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Mens workout tips

So far on i have mainly talked about what the site title states, ‘Fitness tips from real experiences’ and muscle building/maintaining techniques. Every several posts i would talk about weight loss methods with posts such as, (increase metabolism). Weight loss methods is not my key expertise, but this week i found a site that covers this pretty well.

Fatman Unleashed

The owner ‘Israel Lagares‘ is fighting the battle of losing weight, unlike myself, who is fighting the battle of gaining weight. He definitely presents what i value the most, ‘real life experience’ in regards to losing weight, and he has a great looking site to go with it. One of the great things on the site is the how-to videos. The videos are real, performed in real environments and average around 7-8 minutes per watch. That’s a short enough time to give the Wii Fit a break.. surely 🙂 . Video is always a great medium to get a message across to an audience, and it is much easier to communicate than a written article, especially for how-to articles.

Achieving results whether you are losing or gaining weight is never easy. But from my own experience, losing weight does seem to be slightly harder than gaining it, which is something i talked about in a previous post (Thin boned, Big boned).

If you are trying to lose weight and are looking for a source that covers the topic well, then give a visit as there are plenty of articles to follow that will help you achieve your results such as:

Burpee challenges

Michael Vick workout routines

Weight loss charts to use

Product and Food reviews

and more.

So go and give them a visit. Bugs out!

Note: This is a sponsored review. If you wish to order a review you may do so here and contact me at [email protected]

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Muscle Growth Has Stopped! I Want My Pump Back! What to do?

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Without a doubt, this is possibly the most frustrating thing that will happen to all of us muscle heads.

  1. The first few months of working out = explosive growth
  2. The next few months after that = maintenance
  3. Then… muscle growth comes to a halt

This has happened to me a few times, and when I look in the mirror, it simply makes me want to cry :'( . Sometimes it may even be worse and muscles might even shrink. The worse thing about this is that I have seen guys who’ve trained three days a week and never noticed that they’ve had five months of no progress whatsoever!

But not to worry, you are on and when you are, you can expect to find a solution to your problem. The main problem here is that you would have overworked your muscles for this to have happened, but here’s what you can do to fix it.

Alternate exercises

I’ve talked about this endlessly throughout various previous posts. Over working any muscle group will actually make them sore, and can cause them to shrink. But the good thing about this plateau that you hit is that it will be short lived, and the slowdown in progress will likely show up in one or two exercises out of an entire workout, giving you time to act. The key thing here is to make adjustments in your training before full-blown stagnation sets in.

Doing to many standing tricep pull downs? Switch it up and focus on bench dips. An even better thing to do may be to leave that muscle group alone for a few days.

Take time off

When you are ‘In the zone’ when working out, this may seem like a painful thing to do, and your reaction would be something like,

‘WHAT! Stop working out? I’m going to shrink dammit’.

Yes you will shrink… if you carry on working out that is. By simply not lifting weights for a few weeks, you allow your body to fully recover… and add new muscle growth that you’ve already stimulated, so you can return to the gym and resume training effectively.

72 hour breaks instead of 48-hour breaks

When you first begin to workout, you will probably be working out 3-4 times a week, and right fully so, as you will be in the early stages of building up muscle mass. But as you begin to grow and become stronger, your workouts will need to be spaced further apart. This is essential for further muscle growth to occur and it will prevent you from falling into the same trap again.

Do heavy leg training

By far, the best exercise you can do to increase your body’s anabolic activity is heavy leg presses. Surprised I didn’t say squats? Squats are a great all-around exercise but they are limited by how much weight you can comfortably support on your shoulders. Many people I work with do 3,000-pound leg presses. Accounting for the 45-degree angle of most leg presses, that’s equivalent to a 2,100-pound squat, something that not many people do!

The legs contain the largest muscles in the human body and when those muscles are forced to operate at the limits of their capacity, the systemic anabolic effect spills into every muscle group in the body. And now to surprise you

Heavy leg training gives you bigger arms!

Might seem strange, but is very true.

The next time you hit a plateau and your muscles stop growing, follow these tips and you will be back on track to putting on those much wanted gains.

