Crossing the Chasm

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Is actually the name of a popular book. Yet,
we can still relate the concept to the pull up exercise.
The concept of that single point in a journey where
you cross a major hurdle. By now, you would have
learned about the initial benefits of the basic pull up
exercise from previous emails and from the
Fit Bug Pull up program page.
But one of the key reasons why people give up on pull ups
or in fact anything that’s worth while, is because they give

up when the going gets tough.
However, that is only part of the reason. And we look more
into why that is here
READ ON HERE ===> Crossing the Chasm
To all our successes

Shaun and Team Fit Bug

The Importance of Exercise Progression

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It would seem pretty obvious that to perform at a high level of fitness, you would first need to start low and work yourself upwards to that desired level. However, many people still make the mistake of jumping in at the deep end, only to get burned while they’re at it. In terms of working out…. the end result being injury. Or even worse…DEATH! OK, death is a bit extreme. Nevertheless, it’s always good idea to create a foundation of basic to intermediate strength before jumping up to advanced. And that’s exactly what we talk about in this weeks edition of The (Wo)man and the bar.

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To all our fitness successes


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The #1 Pull ups Program For Those Who SUCK!

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Ok, so the pull ups program we began a few weeks back is going through a few changes. Why? Well, after listening to your feedback from the survey we recently sent out, we’ve decided to make the pull ups program videos FREE for all.

You can watch them…
Here <===
See you there.
To all our pull up progression successes

Shaun and Team Fit Bug

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The Fit Bug Pull ups Program

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Hi Fitbuggers

2-3 weeks ago we put up a page, letting you know that we’ll notify you when the time comes, to teach you how to really increase the number of
pull ups that you can currently perform.
That time is now.
Here’s how it works

Committed to your success,

Shaun and Team Fit Bug


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The #1 Reason People Suck At Pull-ups

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Hello Fitbuggers!

After last weeks strong response (over on our Facebook page) with the need to learn how to become better at performing pull ups. We’ve decided that  we’re going to do just that… Show those in question just how to become better at performing pull ups. After all, they are arguably the best exercise for helping you build a truly superior back! Amongst other things…

I guess this coincides with what we notice in various gyms that we have trained in over the years, where we always see a lack of attention to the pull up bar. And this just should not be!

So… if you too are one of those individuals that currently suck at performing pull ups, or simply want to improve your current performance to levels that you may have previously thought not possible, then be sure to head over to our pull ups guide page.

Here ===>

It doesn’t really matter what stage you are currently at. We’ve been to the top of the chain (In terms of pull up strength progression), back to the bottom, and to the top again throughout our time in this fitness game. So if you’re a beginner or even a pro, we know what life is like at any stage in the pull ups journey. (I personally can perform 30 pull ups in one set!)

Here’s the page again ===>

To all of our continued motivation and fitness success

Talk soon



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