these ski trips, just know that your body won’t be missing a thing. In fact, such a trip could help you awaken some muscles that you never know you had.

Go for a walk

Walking is a low intensity workout, but walking in thick snow will be even more strenuous.  But this is more about taking a stroll and enjoying the scenery. Admiring the view and feel of the atmosphere after it has snowed is always something to behold.

This is all about innovative ‘fun’ ways to build muscle. So do not force yourself to do these activities in any specific order. Just do as you please. Either way, they will all be a great way to keep your body active while you take a day off from the gym, which will probably be closed due to the snow any how.

Will you playing in the snow this winter?

See you in the comments.

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Shock Bodybuilding Preparation

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In recent weeks I’ve presented various ways in which you can go about exploding muscles to look like this guy,

Well, you probably won’t get as big as him… he is a super hero after all. However, before you even decide on trying to take your muscles to the next level, you will¬† have to put some things in place before doing so. You will need to prepare!

Fail to plan… then plan to fail.

Cliche yes! But the fact still remains.

That is why I’m going to start you on a journey of how you can prepare for the exercise techniques that you have become aware of in recent weeks. Somethings you may already be doing, somethings you may not. What ever the case is, I’m going to set some guidelines for you to follow. You can fill in your own gaps.

Protect Your Hands

Prevent Calluses

Unless you want to be Mr crocodile hands, then you will take the time out to protect your hands. It’s not cool to shake peoples hands, while unintentionally yet unavoidably scaring them with yours. It’s not cool to stroke your hands over your girlfriends smooth skinned body, that she has taken time to perfect just to feel your crocodile roughness. But more importantly it is not cool bash your hands up.


Doing so will

  • Decrease your ability to grip raw metal bars well
  • Decrease the number of reps that you can perform
  • Give you calluses and blisters
  • Cause unnecessary pain

Once you suffer from all of the above, there is no way that you can take your bodybuilding to the next level. Shock body exercises simply will not work for you.

Some guys may act all macho and act like this doesn’t affect them. I say F**k ’em. Don’t follow those leaders. Whether you are a human brick or a budding hard gainer success story, your aim should be to maintain baby smooth Fairy Liquid hands.

How To Protect Your Hands


If you are on a budget then this is the way to go to protect your hands.

  • Grab two thick rubber bands
  • Two thick sponges
  • Tie a sponge to each hand with the rubber band
  • And you are good to go

This is really a temporary solution, but if you do decide to do this for the long term for what ever reason, then I would suggest to stack up on the sponges. They’ll fade away to nothing in no time, especially after a few washes.


I could have chosen any old pair of gloves, but from my own personal experiences, many of the gloves on the market are crap. You wear them, they tear apart easily and some don’t even help prevent callouses.

So I have chosen two pairs of gloves. Both have their pro’s and cons, but both are effective for their purpose.


The palm protectors

I call these the palm protectors because that is the stand out benefit that you will get when using these.

The Pro’s

  • Protects palms and fingers well
  • Keeps hands ventilated
  • Good grip on weightlifting equipment with rubber grips
  • Prevents germs
  • Nice on price


  • Wrist straps may get sweaty
  • Not enough padding
  • May be slippery when lifting cast iron free weights

Harbinger Training Grip Gloves

The padders

I’m calling these gloves padders because that is the key benefit of using these.


  • Good grip on weightlifting equipment without rubber grips
  • More durable than most gloves


  • Takes time to get used to the extra padding
  • Padding may get in the way when using weights/ machines with rubber grips

The End Results

Perform more reps without,

  • Grip fatigue
  • Calluses
  • Sore hands
  • Wrist ache

And no more picking up germs from others.

See you in the comments.

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6 Reasons You Don’t Workout

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Back when I first started this site. The first thing that you would have read, is this,

” Part of why i like to share my experiences and knowledge is due to the fact that most of the information people read is just that‚Ķ.FACTS! The thing about facts is that they often neglect the things that affect us in our everyday lives‚Ķsometimes unavoidable things such as unexpected injuries, illnesses, stress from work, stress from girlfriends, boyfriends‚Ķthe list goes on.”

This is the statement that will hold some truth in all of our lives at some point, but I have yet to talk about any of these in specific detail… until now. Yes, I have given you many tips regarding weightlifting routines, protein supplements, gym equipment to to use and other things. But I haven’t yet given you any stayfitbug.com pointers to overcome the hurdles which you will inevitably face regarding the things quoted in the above statement.

And i begin.

New relationships

We all know about that 3 month honeymoon period, and a great time it will be in any new relationship. However, after that time things may become a little stale and your relationship may face ups and downs with some challenges to face. All of which could stress you out. The key to maintaining a healthy relationship while maintaining muscle mass, is to keep things adventurous. The ‘adventure’ part of the activity will keep you fit. The ‘together ‘ part of it will keep your relationship alive.

My recommendation

Go mountain biking

The speed, sweat, and rhythm of the ride will function as foreplay to the day’s second workout.

You Face Injury

It is very easy to get into a negative mind set once you have faced a major injury. The initial thoughts you will have in your mind are pain and recovery. Once those thoughts take over, going back to your workout becomes an instant no go area.