See you in the comments

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How to increase your metabolism – The Exercises

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It’s been a while since I posted about how to increase your metabolism, and since then I have had conversations with many. It seems to be one of the hottest on going topics in health and fitness, and there doesn’t seem to be one killer answer to the question either. So for the sake of those who ask and for anyone else who is facing this problem, these are a few exercises you can include into your fitness program along with the 13 ways to increase your metabolism.


Complete as many exercises as you can of each one within 15 minutes. Take a 1-2 minute break in-between each set

Dumbbell Split Squat

Dumbbell Split Squat

  • Grab a pair of dumbbells with your arms hanging at your sides.
  • Stand in a staggered stance.
  • Put your right foot in front of your left.
  • Keep your torso upright and lower your body until your front thigh is parallel to the floor.
  • Raise yourself back up into the staggered stance.
  • Max out to 8-10 reps
  • Switch legs and repeat.

Allow the heel of your rear foot to raise off floor during descent so that the weight is transferred to your forefoot. Your knees should also point in the same direction as your feet throughout movement.

Cross-Body Mountain Climber

This exercise will work your abs muscles and should be performed at high speeds for maximum results.

  • Assume a push up position.
  • Your body should form a straight line from your head to your heels.
  • Tense your abs! You will have to hold them that way throughout the entire exercise.
  • Pull your left knee as close as you can to your right shoulder, without allowing your hips to sag.
  • Return to the starting position and repeat, this time raising your right knee toward your left shoulder.
  • Do 10 reps

If that gets a bit easy, do it on higher ground. That should test you.

Chin-up with Knee up

Pull up Knee upChinup-Kneeup

This exercise can be quite brutal at first, but once your strength increases you will be on your way to staying eternally ripped.

  • Grab a chin-up bar with your palms facing your body.
  • Do a pull-up so your chest reaches the bar, while also raising your knees to your chest. Slowly lower your body and return to the start.
  • If you can’t complete a chin-up, simply raise your knees while hanging from the bar.
  • Do 10 reps (or to failure)

All three of these exercises are bodyweight exercises and will work every part of your body. Working all parts of your body with compound exercises is an essential ingredient to maintaining overall fitness, but this is just the beginning. Stay tuned for more exercises and techniques that will boost your metabolism even further.

Just a quick tip: make sure you wear the right athletic footwear like New Balance shoes for better performance on your exercise routine.

What metabolism boosting techniques have worked for you so far?

See you in the comments.

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I have man boobs! How can i fix my chest?

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This has been an on going problem for me, ever since I built my body up for muscle mass. But guess what’s surprising? I have a mesomorph body type; I am in my 20’s, yet my chest is in danger of being classed as having man boobs.

I have yet to fix the problem entirely and I have since had ladies make jokes that I have an A-cup chest… something some ladies don’t even have! This can affect anyone from those who have built muscle to those who want to lose fat. So for all those who have this same problem, read on and together we can all build our chests to how they should really look on a man.

Watch your diet

In general, man boobs would usually exist on those individuals who have 30% body fat or more and their chest would look like this.

Fix Man boobs

Whenever this occurs, on almost any specific part of the body, there isn’t really any solid way to fix it apart from refocusing your diet. One will need to keep their saturated fat intake down. Tomorrow I will be posting ‘Killer foods for fitness (part 2)’. This will cover some of the best foods you can include in your diet to keep the fat off. If you are having real trouble you can always refer to ‘How to increase metabolism‘.

Once you have got your diet under control, you then want to get your body fat percentage down to at least 15% before you start to do any man boob fixing exercises.

What to avoid

If you are currently hitting the gym whether you trying to lose weight or gain muscle, it doesn’t really matter, man boobs are man boobs and you have to get rid of them. Maintaining a good diet is down to you, but in the gym, the one exercise that is regarded as the ‘manhood’ of all chest exercises is what you must avoid.



The classic flat or decline bench press exercise mainly focuses on the lower part of your chest (An area that you have already developed). By continuing to do this exercise you are only building up this area more. This will only hamper your efforts in fixing your man boobs and to build the perfect chest. What you need to focus on is,


This is the exercise that you want to put at the forefront of all your exercises at this man boob fixing stage. The incline bench press is the exercise that will give the support and structure for your upper chest. Here are the key incline bench press exercises that will work your upper chest.

