Altus Deluxe Door Chin Up Bar

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Altus Deluxe Chin Up Bar, 1 Bar Altus Deluxe Chin Up Bar, 1 BarAltus Deluxe Chin Up Bar, 1 Bar

The Ultimate Upper Body And Abdominal Workout!

Some of you may still be buzzing from the unique bodyweight exercises. But before i give you the Ebook lowdown on that, i would like to prepare you for those bodyweight workouts that I’m sure you’ll be doing as we lead up to the festive season in these sure to be cold winter months.

The door chin up bar

If you haven’t already got one of these, then this should be the first piece of home gym equipment that you should get. I’m now onto my 2nd chin up bar that I’ve put onto a 2nd door in my home.


Well, The chin up bar allows you to perform some of the best bodyweight exercises there are that will give you the best strength gains.

  • Chin ups
  • Pull ups (Wide grip, close grip, both with a dipping belt)
  • Hanging Leg raises

And when you are just relaxing in your home, or feeling energetic after a good meal, you can just easily jump on to the bar and max out on a few sets of the above bodyweight exercises. No real preparation, just spontaneous muscle action.

There are many chin up bars you can buy out there, but this was the 2nd one I bought earlier this year. It’s been pretty sturdy since putting it up and hasn’t given me any problems (such as falling down scares when in use!). This one is better than my all steel chin up bar as it has rubber handles that don’t slip, which also absorbs sweat from your hands. The grips are actually a vital accessory for any chin up bar, and if you have performed chin ups on a groove-less steel bar, then you’ll know how frustrating slipping across the bar can be during a workout. If you truly are heavy handed then you can always use a paper towel for extra grip, although i don’t think it will be necessary. (see picture)



So if you haven’t yet got one, be sure to get it, as the Ebook won’t be to far off, and i definitely want you to be ready in time for that. I’ll be updating you on a few other must-have bodyweight exercise accessories, until then, get pulling.

But wait…

Whether you have been hit by the recession or not, one can always save money… right? Any how, I’ll leave you with these coupons for you bodyweight enthusiasts.

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Weights – Vinyl or Cast Iron Weights? The winner is…

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Update: Building the perfect ‘simple’ home gym  

It’s a new week people, and I thought I’d start off the week with a discussion that I had with a newbie gym goer over the weekend. Which weights should you buy for a home gym?

Vinyl plates or cast iron plates for your homegym weights routine?

Both have there pro’s and con’s, but lets look at each one to decide what will be best for you.

Vinyl weights


Just in case you don’t know what these are, they are concrete weights covered by a hard plastic material. If you are a newbie or just starting out with weight training, then this would be a good type of weights plate to start with. One very good reason to start with these beginner weights is so that you can practice on your form so that you can perform all weights exercises properly. That is actually a vital part of your training and where there is still much debate on what is the best way to lift weights. Read more about that here.

They are also the cheapest of the type of weights that you can buy, so if you are on a budget, then these could be great for you. Saying that, it would be good to have a short-term plan for using these weight plates. Why? Well… the problem with these concrete (sometimes sand) weights, is that over time they will break apart. You will inevitably be knocking, dropping and sometimes throwing these weights about every time you use them, and as the level of concrete decreases, so will the level of weight. So you’ll probably get a few years out of them before you will have to switch to…

Cast iron weights

If you are a bit more experienced with lifting weights and are dedicated to building a great home gym, then buying cast iron weights is the way to go. Once you own a set of cast iron weights, they’ll probably be with you for life. Unlike concrete weights, these will not break when they are bashed about and are extremely durable. This is one of the reasons that many gyms will use iron weights rather than concrete weights. But you must be careful with these weights, as dropping them on the floor, or even worse… on your foot, will cause some serious damage. So make sure you have had some experience with handling weights.

Another reason for buying these weights is that you can add more weight plates to a barbell/ dumbbell than concrete weights because they are smaller in size.

There has been some argument whether these weights feel heavier than concrete weights. Over time I can see why the iron weight would be heavier, but initially I think that iron weights are just denser, so they then seem heavier.

Go chrome

If you really want to give your home gym view a polished look, you could always go for chrome weights. They’ll give you all of the same benefits of owning cast iron weights but are nicer to look at. But do note that these are more expensive and can be a b**** to clean.

To conclude

For most of you reading this, I would suggest buying cast iron weights and if you are a beginner, just take it slow when using them. Yes… vinyl weights will cost less, but they simply will not stand the test of time, and when the concrete breaks apart, that will make your weightlifting workouts efforts very inconsistent.

Do you own a set of home weights? Cast iron or Vinyl weight plates?

See you in the comments.

'Air time' S-curve workout moments @maayan__peri

‘Air time’ S-curve workout moments @maayan__peri

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S-curve selfie @partner program member @priscillatrindadeofficial

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