5 Reasons Why The Bodybuilding Lifestyle Will Make Your Life Better

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Why, why, why do you do it?

(The words from an outsider looking in)

Well for some, the lifestyle can possibly become an unnecessary obsession. But it is highly unlikely in most cases.

We are all fitness freaks in this bodybuilding lifestyle and today I’m putting up a case in our defence for why we do what we do.

The 5 core reasons and benefits of bodybuilding and exercise.


#1 It Deals With Anger Management

The beauty and innocence of the ‘perfect’ life truly is over once you become a teenager, and life becomes even more eventful as the years go on. I always do state that you should try to retain that ‘kiddy’s’ mind frame as long as you can (Which is one way of keeping in touch with the young crowd as you age). But that is always easier said than done as life will take its toll, and everyone’s pain threshold is different.

Any how, my point is this…

  • Rocky Relationships
  • Bad friendships
  • Crappy work colleagues

All of these situations can make your blood boil to new heights and cause serious anger (For years after in some cases). But rest assured. You don’t need to attend any anger management classes. All you need is the gym.

A few screaming weightlifting workouts will be plenty to get that built up anger off of your chest. The best part about all of this is that you will be killing two birds with one stone.

1. No more anger (The initial anger may actually help you push more weight – here’s why)

2. You get to build a better body. Which will obviously make you feel great. Mentally and physically.

Win, win!!!

#2  You Will Look Like A Million Dollars

Pretty obvious one here, but becoming gym fit will make you stand out in a crowd. You will also become more attractive to your friends of the opposite sex. You might only be friends now, but you can bet a good dollar that they will be having thoughts of becoming than ‘just friends’.

The other big bonus to becoming gym fit, is that it will make you look younger. Regular exercise will slow down the ageing process for sure, and everyone hates getting and looking old, so this is a big one.

Tip for guys

Shave that beard off! It’s adding years to your life.

How ‘not’ to look?

Think I’m talking crap?

Well, here’s some examples of two fitness freaks that everyone knows (They’re over 40 too!)

  • LL Cool J
  • Tony Horton

Exercise will also improve the elasticity of your skin, which will give off better skin tone. But if you want to maintain it, then be sure to try out products from these guys

King of Shaves

Which literally turned the life of my skin around back in Winter 2008!

#3  The Bodybuilding Lifestyle Will Improve Your Day To Day Life

Key pointers:

Tolerate more pain

Exercise increases the level of endorphins in your body. Which acts as the bodies natural killer of pain.

Child birth will become a breeze (For the ladies)

If you stay fit, shooting out those babies will become less of a traumatic experience.

Ache no more

I’ve talked about the importance of stretching quite a lot on this site, but doing so will nullify those super aches that you tend to suffer from as you age. Especially back pain (Which can be brutal).

You will have super energy (Like me :))

I personally know a lot of people that are absolutely shattered after a day at work. But this should not be so. Especially for young people (50 and under). This will not happen once you become gym fit. You will be ready to do so much more in the evening hours which in turn gives you more time to get a lot more done in your day (obviously).

No more stress

Physical or emotional stress!


  • Rocky Relationships
  • Bad friendships
  • Crappy work colleagues

Will affect you no more!

No old peoples home for you

The majority of you here will be aged 60 and under. But for those who are creeping past the big SIX ZERO, get pumping now. You’ll turn into a Duracell battery and keep going like Mr Bruce Forsyth.

You will get beautiful sleep

Working your muscles, the insane way will help you sleep and you will have no choice but to relax in the late hour. It really is that simple. It gets even better when you start taking up (beneficial) non-bodybuilding activities such as meditation and yoga.

Your new alias is now Mr/ Mrs. stamina

Endurance will be fully improved. Once it is, the world is your oyster when it comes to doing what you want, for however long you wish to do it.

  • Sex
  • Partying
  • World cruises
  • Marathons

And much, much more. You decide!

Enter Mr strong man/ woman

I’ll be specific here and say functional strength. This is the strength that will help you with pushing, puling, lifting every day objects in your every day activities.

#4  The Bodybuilding Lifestyle Will Improve Your Life At Work

We know that exercise will increase your stamina and push you to get more out of your day. But it will also make the day at work more pleasant too.

Moment of Clarity

  • Exercise
  • Weightlifting
  • Cardio workouts
  • Meditation

All of these are super aids for clearing your head and improving your self actualization once this happens, you will actually start looking forward to the day ahead.

Equals mission accomplished = A happy lifestyle, all from bodybuilding!

You will have Improved self esteem

Countries like the USA are built on confidence. And this is what you will become. People feed directly off of it and they will respond to you in a positive manner. Once this happens the boss man will start shining the green light on you and you will be able to take on greater responsibilities and gain more respect from your co-workers.

#5  The Lifestyle Will Lower Your Blood Pressure

A high blood pressure is the starting point of potentially having a heart attack. You will literally be dead within minutes once pressure bust pipes. Regular exercise will prolong your life greatly. Here’s a visual example of why having a high blood pressure is dangerous.

Shocking no doubt!

There are obviously plenty of other benefits to taking up the bodybuilding lifestyle, many of which I have covered across this entire site. But these are the points which will affect you the instant you decide to live the lifestyle, and when you do, just know that people within your close circle will take notice. For the better!

Strike down those who are against the bodybuilding life style. Let them die a miserable an unfit death!

See you in the comments.

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