  • Barbell incline bench press
  • Dumbbell incline bench press
  • Front dumbbell raises

Work your upper back

The key reason for adding upper back exercises to your workout is to create balance. Not only that, it will also,

  • Strengthen your ability to bench
  • Prevent shoulder problems
  • Improve your posture

And best of all, it will give your chest a great side view, making it look bigger!

Once you have finished with those, your chest will have gone from this,

Classic man boobs

To this

perfectronaldPerfect chest muscles
Building a perfectly shape chest isn’t always easy and like most things, it will take hard work and effort on your part. But once you have fixed those man boobs, the key thing is to then find a balance out and work with a variety of exercises to ensure you maintain the chest you have developed. Before I leave you, here is a routine to take away and follow AFTER you have fixed your man boobs.

This workout consists of more sets, more reps and will hit the chest from every angle and will give you the ultimate definition.

  • Barbell or dumbbell bench press (flat and incline) 3 sets of 3-5 reps
  • Dumbbell or cable fly’s 3 sets of 8-10 reps
  • Push-ups – 3 sets of 20-50 reps

Do you have man boobs? Have you managed to fix them?

See you in the comments

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The Importance Of Goal Setting When Working Out

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Setting workout goals

How often do you here these types of quotes from your peers?

‘ I’m so out of shape, I will lose weight and be real skinny someday’

‘ I hope I can build my body up one day, I am just so scrawny’

How often do you see these individuals succeed in their statements?
I probably know the answer, but I’ll let you answer that.

Then you may have peers that state quotes like,

‘ I’m so out of shape, I really need to get fit within the next 6 months for that wedding, I can’t have people seeing me look like this’

‘ Christmas was really good this year, but damn, I have put on some serious weight. I’m gonna be dancing at Rio carnival in 3 months time, this puppy fat has to go’

Now how often and how many of your peers do you know that follow that through? I’m guessing you know a lot that try and a few that succeed. (Sometimes continuously succeed)

The difference between both sets of individuals is that one was specific and detailed about what they wanted to achieve and set time limits in which to do so, while the other was vague, gave them self ‘an out’, and didn’t!

A goal without a time limit is no goal

The bottom line is that if you want to start achieving in your workouts, start setting time limits to achieve them by. Once a time limit is set, you have no choice but to take action and do what ever it takes for those actions to be translated into completed goals.

Questions I get asked all the time are,

‘ How long will it take till I get a 6 Pac’?
‘ How long until I lose weight’

If the human body were a processed computer with strict rules, those questions would have a valid answer. But we are not, and the answer is variable and dependable upon how hard you work and the energy you put in. And the answer to those questions would be,

‘What are your goals?’ and ‘Do you have a time limit to achieve them by?’

Setting goals and dates to complete them by

Realistically, the first few goals you set might fail; it could be due to reasons like,

– I didn’t eat right
– It was a half hearted attempt


It could be that you didn’t reach it because of self inflicted injury.


You might have nearly got there and done almost everything right, but still didn’t get there.



All of the things that you would have learned above would have taught you what did/ didn’t work, will allow you to analyze everything and lead to more frequent successful goal setting and achieving them when you do. All of it is failure, but it’s all necessary and for you to get into that process to start achieving.

If you do reach your work out goals, whether you are losing or gaining weight, and even before the time frame that you set, you will feel great!


Successful workout routine

You will feel great and on top of the world, and you will no doubt flaunt your body in front of any and everyone (rightfully so, you worked you’re a** off to get there). But don’t brag too much (unless you are the arrogant type that just knows they are better than everyone 😐 )

Be humble about it and focus on what you want to achieve next and be proud to boast about the failure aspect of the whole process (because we all know you faced hurdles and failed … right? 😉 )

We all know how difficult it can be to obtain optimum results when working out. But to give yourself a fighting chance in achieving them, start setting some goals already.

What goals have you set and how far did you get in achieving them?

See you in the comments.

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Working Out Affect My Tattoos? (Will it? To stretch or not)

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The answer to that question is yes! See you in the comments… Working Out Affect My Tattoos

Ok, now that would have been pretty boring. Let’s look deeper into it.

