Build Explosive Strength Like Serena Williams

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It’s old news that Serena Williams (and her sister) achievements are nothing short of incredible.

‘It’s ok Mrs Williams, we get the hint… you are great!’

But if there is one stand out thing that you will remember about Serena Williams 20 Years from now, it would be their ability to ‘BRING-IT’!

One of the ways they do this (Other than driving fear into into their opponents and scaring the shit out of them) is by serving their opponents with explosive strength. Ever since Serena Williams graced the scene, I always thought that she puts most men to shame in the strength and aggression department. Yet she manages to maintain her femininity. Heck, she could have had a mention in the ‘Sexy Women Bodybuilder‘ article. But she just isn’t a bodybuilder.

Nevertheless. Serena Williams Portrays one of the best examples of explosive strength. The type of explosiveness that you need to incorporate into your workouts.

A lot of people thought I was dissing P90X last week. I wasn’t! I was just highlighting what programs like P90X are missing. But today I am promoting it, because of their focus on muscle confusion aka shock body exercises (explosiveness). And it is the same kind of explosiveness that Serena Williams displays everytime she steps onto the tennis court.

‘But Shaun, she is performing at pro level. How can you possibly compare her to us?’

Yes, she is perfoming at competition level and you may never reach the heights that the Williams sisters do. But it’s all about being inspired. Inspiration is one of the key factors that will help you stick to your workouts.Inspiration gives you that super human boost from your mind to your body. We all have our heroes that we aspire to, but try to steer away from aspiring to non-fictional characters, like I do at times.

(Yes, I’m a big kid and that will probably never change (6))

A reminder to all… THEY ARE MADE UP! They are not real.

However, Serena Williams is 100% REAL, and although some of the things she does may seem super human and out of your reach, she can still be a very good source of inspiration on those days where motivation levels are ZERO.

Before I exit for the day, I’ll leave you with a video for some explosive inspiration.

See you in the comments.

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