How the Fitness Industry is Training Women to Look Like Smaller Versions of Men & … What You Can Do About It!

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I’m going to keep this short and sweet, because there is a video to watch after my little ramble here.

Now… that headline goes hand in hand with most of the video interviews I conducted with last year, with the likes of Miryah Jade Scott, Natalia Muntean, Kelly Rennie and others. Stay-Fit Bug does focus on the male reader first and foremost. However, the site also began to attract some female readers too. Most probably because of the related fitness ‘lifestyle’ topics that I have previously covered.

But over time I have come to learn that women want to look a certain way, and quite frankly screw their face up when they look at images of certain lady fitness pros.

These women who I have shown the images to don’t want the masculine 6 pacs and the overly ripped arms. They want to look like women ‘in shape’, and look like… well… women.

I haven’t really had the time to look into creating a product that solves that problem. But Rusty Moore has (Rusty is the author of the website and who I work with closely regarding web businesses and other aspects surrounding that).

Like I said, there’s a video to watch. So click the link below to get started to see what I’m talking about

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