I have always thought that tattoos look great when done well, and when it is on the body of a toned or muscular person. I am yet to get a tattoo as of now, although I had always planned to get one. It could be that I just love my natural skin too much? Well… probably not.

The main reason I haven’t yet got one is because of this ridiculous fear that I’ll one day get loads of free time, eat tones of great food, get a dedicated personal trainer and start to develop monster size muscles! 😐

All of which will affect my tattoo if i get it before that happens.

In some way I do plan and hope that will actually happen (To an extent), but it probably won’t, as I’m more of a ‘maintain muscle’ type of guy.

Either way, If you decide to get a tattoo and you are certain that most of your life will evolve around fitness and exercise, then it would be a good idea to plan before hand what it is you want to do with your body in the long run. Yes, life can be unpredictable and plans will probably change due to issues regarding,

  • Change in metabolism
  • Pregnancy
  • Genetics

But you still need to have an initial plan. One good thing to do would be to analyze the last 5-10 years of your life and note any natural changes your body had faced. That will give you a rough idea of what to plan for and when to get a tattoo.

Will my tattoo stretch?

Working Out Affect My Tattoos

A general rule of tattooing is that if the underlying muscle gets bigger, the skin has to stretch to cover it. The tattoo is in the skin, therefore, it has to stretch as well. So yes, it will stretch. But lets look at some body types and the way it affects both.

Low metabolism types

If you have a tattoo and you are one those who come into this category, then overtime your tattoo is more likely to stretch as it is very likely that your body weight will fluctuate over the next 5-10 years. Realistically you cannot state a 5-10 year plan when you first get your tattoo, life just doesn’t work that way. But if you do notice it starting to look bad, all you need to do is get a ‘touch-up’ and it will be fine.

High metabolism types

If you decide that you are going to develop a body builder body within 1-2 years and know that you will follow through with that, then it’s a good idea to wait and see how your body develops. If you get impatient and get your tattoo before you do, your tattoo will stretch.  If so, again you can just get a ‘touch-up’. But that’s not too cool after a while.

Where not to get a tattoo?

stretch marks on shoulders

Area’s to avoid would be,

  • Lower back (for ladies)
  • Stretch mark areas

The reason why ladies should avoid getting a tattoo here is because of issues to do with pregnancy. The weight around this area is likely to change and when it does, so will your tattoo, so it’s a no go tattoo area.

If you’ve ever seen those guys that get tattoos early on in life, around the front shoulder areas and then start to workout, you will know that those lovely tattoos they once had don’t look so lovely any more!

Get a tattoo in a low affected area

If you are like me, have a ridiculous fear of getting a tattoo before becoming magically muscular, but want to get one, get one in a good tattoo area that is less likely to be affected by body weight changes. Key areas would be,

  • Upper back
  • Hands
  • Feet

If you do get one in these places, be warned, once you have one tattoo you will become an addict and want more. And if you have a plan outlined like I stated that you should, then you’ll probably change your plan and build your tattoo filled body regardless.

Consult with the artist

tattoo_artist drawing on muscle

Consult with a professional tattoo artist on the design and placement.

(There will be expectations of the ink spreading with age and changes in body size that will have to be accounted for to keep the tattoo distinguishable for life).

Design and placement is actually a big part of getting a good tattoo… something that flows with your muscles. Avoid designs that require white or yellow colours, as they are quick to fade and could require touch ups every five years or so.

To sum it up, if you want to get a tattoo, get one! Unless you have a drastic change in body weight and size, most of you won’t get big enough or loose enough weight for it to affect a tattoo. And of course, more tattoos designs for men are always welcome, if you want to show them.

Have your body weight changes affected your tattoos?

See you in the comments.

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How to increase your metabolism

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how to increase metabolism and build a lean body

As i mentioned in the last post. For all you low metabolism types out there, I really do have your best interests at heart. So…how can you become more like us high metabolism types? Well before you do anything change your mind set from ‘I’

Learn more about HCG weight loss diet.

to ‘I need to increase my metabolism’. Over the years I have always heard people say that ‘they need to lose weight’. This is wrong, and I would frequently have to correct these individuals and get them to say ‘I need to increase my metabolism. Why? Yes… you will lose weight, but without increasing your metabolism, you will put that weight straight back on!

