Interview with WBFF World Champion Obi Obadike

Learn how he made the transformation from a skinny fat ectomorph, to earning the title ‘The most ripped dude’ in the fitness industry


Photo credit: Noel Daganta

Ok Fitbuggers… you want to get ripped… right? Of course you do. And one person who has done a fantastic job of that is Obi Obadike. Who has earned the title ‘The most ripped dude’ in the fitness industry. And today, he will reveal just how he did it.

About Obi Obadike

Photo credit: Noel Daganta

Obi Obadike is Fitness competitor, writer and Muscle Pharm sponsored athlete who has also been featured on the front cover of magazines such as Ultimate Fitness, Iron Pinoy and others

The Interview

Stay-Fit Bug: One of the most recently discussed topics here is the challenge to build muscle (which requires carbs) and keep the body fat percentage down at the same time. One of the key reasons why I wanted to interview you was because of your excellent display of muscle definition and display of very little body fat, which has earned you the title of ‘The most ripped dude in the industry” How have you managed to achieve this?

Obi Obadike: Well the reason why I am able to stay lean all year round is because I don’t consume as many calories as the average person in our society. My daily caloric intake doesn’t exceed 2,200 calories and also when I weight-training it is a high intensity super-setting circuit training routine which helps to burn calories while training anaerobically. And also my cardio is very high impact and consists of high interval training. It doesn’t exceed 25 minutes and it consists of sprinting, plyometrics and high interval 3 mile runs. When you combine my training routine, my diet routine and the consistency I display in doing all of these things collectively then it is very easy for me to stay lean all year round.

Stay-Fit Bug: What special dieting tips would you give to those who are struggling to keep their body fat percentage down?

Obi Obadike: The Diet tips are following a high protein, low carb to low fat diet. I would advise the person that is dieting to follow a diet that is about 10 to 12 calories per day and this is a low calorie diet. Some good fat burning foods are brown rice, oatmeal, egg whites, asparagus, and sweet potatoes.

Stay-Fit Bug: Let’s talk about injuries. Have you been injured before, as a result of what you have done in the gym? If so, how did you overcome those injuries and what advice would you give to those who have suffered from weightlifting related injuries?

Obi Obadike: I been very fortunate. I’ve never had a serious injury when weight-training. The only injuries I’ve had was when I competing as a sprinter in college. I had a lot of serious hamstring injuries that prevented from competing as the next level. The best way to prevent injuries is listening to your body. If your body is really sore then it is telling you that your body needs to rest and take time off. Listening to your body is so integral in preventing injuries.

Stay-Fit Bug: Intense training is a must if one want’s to build ‘ripped’ muscle, like you have. What I like to call training insane! Are there any killer intense (And current) training routines you can share with us? A routine that will shock the hell out of our muscles?

Obi Obadike: A killer routine would be performing squats, triceps and abs in a circuit training routine. Example would be one set of squats to one set of dips to one set of abs and performing this until you perform 4 sets for each exercise. If you perform this routine without resting it will totally exhaust your body and give you a killer incredible workout.

Stay-Fit Bug: What ‘new’ equipment (If any) do you use in your workouts?

Obi Obadike: There is nothing new about the equipment I used to train but I do perform my squats with a smith machine and there are theories out there that smith machine training can really hurt your back and your knees but I find it very useful to me because this equipment is more balanced and controlled when performing this smith machine.

Stay-Fit Bug: Support plays a huge part in terms of trying to achieve anything that can take you to places that are higher than your current self. Did you get any negative responses from friends or family members when you decided to take up fitness and bodybuilding? Or were they supportive?
Obi Obadike: Most of my family is supportive but I do have one family member that seems to have an issue with me being the industry. It is sad when you have a family member that doesn’t understand what you do and how many people you impact in a positive way in regards to fitness. I think outsiders can take what we do as total vanity and self-absorption that is if they don’t understand the message that you trying to send to your audience and fans. I think in life you can’t please everybody even your own family members unfortunately. My whole goal is through fitness modeling and through my articles to spread the word of health and fitness all over the world.

Stay-Fit Bug: Do you take up any other ‘fun’ activities to keep yourself fit and active?

Obi Obadike: I love watching sports and I love going to the movies as that is very relaxing for me.  I also enjoy travelling abroad internationally which is very enjoyable to me when I get the opportunity to meet new people from different cultures.

Stay-Fit Bug: How have you changed internally, mentally and emotionally since entering the world of fitness and bodybuilding?

Obi Obadike: I believe I have changed so much as a person being in the fitness industry. It has allowed me to care more about people and it has allowed me to want help as many people as I can in regards to their health and fitness needs. My whole goal through fitness is to inspire, motivate and educate as many people as I can through this journey of fitness.

Stay-Fit Bug: What’s the next step for Obi Obadike? What are your short term/ long term goals?
Obi Obadike: My short term goal is to defend my WBFF Pro male Fitness Model World title successfully on Aug 27th at the 2011 WBFF World Championships. My long term goal is to hopefully host or co-host my own fitness tv show. I have big aspirations of wanting to host my own TV show and I’ve shot a couple of pilots are ready so I am waiting for one of those pilots to go through.

Stay-Fit Bug: You’ve recently launched your new fat loss product (Accelerate Your Fat Loss) recently. Tell us a bit about it and how it came about?

Accelerate Your Fat Loss is a fat loss system I created because I was struggling to find out the formula how to get ripped and lean quickly. I used to spend hours and hours in the gym and I would wonder why I wasn’t able to attain my fitness goals. I developed a formula called thermodymology that is a about training with high intensity and minimal rest by cutting your gym time by over 60 percent. This formula was created because I needed to figure how I can avoid spending more than 2 hours in the gym but still stay ripped.
I’ve used this system on many clients all over the world and everybody has dropped unwanted fat within a rapid rate. After using this system on myself and others I decided to make this system available to help people that are struggling with losing body-fat. Accelerate Your Fat Loss system is a complete fat loss system with customized meals plans, supplement guide, training manual, training plans, checklist and over 80 minutes of workout fat loss videos as well as many other things. It is a fat loss system that is very affordable to just about anybody that lives in any part of the world. It will help men and women lose weight fast at a rapid rate without spending their whole day in the gym. What I love about the system that it is specifically designed to cut your gym and exercise time by over 60 percent which is what many people that go to the gym would love to hear. If anybody is interested in hearing more information about accelerate your fat loss please go to

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