My solution

Set a 6 month goal

Give yourself a goal to reach within 6 months, such as a mile swim that will take place in 6 months time. That way, when you do get injured, that goal will be a key reminder of why you need to recover, get back up and push ahead with your workout routine.

New Job

We all know what it’s like when starting a new job. That 10 week trial period is usually quite intense and will require complete focus, which means that you sacrifice most of the fun things in your life until you have settled in. That means you may have to sacrifice your workout time for a short period.

My solution

Identify the office athlete

By doing so, you can mimic their workout routine, see what works for them, then structure your own. The same routine but different. Then find ways to make it better

New Born Baby

Any new born baby in a family will require your utmost attention, and you shouldn’t sacrifice that. However, you will be doing yourself a favor if you manage to keep some sort of workout routine going, as you will need to be fighting fit once the real baby dramas kick in.

My solution

Cut your workout routine in half by doing shorter, more intense exercises. Or stick to supersets.

Moving house

I’ve done this a few times and I still say that this is one of the hardest and most stressful things a person can do. This will, without a doubt, put a strain on your weightlifting routine.

My Solution

Stay one step ahead. Checkout all of the running routes around the new area and sign up at one of the local gyms… before you move into your new place. Doing so will alert your subconcious mind, and your brain will stay in workout mode, regardless of your location.

You Take A Vacation

Going on holiday is actually a very good thing to do at least once or twice a year. This will allow you and your muscles to relax. You can stack up all of those meals you may have been missing back in the hustle/ bustle lifestyle, while cheating a little too :). However, when you get back home from vacation, you will not want to jump right back into your workout. Besides, you won’t have that hunger since you’ve slowed yourself right down.

My Solution

Ease yourself back into it. Cut your number of sets and reduce the weight you lift by 20 percent for a week before blasting back into your routine.

These are the key dilemmas I have faced during my time of working out in the gym over the years, and overcoming the challenges mentioned above aren’t always easy. But if you use my solution for each as a first step, you’ll be well on your way to living a less-stress free life… while maintaining a fit and healthy one too.

See you in the comments.

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15 Minute Workout For A Few Hours Pump

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For those of you that have been following for a while, you will know that I have been training since I was a fresh out of school athlete. Those days only lasted until 17-18 years old, but since then, I have met and learnt many new things from some very interesting people. One of those people was a security guard that I use to work with part time as when I was a university student.

I don’t have any pictures of this guy, but he was a worst case scenario hardgainer. I’ll repeat… a worst case scenario hardgainer! Which means he was skinny as shit!

But you would never have thought it by looking at him when I met him. He was HUGE!

At first I thought,

Ah, he’s taken something to get that big.

But one lunch time he invited me to the gym he worked at and showed me just how he worked out.

What did I find?

Complete surprise and utter shock!

That is,

Complete surprise and utter ‘muscular’ shock

You see, the workout regime he introduced to me at this time was where I really picked up the mantra,

The only way to train, is to train insane.


Because this workout was BRUTAL! I could have swore blind that this guy was ex-army or something of the sort after being shown this way of working out. Also known as,

The 15 minute Workout

You see, I know that most of you won’t train insane in most of your workouts (Losers!)

I was like that once too. But for you serious types, you may want to start thinking about performing the 15 minute workout every so often.

It really is that intense!

It didn’t take long for me to realize why that security guard got as big as he did, starting off from a frame that was much smaller than mine. It was because he was training insane… literally! No drugs or no other funny business. Just pure HARD WORK!

So when you think you are training hard, stop and pull this workout routine out of the hat.

If you pull it off without fainting… good! That means you’ve been training quite well. However, if this workout knocks you for six, start thinking about stepping out of 2nd gear for a change and go full throttle on your own ass.

Enough talk from the Bugmeister.

The 15 minute workout (Consists of exercises that produce the quickest results)

Exercise Reps

Bench press         10
Chin-ups               10

One minute rest

Bench press          8
Chin-ups                8

One minute rest

Bench press           6
Chin-ups                 6

One minute rest

Shoulder press      12
Rows                         12

One minute rest

Shoulder press     10
Rows                        10

One minute rest

Shoulder press      8
Row                            8

Now get a move on, you only have 15 minutes to go.

P.S The few hours pump part of the title is for those of you who feel like showing off on a hot summers day, but don’t have the time for a full 45-60 minute workout. Go get pumped!

See you in the comments.

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The Chisled Chest Workout Routine

May 1, 2010 by  
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I hope you are all enjoying the bank holiday weekend, where ever you happen to be located. This gives you plenty of time to rest OR workout. If you are going to spend time doing the later, then slip this chest workout routine into your programme.

The Target = Isolation and lower chest muscles

Decline Dumbbell Flyes

  • Sets: 3
  • Reps: 8-12
  • (Increase the weight after each set)

Bent Arm Barbell Pullovers

  • Sets: 3
  • Reps: 8-12
  • (Increase the weight after each set)

Machine Bench Press

  • Sets: 3
  • Reps: 8-12
  • (Increase the weight after each set)

Just an intense variation to add to your workouts.

See you in the comments.

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