So what are the benefits of increased metabolism?

– Lose weight and burn fat with less amount of activity
– Process food a lot quicker which prevents your body from having unwanted fats during workouts

Oh…us high metabolism types have it good 😀

However, as i have previously mentioned, there are many factors that affect the metabolism such as age, gender, weight, hormonal changes, diet, genetics and daily physical activities.

Ok, that’s great. But how can i actually do this and become like you skinny people?

Here’s How:

Build up lean body mass

Metabolism decreases with age. To improve metabolism and exercising is one way to offset this problem. Lean muscle burns calories and the more you have the more calories you burn, even while resting. The amount of muscle you have is a strong determinant to the ability to burn calories and fat. Doing cardio exercises can boost your metabolism rate, and doing resistance or weight training can help building muscle. Building muscle is one of the key ingredients in losing fat and it is more effective than any weight loss or diet plan. Besides doing the cardio exercises, you might first take some simple tasks as walking or going up and down stairs to burn off calories.

Eat breakfast daily

Many people do not eat breakfast (I still don’t understand how people can do this!). Most of them think that it might help in losing weight if they consume as less meals as possible a day. However, they don’t realize that breakfast is the most important meal of the day. Breakfast boosts your metabolism rate and provides energy for the day. Alternately, the metabolism decreases if you don’t eat breakfast or eat later in the day. Haven’t you noticed that those people who eat breakfast are thinner than those don’t?

Don’t skip meals

Skipping meals is a wrong concept to most people who want to lose weight. What they don’t realize is that skipping meals will only make your metabolism slower, making the food you eat digest slower. This in turn will pack on the fats and turn the excess energy to unwanted fat.

Have a well planned meal

It is much easier to lose weight if you have a daily or weekly meal plan. You may plan what, when, where, and serving size daily. Also, you might want to write down what you have eaten for every meal, and check whether it is as healthy as possible.

Have smaller portion meals

Consuming 4 to 6 meals a day every 2 to 4 hours can increase your metabolism rate. It also gives the body a steady supply of energy and prevent over eating. You should increase your intake of healthy meals rather than stuffing your face full of junk food!

Drink more water

Water is not only a lubricant of the body, it also flushes the body out and keeps the kidneys operating at maximum efficiency. Lack of water causes the operation of the body’s functions to decrease and lower the metabolism rate. You should drink at least 8 glasses of water a day.

Sleep well

Getting a good night’s sleep can boost the body’s operations and metabolism. According to some researches, it stated that people who do not get enough sleep tend to gain more weight. In addition, the body uses sleep to heal and muscles are regenerated.

Sugar is bad

Taking too much sugar might overload the body and cause many serious health problems such as obesity and diabetes. Sugar might transform into fat and stick onto your body if it is excess. The human body cannot deal with a large amount of refined sugar that maybe present in your meals.

Spicy food

Spicy food is a good friend to boost the metabolism rate and help losing weight because of its ingredients. Therefore, eating some spicy food is good for your body. (Nandos anyone? :P)

Green tea is good

As we all know, the Japanese have healthier body’s and live better than most of us over in the West. Drinking green tea is one of the key reasons behind that. Both green tea and coffee contain caffeine, however green tea can boost metabolism without any side effects to the body, and it can prevent oxidation to the skin.

Take higher energy foods including whole grain, beans, fruits, and vegetables

Taking these meals can provide more balanced energy to your body and assist with losing weight. It can also improve the process of digesting food.

Increase daily activities

Increasing your daily activities not only gives you a higher level metabolism rate, but also tend to burn more calories.

Reduce fat consumption

Increasing metabolism and losing fat is a simple equation. The fact is that you must always burn more fat than you take in, so let’s start by reducing fatty and oily food. You should also reduce your intake of sugar and carbohydrates.

By doing the above, it might improve your metabolism rate. If you stick to it you will start to see result within 3-4 week, and then you will truly be on your way to entering the world of the skinnys. Don’t stress over each little thing, but if you eat right and exercise, you should see a decrease in body fat. Most importantly you will have a healthier lifestyle and a much more energetic and happy YOU!

