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Learn how Dentist and WBFF fitness model Sara Solomon is making fitness fun via video blogging (vlogging)

The Sara Solomon resume

– Dentist (DMD)
– Physiotherapist (B.Sc PT)
– Personal trainer (ACE)
– SPINNING instructor (Mad Dog)
– Jump rope instructor (Buddy Lee)
– University and continuing education lecturer
– Published author
– WBFF Fitness Model/Competitor

Sara is indeed each one of those and we will learn more about her journey into each one of those roles in the interview below.

However, the reason why I got her over to Stay-Fit Bug wasn’t because of the attributes of her resume which you can see above… no!

The reason why I got her over here was because of her hilarious ability to make fitness (And the lifestyle) ‘FUN’ via her video blogging series (vlogging). Two of which you can watch after the interview below.

We also know that fitness fun is a core element of the Stay-Fit Bug message, so it was a no brainer scenario to invite Sara over. Nevertheless, today’s video interview turned out to be a fun filled affair. But I’ll let you be the judge of that.

The Full Program

About Sara Soloman

Sara is a dentist, physiotherapist, personal trainer, jump rope instructor and a recent WBFF fitness model/champion who now enlightens the fitness world via her video blogs (Again… two of which you can view below).

(Click the images to enlarge)

Sara the Dentist

(Warning: This image is not a representation of Sara the real life’ dentist. This image was taken for comedy purposes ONLY! But you already knew that… didn’t you ;))

Sara the fitness model

Photographer credits

  • Eva Simon
  • David Ford
  • Arthur Kwiatkowski
  • Jamie Watling
  • Christopher Wadsworth

Sara’s fitness video series

Connect with Sara

The articles mentioned in this interview

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Why You Need To Workout Like A Gymnast

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