Why You Need To Live Life Like A Rockstar

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… Every once in a while!

Why only once in a while?

Well, first things first. You won’t actually be living like a real Rockstar. Real Rockstars have to deal countless issues such as music managers that don’t have an ounce of talent to their being who just leech off those that do (The Rock Stars). Most Rockstars actually burn out and die a premature death.

Check the stats (It’s a little outdated *1997*, but it serves it purpose here)


  • Heart Attack 42
  • Drug Overdose 40
  • Misc.
  • Medical 37
  • Suicide 36
  • Auto/Cycle
  • Crash 35
  • Cancer 25
  • Airplane Crash 22
  • Unknown 21
  • Murdered 18
  • Alcohol 9
  • Accident 6
  • Drowned 5
  • Brain Tumor 4
  • AIDS 4
  • Poisoned 3
  • Leukemia 3
  • Electrocuted 3
  • Stroke 3
  • Fire 3
  • Choked 2

Total Deaths 321

321 deaths – Average age of Death – 36.9

This I do not promote!

Yes you do have some survivors that live on and live strong like artists such as

Bon Jovi


Mick Jagger

Paul McCartney

But then you have those that didn’t survive

Michael Jackson (R.I.P)

Rick Nelson (R.I.P)

But what I do promote is a certain aspect of a Rockers lifestyle. Lets look at some specifics

P90X has nothing on this

50+ shows in 90 days!

Now remember, you won’t actually be performing like a Rockstar per se. But if you travel around the world like that on a tour bus or a plane.. you will be worked! Do this every now and again throughout your fitness and bodybuilding life and I can assure you… you will always stay active well into your 70’s.


Because one of the key things you need to realize about the bodybuilding lifestyle, is that you need to,

1. Find something you love to do (Other than lifting weights)
2. Keep on introducing new things into your life.

Life will feel like a rebirth each time you do it. And it will be inevitable that you’ll find something new and interesting on those Rockstar style journeys.
This will do wonders for your metabolism

We all know that our metabolism slows with age. Even for a high metabolism type like myself. Traveling, hotel hopping, being built up and torn down along the way, will all play a great part in the role of increasing your metabolism.
You will stay young

We all know that the fitness lifestyle will help you look and stay young, as we found out in these posts…

5 Reasons Why The Bodybuilding Lifestyle Will Make Your Life Better

Video Interview With Belinda Benn (Fitness model/writer)
And as long as you do the above ‘in moderation’ you will stay young at heart. None of us will age the same on the outside as we do on the inside, but hey… ‘heart’ is all that matters. And that’s probably why some of the oldest rockers that are still doing it still get all the girls. Because the lifestyle kept them young at heart.

I don’t won’t to blabber on too much about  why you should live like a Rockstar (or at least this aspect of it). But do yourself a favor and adapt the above concept to your current lifestyle and become a bodybuilding Rockstar!

This is how I intend to live the next several decades. In fact, this is how I’ve lived for the past decade and I can tell you now…


Will you decide to live like a Rockstar in the present and the far beyond?

Let me know in the comments.

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