And of course, as we age, it’s better to be safe than sorry. Prevention rather than detection by taking up health insurance.

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10 Reasons to workout

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workout tips

Why do you work out? Might seem like a no brainer question to answer, but I do get asked this on the odd occasion. May be you should ask yourself this question too. Once you have, the answers should be something like this:

1. Better Sex

Exercise increases circulation, which helps with muscle endurance, strength and flexibility. It also helps prevent erectile dysfunction and impotence.

2. Less Stress

Exercise releases endorphins which make you feel happier and more relaxed

3. Fight Disease

Exercise helps fight cholesterol, heart disease and osteoporosis

4. Lose Weight

Exercising increases metabolism, which helps you lose weight and keep it off!

5. Better Immune System

Exercise strengthens the heart and lungs and slows down decay of the immune system, making for a healthier body

6. Better Sleep

Exercise creates a natural dip in body temperature 5-6 hours after working out, helping you fall asleep faster and have a deeper sleep.

7. Reduce Blood Pressure

Exercise not only reduces high blood pressure, it helps prevent it.

8. Prevents Cancer

Exercising regularly could help prevent colon and breast cancer.

9. Prevents Diabetes

Exercise reduces the risk for developing type 2 diabetes.

10. Longer Life Expectancy

Exercise prolongs life. People who exercise regularly live longer.

There you have it. The next time some one throws this ‘no brainer’ question your way, respond with your 10 reason arsenal. Better yet, show and prove it. Which ones you choose… I’ll let you decide 😉

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Muscle building from Fat, Muscle building from Bone

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Like most great things that are achieved…it will take time, hard work and perseverance (cliche i know! but still relevant). Building muscle, getting toned, ripped, cut or what ever you want to call it can be a thrilling, fulfilling and rewarding experience. And this applies to all types of people, Thin boned or Big boned! But the mistake i see people make is that they approach the cause in the same way. To get desired results you need to determine which body type you are first (Just look in the mirror, or down at your feet :|) and then build your workout routine around that body type. Below i will describe how you can achieve results for both body types.

Big boned

building a lean body

The most common ‘wrong approach’ to building muscle comes from people of this body type, especially guys. As mentioned in a previous post (Confidence), most people probably do workout to get results and then show off there newly chiseled bodies off to attract the opposite sex, and again…why not. It will boost your confidence which will increase your ability to build muscle . But big boned people tend to want to build muscle over the fat that they currently have. This will not work! What one has to do is:

1) Lose that unwanted fat FIRST

2) Get toned

3) Build muscle from your newly toned body

This makes perfect sense to most people. But the reality is, that people (mainly guys again – sorry gents!) will have excuses for not doing so, usually stemming from being scared of change or other personal attributes. The common things are.

1) I want results quickly (summers’ around the corner)

2) I’m not really fat, but i do want to get in shape.

I’m not really fat, but i like my current size.

I don’t want to look like a skinny guy.

The last statement is the most common. And it mainly comes from younger or inexperienced people. It is understandable for sure, and even though they know they may lose there current look for only a short period of time, it is still enough time to allow confidence levels to fall. And those thought processes are probably what leads to the ‘wrong approach’ mind set.

So remember:


Thin boned


Ok…you body types will have things a little easier than your Big boned counterparts. I should know, i started off this way! The problem here is completely reversed. Thin boned body type individuals tend to be slim, not because they don’t eat a lot of food (quite the opposite actually). It’s because they have a very high metabolism. This is both a gift and a curse because:

1) You can eat like a pig and care less about calories

2) Your wardrobe will be pretty consistent through out most of your life

3) But you can’t put on weight naturally and instead of worrying about calorie in-take you worry about staying off of that treadmill (Maintain)

What these body types need to do is structure their workout routines and daily meal schedules so that there workouts are as affective as can be (Muscle mass + Cardio). The key benefit of being this body type is that you are either already ‘ripped’, or you can get ‘ripped’ in a matter of weeks rather than months. But it will take months to build and maintain that muscle mass for sure. That is the hard part!

So remember:


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